10 Outrageous Countries to Scratch Your Travel Itch

When putting together your next amazing adventure, you’ll have to decide what’s important to you. Are you the type to book the all inclusive in Cancun and lounge on the beach all day, or do you prefer something more outrageous and exciting? Are you trying to just lay in the sun, or do you want to actually experience something? Not that there is anything wrong with catching a tan, but personally I think there’s too much too see and not nearly enough time! Whatever your pleasure is, after reading this you’ll be sure to at least have some new ideas to get the juices flowing. Here’s 10 Outrageous Countries to Scratch Your Travel Itch!


Just north of Greece and across the Adriatic Sea from Italy, sits one of the most under appreciated countries in all of Europe. Although it’s gaining steam in the tourist department, Albania has long lacked the popularity of its glitzy neighbors. The unique cities and regions surrounded by beautiful mountains are only outdone by the shockingly magnificent beaches of the “Albanian Riviera.” If the architecture isn’t stunning enough, the culture and small town vibes of this outrageous country should have you ready for more.


It’s astonishing to me to that a country that’s been proclaimed the “Adventure Capital of South America” could go so unnoticed with the backpacking crowd. But then again, what the hell do they know? Zip-lining, downhill biking, hardcore river tubing, and even some of the best birdwatching can all be done in this overlooked South American jewel. Not that there’s any harm in hitting up the Salt Flats of Bolivia or exploring the graffiti laid streets of Valparaiso, Chile, but make sure you give Ecuador a chance when you’re in South America.


First of all, where in the world is Azerbaijan? At first glance it seems like just another oil rich middle eastern stronghold, but upon closer examination, Azerbaijan is an outrageous country that everyone should consider visiting. Nicknamed “The Land of the Fire,” because of the flaming mountain and mud volcano, Azerbaijan is a high tech mix of East vs West that every traveler should take notice of.


Once kings of the Gold Coast, this Western African nation is transitioning at its own pace. And much to the delight of travelers, Ghana is one of the most welcoming and friendly places to travel in the region. If you’re looking for adventure, head off on one of Africa’s cheapest safari’s, or simply roam around one of Ghana’s fascinating cities or fishing towns. A sad but necessary piece of history will also come with a visit to the old slave castles of Cape Coast and Elmina. Whatever you’re looking for, Ghana is sure to both surprise and impress!


The island of Taiwan is divided from mainland China by a small straight, but the political divide is far larger. Still, the years of Chinese rule haven’t taken away from the magical country of Taiwan and all of it’s beauty. In terms of shock and awe, the city of Taipei will be exhilarating for even the most experienced city slicker. However, the crowded streets of Taiwan’s capital are hardly all it has to offer. This outrageous country is filled with stunning mountains and marble canyons, delicious bubble tea, and much much more to see.


Back to Africa, and trust me when I say this isn’t your normal coastal country. With a multitude of national parks and ridiculously gorgeous beaches, Mozambique is sure to squash any and all of the worlds misconceptions of this under-appreciated continent in the travel industry. If the wildlife and aquatic species aren’t enough to blow you away, then it sounds like you’re in dire of a night of dancing till the sun comes up. The music and rhythm of Marrabenta, Mozambique’s national music, is absolutely electrifying!


As the forgotten country sandwiched between Argentina and Brazil, I’m here to tell you Uruguay has some surprises of its own! Start with Montevideo, Uruguay’s capital and home to over half its population. Here you’ll find the perfect mix of culture, history, and art that is unique in its own way to not just South America, but the whole world. Next head to Punta del Este, where you’ll find epic nightlife, beautiful beaches, and some of the best surf in the Southern Hemisphere. If all that wasn’t enough, head out into the wild and learn the skills of Uruguayan Cowboy or “Gaucho,” and see how this little country became one South America’s most prosperous.


When you think of the Caribbean many places come to mind: The Bahamas, the Virgin Islands, Jamaica, etc… But i’m trying to give you more!!! With its French roots and picturesque beaches, its actually astonishing that Guadeloupe has taken this long to get on the map! With discounted flights ($120 round trip) from New York or Boston and thermal volcanic waters waiting for you, what do you have to lose? This French Caribbean paradise has everything you’d want in a place like Saint Martin, except now without the crowds!


As one of Southeast Asia’s most unexplored countries, Laos will be a calming change to what sometimes seems like an overwhelmingly clustered region to travel to. Filled with eye opening temples and mystical waterfalls, visiting this sacred Buddhist country is a life changing experience for most. Make sure you wake up early one day to witness the Almsgiving, a daily ceremony in which every local comes from there home to feed the Buddhist Monks as they make there way around town. In addition, a nice float down the Mekong River and an ICE COLD Beer Lao will make you at peace with whatever your troubles are. In fact, you can even take a long boat in from Thailand if you’re up for the adventure!


Just 500 miles from the southern tip of Italy, you’ll find a pleasant surprise tucked away on the Northeast coast of Africa. An Arabic country with Mediterranean twist, Tunisia is the perfect blend of everything you’d want an epic vacation. It’s cities sparkle with energy, hundreds of cafes, and some of the freshest fish and lamb you’ll ever taste in your life. Also, with its rich history, sights like Carthage and the El Jem Amphitheater (which many say rivals the Rome Coliseum) are just a bonus for a country booming with culture and excitement.

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