Secret Beaches in Lagos

After leaving the capital city of Lisbon, we decided to head to Southern Portugal and see what all the hype was about! I can say full heartedly that the jaw dropping and stunningly beautiful beaches in Lagos can give any well known beach destination a run for its money! What makes this place so unique is that instead of only long sprawling beaches (don’t worry there are a few) the majority of Lagos’s coastline is tucked away in small coves, and surrounded by towering cliffs. To add to the experience, some beaches are only accessible at low tide, and others you have to climb through small passages caved into the rock walls! AMAZING RIGHT?!?

There are several main beaches that are very well known, and a few hidden ones you have to hike to get to! Don’t worry, with so many beaches in Lagos there is sure to be the perfect one to fit your style! Or you can do what we did and just visit them all!

Best Beaches in Lagos Portugal

Near the City Center:

You won’t need to travel far to find these amazing beaches in Lagos! The ones listed below are only a few minutes walk from the town wall, and the perfect spots for a quick dip!

Praia de Batata

This is the “town beach” but don’t let that deter you, it’s probably one of the coolest and most beautiful town beaches in the world. Just a short walk from the castle wall you’ll be relaxing in the crystal clear water in no time! Since it is one of the most accessible beaches in Lagos, that means it can become quite crowded in the summer months. Try walking down the whole stretch of beach, and past the large rocks to the second cove! Not as many people venture all the way down so there’s typically more room to put down your towel and relax!

Beaches in Lagos

Praia dos Estudantes

Logistically, this is only the second beach from town, but make sure not to miss it! To get to Estudantes beach you have to go past the “Mar Restaurant” and there will be a wooden set of stairs to your right! This is only a minute walk from the town beach, but usually it’s much more secluded! Once you’re on the beach you can stay and relax, or you have two other amazing options:

Option A: Journey to the left onto the small path formed in the rocks for a beautiful view and secret swimming spot! Even if you’re not going to jump down and swim in the deep blue water, take the time to check it out! It really is amazing!

Beaches in Lagos

Option B: Head to the right of the beach and you’ll find your way into an open cave! At low tide, you can hop right over the rocks and be at yet ANOTHER hidden beach! At high tide it’s a little more difficult. You’ll have to wade though waste high water and battle the oncoming waves, but it’s still totally worth it. You even get this surreal view of a roman style bridge to gaze upon as you relax in the gorgeous water! This was by far our favorite out of all the beaches in Lagos!

Lagos Portugal

Beaches Accessible From the Cliff Walk:

For the more adventurous travelers, there is an amazing walking path along the cliffs overlooking some of the smaller beaches of Lagos! So if you’re up for the challenge you’ll soon be basking in the sun on these stunning overlooks! Not to mention getting some crazy photo ops along the way!

Praia do Pinhao

Like several of the other beaches in Lagos, Praia do Pinhao is made up of two small beaches connected with a crazy rock formation! Literally the only way to get to these beaches is by hiking along the cliff walk, which makes them even cooler to visit! Walk down the wooden staircase and spend the afternoon surrounded by beautiful water and towering cliffs! To add to the WOW factor, the second “hidden beach” has a midevil staircase to climb up behind you!

Praia do Pinhao

Small Cave Beach

There is a stretch of beach between Praia do Pinhao and Praia Dona Ana that only appears at low tide! What makes this beach so awesome is that it’s made up of several small caves that are typically filled with water! So if you’re looking for a spot to admire the ocean, but stay out of the hot afternoon sun, or even just a cool place to explore, this is the beach for you!

Beaches in Lagos

Praia Dona Ana:

Now here’s your first beautiful long sprawling beach! If you like room to move around, or enjoy taking a long afternoon stroll on the beach, then this is the spot! It’s typically the most crowded beach, but hey, that just means that a lot of people know how AMAZING it is! This beach is the beautiful ending location for the cliff walk, and the only beach on the walk accessible by car! Many high-end hotels and resorts scatter the cliffs overlooking this beach, making it a very exclusive part of Lagos!

Beaches in Lagos

Just outside of town:

Now don’t let the distance deter you! Just because these beaches are situated on the outskirts of town they are still well worth the effort!

Meia Praia:

This GIANT beach is the go to spot for surfers! It may take some extra effort to get to, but it’s worth it if you’re looking for the waves!! In high season there will be a small boat ferrying people across the waterway from Lagos center, and for just a euro you can be relaxing on the beach in minutes! However, if the boats not around (very common in low season) you’ll have to walk the pedestrian bridge and around the harbor. Plan for about an hour journey each way! So if you’re looking for the one of the best beaches in Lagos to surf this is a great location!

Lagos Portugal

The beach is on the other side of the water way!

Praia do Camilo:

If you’ve ever looked at any photos of the beaches in Lagos, the extremely beautiful Praia do Camilo is probably what you’ve been admiring. In fact, those pictures are probably what single handedly drew me to this magical town! The set of two small coves has gained in popularity over the last few years, and the installation of steps down to the beautiful beach has only increased visitors. This beach can be found right before the popular lookout point Farol da Ponta da Piedade, making it the perfect place to cool down after hiking around the cliff tops!

This is the furthest beach from the center of Lagos, but this little gem is a must see! Try to hit it during non-peak hours (early morning/late afternoon). Because of it’s small size even just a couple dozen people can even make it feel crowded. Once you’re relaxing on the beach, don’t make the mistake of not traveling through the small tunnel through the base of the cliff! You’ll stumble upon a second hidden beach that is just as beautiful as the first! (Basically anytime you see a cave opening, just go for it!) Also, at low tide climb the rocks and make sure not to miss the hidden cave! This beach is truly amazing and packed full of adventure!

Praia do Camilo


After exploring the beaches in Lagos you’ll be sure to have a new appreciation for the Algarve Coast! From hidden coves, to long sprawling surf beaches, you won’t be disappointed! Our only recommendation is that you give yourself enough time to hit them all!

Touristic Map for the Beaches of Lagos

Below is a photo of the “Touristic Map” that is available all over Lagos, so grab one as soon as you arrive!! Hopefully this helps guide you to all the amazing beaches in Lagos!

Lagos Portugal Map

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  1. Hey, that is a seriously awesome post! I’ll only be in the Algarve area for a day or two, but your list seems completely managable in two days:) Just a question- did you walk to all of those places? I’m wondering if we need to rent a car, so if all of those are within walking distance, that is even better! Also, where does the walking path that leads to Praia do Pinhao begin? I hope you have a chance to reply, thanks in advance!:)

    1. Hi! Yes we did this walking path in one day! No car needed. It might be easiest to take a bus or taxi out to the furthest point then walk back but up to you! To find Praia do Pinhao is a little confusing. You have to follow the coast up from the main beach then cut down the first random small road on your left. The problem is that there are no signs. It’s not far, but if you miss the turn you’re in trouble. Maps are all over the town of Lagos. My advice would be just to grab one and ask! Have fun, you’re in for a treat!

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