5 Most Delicious Beers I’ve Tasted Abroad

Although there may be some disputes with the choices on this list, there’s one thing was can all agree on: After a long day of traveling, nothing taste better than an ice cold beer! Now we’ve all had the pleasure of trying a dark creamy Guiness from Ireland, and I’m sure everyone’s enjoyed a refreshing Mexican Corona at the beach. However, for the beer connoisseurs I HAD to pick brands that aren’t heavily imported into the United States, and ones you probably haven’t ever heard of. Without further ado, here’s the 5 Most Delicious Beers I’ve Tasted Abroad!

5. Bia Hoi, Vietnam

We might as well start our list off with the only beer that isn’t a brand! Bia Hoi or “Fresh Beer,” is served practically everywhere in Vietnam. From the bustling cafes of Hanoi to the wild street corners of Ho Chi Minh City, you can grab a distinct taste of beer that you wont find anywhere else. Each batch of beer is brewed daily by the locals, which is what actually makes it so fresh. Since it is made with no preservatives, it has to be consumed by the end of the each day by thirsty customers. And the best part about fresh beer? It’s cheaper than the water in Vietnam… Now you may be wondering what constitutes as cheap in places like Southeast Asia where everything is super low priced. How does 14 cents a beer sound?

4. Mythos, Greece

Mythos, the beer of the gods. Best served with a steaming hot gyro as you overlook the sparkling Aegean sea, this light greek specialty will give you a taste of the good life! Popular on islands like Santorini and Mykonos, the clear refreshing flavor of Mythos will make it easy to tip back more than one. The beer flows perfectly with the Greek way of life, and no matter where your drinking Mythos you’ll be sure to have an amazing view.

3. Imperial, Costa Rica

Whether your deep in the mountains of Arenal or catching some waves in Tamarindo, Imperial is the obvious drink of choice in Costa Rica! Nothing goes better with a plate of hearty beans, rice, and meat, than this Costa Rican staple. Wherever you go Imperial will literally be there, with signs everywhere showing off its domination of the beer landscape. The rich taste is the perfect treat for a hot day in the jungle or at one of Costa Rica’s beautiful beaches.

2. Estrella Galicia, Spain

There’s many special things about the northern region of Galicia, Spain, and the beer is one of them! If you’ve ever been to Spain, then you know beer and tapas are a way of life. Whenever you order one of these full flavored lagers, you’ll be rewarded with an amazing local snack for no extra charge! Made with all natural ingredients and brewed locally in the Galicia region, the light smooth taste of Estrella is the perfect compliment to your carne or pescado tapa.

1. Beer Lao, Laos

You may be hesitant as to why a beer from LAOS of all places is #1 on this list, but when have we steered you wrong?? Being the national beer of such an incredible country can come with a lot pressure, but I can tell you firsthand that it definitely lives up to the hype! Whatever your preference of drink, few things in life will beat an ice cold Beer Lao as you watch the sunset over the Mekong River. Enjoy!

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