Dream Vacations That Can Easily Become Reality

When picking out your next vacation it’s easy to be complacent. Way too often we look at pictures and think “Someday… I’ll be there.” Well we’re here to tell you that you don’t have to wait! It’s time we make our hard earned money stretch farther than we ever imagined. Whatever your budget is, or however ridiculously far away you think you are, you can still make your wildest travel dreams come true! Here’s your Dream Vacations That Can Easily Become Reality.

Icelandic Inspiration

Reykjavik, Iceland

Once an unrealistic dream vacation choice, Iceland has quickly become a hot destination that’s easier than ever to get to. With Icelandic Air and WOW offering completely FREE stopovers for up to a week, you now have no excuse not to go! Start in Reykjavik, which easily one of the coolest places on earth. Iceland’s capital city is surrounded by natural wonders, including some astonishing thermal pools and spas. So in addition to the many amazing festivals and arts to take part in, you’ll be able to take a dip in the one of a kind Blue Lagoon at the end of the day! And don’t worry, if you visit Iceland in the summertime you’ll have almost 24 hours a day to enjoy the sunlight.

Dreaming of Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Eremites

Speaking of cities that were once untouchable, how about Dubai?? Well first of all, one reason why you’ve probably never been to Dubai is because the city was only recently built! After the discovery of major oil fields, the United Arab Emirates began its transformation and quickly made Dubai the most luxurious city in the world. Dubai is futuristic fantasy, filled with attractions such as the manmade Palm Islands, the worlds first SEVEN star hotel, and even an indoor ski resort! And now this dream vacation is more obtainable than ever with international flights out of many major cities. From the US you can find deals for around $650 round trip, and from Europe we’ve seen them as cheap as $400!

Mystical Maldives

Maldives, South Asia

While you’re in Dubai you might as well hit the Maldives right? It’s about time we get to our first tropical destination! Set on the faraway Indian Ocean, the Maldives have long been an inconceivable vacation spot only accessible to the super rich. It is made up of 1200 coral islands, only 200 of which are inhabited to this day. Yes, it’s not easy to get here from certain places like North America. However, if you can get to Asia or the Middle East, you can make it to paradise! Once there, make sure you utilize the local ferry system to get around to every beautiful piece of the archipelago. Also, to stay on budget look into traveling in the off season. Those super fancy resorts that can run you thousand of dollars drop to summer prices, and will only set you back a few hundred during this time!

Great American Ski Trip

Park City, Utah

Growing up on the east coast of the United States, we were spoiled with a plethora of amazing places to ski and snowboard just miles from home. I thought I had experienced the best America (and even the world) had to offer, but little did I know the most amazing skiing is out west! Just 30 miles from Salt Lake City lies a winter wonderland consisting of three world class ski resorts. Deer Valley, Park City Mountain Resort, and Canyons are all within minutes of each other, so wherever you’re staying in town, you can be sure to hit all three! Well, that is unless you’re a snowboarder… Deer Valley is one of the last ski resorts in the U.S. to still not allow snowboarders!

Caribbean Cleanse

Guadeloupe, Caribbean

Ok, back to the beach! The Caribbean has been the choice beach destination for the U.S. and other world travelers for some time now, however, you probably haven’t heard of one of its most amazing islands! Located just southeast from the famous British and U.S. Virgin Islands, Guadeloupe will be a welcomed alternative to the rest of the Caribbean. As a French speaking island filled with nature, volcanic thermal baths, and beautiful beaches that will rival any in the world, I’m surprised the secret isn’t out yet! In fact, American companies only recently started flying routes to Guadeloupe, which means tickets are very cheap to your next dream vacation. How cheap? We booked ours for under $100 round trip from Boston…. No joke! So while everyone else is heading to St. Thomas and the Bahamas, you will be hanging at the new hippest spot!

Journey to the Salt Flats

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

I’m sure you’ve seen the pictures and thought to yourself, “If only I could go there!” Well these days you can make your dreams come true with the help of companies like Red Planet Expedition! For 3 days and 2 nights, you’ll be able to take the adventure of a lifetime for just $200! Drive through valleys, peaks, mountains and deserts, and experience something truly magical in one of the far off destinations in South America. Aside from the outstanding photos, the moments spent speeding (by Jeep!) through the worlds largest salt flats will be mind blowing, gripping your imagination at every turn!

Lounging in Lagos

Lagos, Portugal

We all know Europe for its historic sites and majestic cities. Lagos though… This place has beaches that will make your head spin! With its stunning rock formations up and down the water line, this seaside town on the gorgeous Algarve Coast isn’t so sore on the eyes! In addition, its hip cafes and bars give it a energetic twist that will definitely live up to any travelers dream vacation. Believe us, we’ve taken our fair share of bus rides from Hell… So 4 hours from Lisbon should be nothing to get to this beach Utopia!

Searching Scandinavia

Stockholm, Sweden

Dreaming of the perfect Scandinavian getaway? Well it doesn’t get more amazing than the capital city of Sweden! Stockholm spreads out over 14 amazing islands across the beautiful Lake Malaren. Take a stroll around the streets, pop into local cafes, and enjoy the historical gothic architecture. Now you might be asking, how will I afford to go here? You’ll be pleased to know major cities like Boston and Los Angeles are offering $300 round trip flights nonstop! So what are you waiting for?

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