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Since the day we met we have constantly been fueling each others desire to travel, and after seven years of living in Boston, Massachusetts, we knew it was time for a brand new adventure! In 2014, what started out as a backpacking trip through Europe, quickly expanded into a full blown world tour, where we traveled extensively though South East Asia, South America, and Central America. From floating down the Mekong on a long boat in Laos, to hiking active volcanos in Ecuador, every new journey we embark on only fuels our desire to experience and see more.

Brigitte: When I was twelve years old my family packed up our things, rented out the house, and took off on a family trip around the world. Over the next 20 months, I was emerged in more cultures and destinations then I could have ever imagined. As with every travel experience, there was good and bad. Good, like when I first fell in love with the city of Singapore and Asian cuisine, or when we traveled though New Zealand by camper van! Or the bad moments, like when I was pulled out by an undertow in Bali and almost drowned, only to be saved by a local surfer. Whatever the case, this trip fully ignited my travel bug and I haven’t stopped since! I went on to get a degree in Global Studies and International Affairs with the hope to inspire others to live out their travel dreams.

New Zealand Travel Style

Jake: Throughout my life I had always been drawn to traveling and exploring the world. It wasn’t till college that I first traveled extensively, when I joined the Semester at Sea study abroad program. Over the next 4 months my life, I was taking classes on a boat as it circled the globe. Every few days I was able to explore a new culture in a different part of the world! As my trip came to an end, my desire to travel had only grown. After earning my bachelors degree in Boston, I entered the corporate world with the idea that I would someday be free to travel the world again!


Follow us on our journey for unique destinations, amazing eats, and advice, as we share our own successes and mishaps along the way. We hope our blog gives you some cool new ideas, and inspires you to live out your own personal travel dreams, no matter how big or small!


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People keep asking us what our plan is next… We will let you know when we figure it out!