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When visiting the beautiful islands of Guadeloupe, you should have no trouble finding some of the nicest beaches in the world. However, what makes the beaches of Guadeloupe so unique, is that in a relatively small area you have a wide range of diverse places to enjoy. The incredible French Caribbean environment, gives you a multitude of outstanding beaches, including black, red, white, and even pink colored sand! You’ll also want to experience the ocean, as the water varies from giant surfing waves, to the most calm and clear blue water you’ve ever seen! No matter what kind of tropical vacation you’re looking for, the Guadeloupe beaches have it all!


This amazing beach spot actually has two paradises in one! You can pull your car right up to the beach, as you relax in the incredible Caribbean water and admire natures delights. If the beach feels a little too crowded or your looking to explore, just head down the small path to the right of the beach and come out into a wonderful hidden cove!

 Petit-Havre Guadeloupe Beaches

 Petit-Havre Guadeloupe


The town beach of Sainte-Anne is that Caribbean beach you can typically only find in your dreams. Soft powder white sand, crystal clear warm water, and stunning palm trees lining the beach. No wonder this is the most popular beach in all of Guadeloupe! Just make sure to get here early, because the beach fills up quick.

Sanite Anne Guadeloupe


Plage De Bois-Joian

If you’re looking for a secluded spot to relax and hang up your hammock, then Plage De-Bois-Joian is the spot for you. It may not have the looks of Sainte-Anne, but having the beach all to yourself maybe just what the doctor ordered!

Plage De Bois-Joian Guadeloupe


Plage Raisins

Not only is this beach gorgeous, but Plage Raisins is the perfect place to grab a quick lunch! In prime time, half a dozen vendors open and set up chairs and tables overlooking the water. You can get anything from an entire grilled fish, to the island specialty Bokit sandwich!

Plage Raisins Guadeloupe Beaches



Pointe des Chateaux

As one of the top tourist attractions in Guadeloupe, Pointe des Chateaux is well worth the visit. Although the waves are usually too rough for swimming or snorkeling, take the short hike up to the top of the cliffs for a breathtaking view of the coastline.

Pointe des Chateaux Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe beaches

La Gourde

At La Gourde, they have a small rock wall to protect you from the rough currents, creating a mini jacuzzi for you to relax in! What a great place to enjoy one of the top beaches in Guadeloupe!

Pointe des Chateaux Guadeloupe Beaches


Port Louis

This stunning beach in the north of Grande-Terre is perfect for amateur surfers, and anyone looking to have a ball getting smashed around in the waves. Food trucks pull up for the mid afternoon rush, so no need to pack a picnic!

Port Louis Guadeloupe


Plage de Babin

Plage de Babin may be strangest of the Guadeloupe beaches, but your visit can be rewarding! The mud here contains special therapeutic properties that can help heal your skin and aching joints! So while you normally wouldn’t consider rubbing mud all over yourself, we highly recommend trying it here!


Grand Anse

This beach is by far one of my favorites out of all the beautiful Guadeloupe beaches. The water here is constantly changing based on the weather. So while one day you may be playing in gigantic waves, the next you could be soaking in the calm still water!

Grand Anse Guadeloupe Beaches


Plage de Petite Anse

One of the many beautiful small coves on Basse-Terre, Petite Anse is the perfect spot to relax and soak in the sun. It isn’t uncommon to see several people floating out in the water, or even snorkeling around the rocks. If you’re looking for a sweet spot to kick it for the day, then this is the place for you!
Plage de Petite Anse Guadeloupe Beaches


Anse de la Perle

The ideal tropical oasis, Anse de la Perle is never crowded, and another amazing paradise for you to enjoy in Guadeloupe! Enjoy a peaceful walk on the beach, or bring your island cooler and enjoy some drinks!

Guadeloupe Beaches


Illet Pigeon

Also known as the Jacques Cousteau Underwater Reserve, this small island right off the coast of Basse-Terre is not to be missed! Rent a kayak or hop on a snorkel tour, and you too can discover the magic of this underwater world. What will you see? Thousands of tropical fish, huge turtles, underwater sculptures, and endless colors of coral!

Jacques Cousteau underwater reserve


While these are only a handful of the AMAZING beaches of Guadeloupe, we hope that you can use this a guide, while still finding your own hidden gems. Enjoy!

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