Mysterious World Heritage Sites From Every Continent

What makes a place so peculiar, so jaw dropping, that we are barely able to put it into words?? Of the 1,073 current sites, we’ve found a few crazy places that will surely make your head spin. Here’s 7 Mysterious World Heritage Sites From Every Continent!!

Peru, South America

Sacred City of Caral-Supe

The first World Heritage Site on our list just happens to also be the first center of civilization in the Americas. The Sacred City of Caral-Supe is almost 5,000 years old, but extremely well preserved for its age. Once home to an estimated 3,000 people, this ancient metropolis was complete with an amphitheater, courtyards, and even top level rooms for its elite craftsman. Way ahead of its time, Caral-Supe would be used as a model for other civilizations and cities for years to come.


Philippines, Asia

The Baroque Churches 

While Southeast Asia is predominately Muslim, you may be surprised to hear that the Philippines is actually the 4th largest Christian country in the world. First introduced by Portuguese and Spanish explorers in the mid 1500’s, the subsequent colonization of the Philippines would include the construction of many eye opening churches that still stand to this day. The Unesco World Heritage sites refer specifically to these 4 Baroque style architecture churches throughout the country. Serving as both fortresses and places of worship, the Baroque churches have stood the test of time and remain for us all to explore and admire.

Madagascar, Africa

Tsingy de Bemaraha

Located on the Southeastern African island of Madagascar, the out of this world terrain of Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park will have you feeling like you’re on a different planet.Translating to “Where One Cannot Walk Barefoot, ” this is literally the perfect description for the insane jagged rock formation that spreads for 257 miles. Tsingy also features full length obstacle course-style bridge work and over 100 species of birds, so a visit to the place they call the Stone Forest is a must do in Madagascar.

Mexico, North America

Monarch Butterfly Biosphere

Each year in October, the unbelievable migration of Monarch Butterflies from Canada to Mexico takes place. This amazing phenomenon is the journey of millions of the worlds most beautiful insects to warmer weather. These amazing creatures travel over 3,000 miles, and end up in this one part of Mexico to form a spectacular site to see! Once they arrive and breed, a new generation of Monarch’s head back north to repeat this breathtaking process.

Italy, Europe


Back in 79 BC, Pompeii was a flourishing Roman city, and even popular with its wealthy citizens as a vacation destination. Unfortunately for them, the Romans did not know the power of Mount Vesuvius which erupted and killed an estimated 20-25,000 people! Nowadays, you can explore this ancient landmark and see how the citizens of this once immaculate city lived. Being such a large tourist attraction made Pompeii both an easy and extremely difficult choice for this list! However, once you get a look for yourself, the sheer magnitude and imagery of this UNESCO World Heritage Site will leave no doubt in your mind of its importance.

Tasmania, Australia

Convict Sites

Over the course of the 18th and 19th centuries, thousands of men and women were sent to Australia for “rehabilitation” purposes and the good of the British colony. These sites are now an incredible reminder of both the power of the British empire at the time, and the cruelty of crime and justice within. Each site has its own unique history and offers an in depth look into life as a prisoner in a new land. The most astounding part of this whole operation was that it founded and fast-tracked a population of people and a continent that now thrives today.


Planet Earth

Although it has been nominated, our last continent still does not have a world heritage site! Antartica is so important to the ecosystem and the continuation of life on earth, we were forced into giving it the honorary World Heritage mark. Despite what some may say, this continent is the key to our survival as it contains 90% of the worlds fresh water. Take note planet earth!

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