Best Destinations to Escape Winter

With warm weather still nowhere in sight, now is the perfect time to do something spontaneous and get away! From a quick weekend trip to the mountains, to an extended beach vacation, we have the best destinations you need to escape that horrid winter weather!


While Mexico is a popular vacation choice, why not try something new and explore the beautiful country of Belize? Here, you can trek through the lush jungle, or spend your days island hopping though Belize’s countless islands. Parachute over the famous blue lagoon, or just pull up a beach chair and grab a delicious cocktail! After arriving at the airport, you can quickly be on the islands relaxing in the warm Caribbean water in less than an hour! Best to not to waste any time while on vacation!

Best Destinations Belize


Canary Islands

Sitting just a couple hundred miles off the coast of Morocco, lie the beautiful Canary Islands! For your first stop, make sure and head right for the capital island of Gran Canaria. Here, you will find an eco-system so diverse, it has actually been described as a “mini-continent”. How crazy is it that an island you can circle by car in half a day, has a vast desert, award winning beaches, a wild jungle, rolling hillsides, ocean pools, volcanic craters, and so much more! And just to the west, you’ll be surprised to find Spain’s highest mountain on the island of Tenerife! This gorgeous set of islands will continue to amaze you, as you embrace a European culture with African vibes!


French Caribbean

While the Bahamas and Virgin Islands are still hot vacation spots, the French Caribbean is now making major push in the travel world. While you shouldn’t hesitate to check out both the French and Dutch sides of St. Martin/Marteen, the real island gems can be found in fresh new destinations like Martinique and Guadeloupe! So why make this your winter getaway? These islands are almost completely unknown to tourists (other than from mainland France), but it’s something that is quickly changing! The beaches in the French Caribbean are sure to rival any in the world, and most of the islands are even home to strong thermal activity! So when you’re not hitting the beaches, you’ll have the unique experience of soaking in hot volcanic water!



If you’re planning a winter getaway to Southeast Asia, make sure Cambodia is 100% on your list! Now even for the most seasoned of travelers, it may at first seem a little rough around the edges. However, the longer you stay, the more Cambodia’s generous people and unbelievable landscape are guaranteed to captivate you! From beautifully unspoiled islands that resemble what Thailand was years ago, to the amazing Angkor Wat, Cambodia is THE REAL Southeast Asia. Why not mix a little culture with your next vacation?!?

best destinations Cambodia



If you’re looking to escape the winter, but you’re not one for the scorching hot sun, the Azores could be the spot for you! Winter months bring mild weather to these Portuguese islands, but with that comes the perks of traveling in the off-season! The nine volcanic islands are blessed with a sub-tropical climate that makes for the perfect vacation. Beautiful lakes, jaw dropping views, and all around beauty, combined with much more affordable prices than you’ll find in the summer. What’s not to love?? Make sure to head to Lagoa das Furnas, an active caldera where you can cook your food over the bubbling water from volcanic geothermal activity!


Kauai, Hawaii

Countless waterfalls, beautiful state parks, and out of this world beaches… This is what is awaiting you in Kauai! Also known as the “Garden Isle,” this island really has everything you’ll need for your next getaway. With hiking, biking, surfing, and swimming, the adventures are really endless! Want to do something you’ll never forget? Many of the islands most beautiful locations are only accessible by boat or helicopter… Sooo if you have some extra money lying around, I can’t think of a better way to explore Hawaii’s most pristine island! Especially the intense jagged cliffs, and astonishing nature that remains unseen by most. And the best part about Kauai? Hawaii’s EIGHT other amazing islands are only a quick flight away!


Costa Rica

Costa Rica has long been a dream vacation in Central America, and the perfect spot to beat the winter cold! You can take a night hike in Arenal, one of Costa Rica’s active volcanos to watch the glowing lava flow! Or maybe go on a canopy tour in world famous Monteverde, where you will walk across hanging bridges to take in the incredible views. However, if you’re looking to relax, just head straight for Costa Rica’s magnificent beaches! The food is mouthwatering, drinks are cheap, and the views are breathtaking! So pull up a beach chair, and make sure to flag down the ceviche guy when he rolls past!

Best Destinations Costa Rica



How could I leave this stunning island off the list? While the rest of the world has been able to experience the wonders of Cuba for years now, this exciting new destination awaits American travelers! Explore the bustling streets of Old Havana, grab a hand rolled cigar, and take in the electric atmosphere of a Spanish night club! It’s time to show off those Mamba and Salsa moves you’ve been practicing! As the country is sure to undergo drastic changes in the next several years, now is the best time to get out of the cold, and visit Cuba!



Once only known by backpackers and rustic travelers, Nicaragua has quickly exploded in the tourism world! But that should come as no surprise to anyone that has seen what this magical country has to offer! You’re unlikely to have any regrets spending your days hiking volcanos, or catching the spectacular sunset on the Corn Islands. Nevertheless, everyone knows the real reason you go to Nicaragua… The SURF! Hit the waves on a one of a kind retreat with WorldClassSurfTrips, or simply grab a board and test your skills for the afternoon! For now, the prices are cheap and the activities plentiful, but it won’t stay that way for long. So get out of the cold weather, and see what Nicaragua, and all our other winter destinations have to offer!

Surf Nicaragua


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