How the Average American Can Travel More

Why is traveling so hard? In a world where it’s easier than ever to get places, the average American still finds it difficult to get away and experience things around the globe. This is puzzling to me, especially considering the vast amounts of technology and resources at our disposal. At the end of the day, it all comes down to time and money… So lets break through the common road blocks and focus on how to spend more of both on traveling!

Weekend Trips

Instead of saving all your time off for one long vacation, why not take a few different shorter, but just as amazing trips? Take a three day weekend and hit Central America, the Caribbean, or venture up into Canada. There’s too much to see in this world to limit yourself to one long vacation per year. Take advantage of ALL your days off (including Saturday and Sunday) to see some amazing places! More on this later, but you’d be shocked how many places you can get to in just a few hours.


When looking at a map those giant oceans can be intimidating, but there’s no amount of miles that should keep you from following your travel dreams. For example, it takes roughly the same time to fly from Boston to Los Angeles as it would to get to some places in Europe. Take advantage of overnight flights and work time zone changes in your favor to maximize the hours/days you’ll have to enjoy your destination. If i’ve learned anything in my travels, it’s that things really aren’t as far as they seem.


I know it can be frightening jumping out of your comfort zone and traveling to an unfamiliar county. However, I’ve honestly been more concerned out at night in parts of New York City than supposedly dangerous places in Central/South America. It’s no secret that some people don’t like the United States, and are easily offended by our governments actions or our general way of life. But hey, here’s a fun fact: Not everyone buys into the bad stereotypes of American’s abroad. In fact, more often than not I’ve found other places around the world to be warm and welcoming instead of the other way around.


In order to get the best deals you need to be extremely flexible and open minded with the dates and times for your travel. It makes me cringe hearing friends book outrageously overpriced vacations because they did little to no research or planning. While this could mean booking flights with unfavorable times or taking off work in the middle of the week, it will be worth it once you’re island hopping around Thailand! So set Kayak Price Alerts, look into off-season trips, and make it happen! Remember, you can prolong your travels and add even more of them by getting the cheapest options possible.

Get a Sweet Job

As much as we’ve all love to have unlimited vacation days from work, the reality is Americans just don’t get enough time off to enjoy traveling! It should come as no surprise to any hard working U.S. citizen that Americans get the least amount of paid vacation time in the WHOLE WORLD. How much does that suck? While it may seem unobtainable, there are plenty of jobs out there that will allow you to travel at least a portion of the time and experience some pretty cool places, all on works dime! How much does that rock? Trust me.. I know it’s easy to get complacent in your cubicle, but if you have the drive to build your own business, find a great job, or even something where you can work from home, it can be the key to more travel!

Save Up Those Miles

If you don’t have a travel credit card you’re really screwing up! This is probably the simplest tip on here, and there’s no excuse not to do it. Literally, every purchase you make = Travel Points. We saved thousands on our year long backpacking trip just by using miles we’d saved up on our credit cards. Make sure when you start off, you take advantage of whatever deal they’re offering and get those bonus miles. With most credit cards you pretty much get a free flight just for signing up. We use the Chase Mileage Plus Explorer, but there’s plenty of options out there. Now every time you go to take that plastic out, you’ll be racking up dollars towards your next adventure!

Be Spontaneous

It may sound cliché, but the best way to travel more is to break out of your comfort zone and just do it! No sense in tying yourself down to boring, once a year vacations when you have the opportunity to experience so much more. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that type of lifestyle, but there’s some easy ways to travel even with the limited time we have off as Americans. Because lets be honest… We work too hard to not have fun. Good luck!

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