6 Miraculous Temples of Southeast Asia

While exploring this amazing corner of the world, you’ll quickly realize the overwhelming presence that sacred temples have in Southeast Asia. These places of worship are more than just a pit stop on your travels, and are guaranteed to blow even the most adventurous persons mind. So behold, and welcome back to the good stuff! Here’s 6 Miraculous Temples of Southeast Asia!

My Son, Vietnam

Deep in the heart of Central Vietnam’s Quang Nam Province, lies one of the most incredible temples in all of Southeast Asia. Surrounded by beautiful green mountains and the majestic Thu Bon River, My Son Sanctuary dates all the way back to 4th Century and the legendary Champa Kingdom. Heavily influenced by Indian Hindu culture, the brick inscribed structures tell a story of life at My Son that you won’t get at your average war memorial tour. Walking through this architectural genius from hundreds of years ago is simply mesmerizing, and something that everyone should experience with a guide in Vietnam.

Batu Caves Temple, Malaysia

Of all the heart stopping temples on this list, Batu Caves may steal the show. I know.. we’re only at #2 folks, but relax yourselves!! Now these towering Malaysian limestone walls are said to be over 400 MILLION YEARS OLD, and home to one of the most spiritual places in all of Southeast Asia. However, before you head up the 272 step staircase, you will be greeted by a 50 foot tall statue of Hanuman, an important icon welcoming you into the Hindu culture. Once you make your peace with Hanuman, prepare to be awestruck as you explore the caves in this unique temple and criminally unexplored country of Malaysia.

Koh Ker, Cambodia

While most visitors to Cambodia flock to the extremely popular Angkor Wat, the lesser known Koh Ker should actually be at the top of your temple list! Now waaay back in the year 928, King Jayavarman named this tiny jungle town the capital of the Khmer Empire. Although this was short lived as an important metropolis, Koh Ker still holds the remains of over 180 temples which tell the legend of the forgotten city. With its unusual pyramid like design, the structure of Koh Ker is an incredible way to view the Cambodian countryside and avoid the crowds Angkor at the same time!


Tigers Nest, Bhutan

If you thought Koh Ker’s pyramid made for a good view, wait till you check out the Tigers Nest! Also known as Paro Taktsang, we may never have a historic landmark that lives more up to its name. This monumental place of worship was constructed in 1692, on a cliff overlooking the gorgeous Paro Valley mountains. Hanging a mere 10,000 feet above sea level, this sacred Buddhist Temple is a must see for any adventurer. Don’t let the 4 hour round trip hike to the summit scare you, it’s well worth it!

Wat Rong Khun, Thailand

Unlike the more aged temples on this list, “The White Temple” was not built until 1997. Nevertheless, its lack of history (comparatively speaking) takes nothing away from our curious eyes! Now if you couldn’t already tell, there are certain spooky features that separate Wat Rong Khun from other temples in Southeast Asia. The famous artist Chalermchai Kositpipat created this temple as a dedication to death, and absolutely assured us we would be in for an uncomfortable visit! The most shocking part of this temple is the bridge crossing labeled “The Cycle of Rebirth.” As you take the walk of death, you’ll be surrounded by a moat filled with outreaching arms, representing desire. Don’t fret though! This bone chilling temple wont officially be completed until 2070, so there’s sure to be more interesting stuff on the way.

Borobudur, Indonesia

Built under the reign of the Syailendra Dynasty, Borbudur is not your average 9th century temple! Showcasing an endless amount of Indonesian art and sculptures, this Central Java masterpiece is one of the most miraculous temples in the world. (You see how I’m trying to end on a good note???) The three main monuments of this holy place of worship is carried by the Buddhist idea of attaining Nirvana. As you look out from across the stacked platform on this beautiful island, it’s easy to see how this euphoria could be attainable!

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