9 Places in Asia You Won’t Believe Exist

Every traveler knows that feeling of euphoria. The moment you lose yourself in the scenery of a new destination, and become completely immersed in its culture. With all the books, blogs, and television shows around today, it can be tough to find new and refreshing places to visit. But have no fear, Nothing Familiar is here with some wild places you need to see for yourself! Here’s 9 Places in Asia You Won’t Believe Exist!

1. Koh Jum, Thailand

Might as well start this list off with one the most amazing islands in the world, Koh Jum, Thailand! While island hopping in Thailand has become extremely popular in recent years, most backpackers and vacationers stick to the popular party islands like Koh Phi Phi. If you’re up for an adventure, make sure to grab a long boat to Koh Jum! Perfectly surreal and quieter than the other islands, you’ll be able to grab a cheap bungalow on an incredible beach, and still take in the local atmosphere of one of the last untouched islands in Thailand.


2. Hang Son Doong, Vietnam

How is it possible that the world’s largest cave wasn’t discovered until 1991? Well, it took a local Vietnamese farmer stumbling upon it as he looked for shelter from a storm. It actually wasn’t until 2009, when British Explorers rediscovered it and made it possible for us to visit today. This special cave has it’s own eco-system, with a forest, animals, and even a beach all for you to explore inside!




3. Kawachi Fuji Gardens, Japan

Some things in the world seem just too good to be true. Imagine walking through an endless path of colors, all the while overwhelmed by the incredibly powerful scent of beauty. The first time you step through the Wisteria Tunnel and see over 150 different species of flowers, it will be a magical experience that you’ll never forget.


4. Win Sein Reclining Buddha, Myanmar

Since recently opening its borders to outsiders, Myanmar has been a hot new travel destination for tourists. And while everyone now knows the famous pagoda’s of Yangon, there is plenty of other fascinating things to see! To get to this treat, you’ll have to follow the path past statues of over 100 monks practicing the almsgiving.



Believe me, it will be hard to miss what’s next! At 180 Meters long and 30 meters high, the Win Sein is by far the biggest and most relaxed Buddha of its kind. Inside, you’ll find a museum-like atmosphere with the teachings of the Buddha and a beautiful shrine to go along with it.



5. Zhangjiajie Park, China

Hovering 1,000 feet over the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, the worlds highest and longest glass bridge was constructed earlier this year. In the midst of a new wave of death defying tourist attractions in China, this insane feat of architecture is the latest and greatest to come along.



6. Third Tunnel of Aggression, South Korea

This once secret passageway has now become an amazing piece of history to explore. Nicknamed The Third Tunnel of Aggression (as it was one of many discovered), it was originally built by North Korea in the 1970’s as an evil way to attack to its enemies to the South. While the North originally denied its existence, it was discovered by South Korean troops in 1978, and they have controlled it ever since. These days you’re more than welcome to take a tour of the tunnel, but no pictures or crossing that line!



7. Taal Volcano, Phillipines

When visiting one of the most dangerous Volcanos in the Phillipines, you better come prepared! The Taal is not your average Volcano. It has erupted 33 times in its history and is always a threat to go off again, but I guess that’s why hiking it is so fun! Often described as an island within a lake within an island within a lake (confusing I know), the Taal isn’t sore on the eyes either!



Photo: Repponen


8. Nakagin Capsule Tower, Japan

How would you like to take a look into the future through an architects eyes from the 1970’s? With his capsule design, Mr. Kisho Kurokawa pictured a world in transit. Instead of moving all your belongings from home to home, you could simplify things by just moving the capsule itself!



Photo: Fusion

Although it’s now a shell of its former self, the Nakagin Capsule Tower is a constant reminder of the power and spirit of the human imagination. Oh, and plenty of rooms are available if you ever want to stay in a piece of history while traveling through Tokyo!




9. Sa Pa, Vietnam

Unless you’re planning a getaway to Vietnam, you’ve probably never heard of Sa Pa. However, this Northern Vietnamese village will quickly become the highlight of your trip. While Ha Long Bay has long been revered as a national treasure, the real must see is hidden in the rice paddies of the North! The lush fields, rolling clouds, and absurdly beautiful mountains, are a close second to the markets and people you’ll come across in this special region.


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