Best Tacos in San Diego: Oscars Mexican Seafood

When visiting San Diego the OBVIOUS food choice is fish tacos. Being so close to both the Pacific Ocean and 20 minutes from the Mexican border, there’s plenty of options. One of the best local spots that we’ve had the pleasure of enjoying has to be Oscars Mexican Seafood.

Oscars has five different locations around San Diego, but our favorite one is in Pacific Beach. Planted just steps from the beach and a short walk to famous Crystal Pier, Oscar’s is the perfect setting to enjoy your tacos!

But the best part about Oscars? Well, the cheapest thing on the menu is also THE BEST thing on the menu! Oscars straight battered fish tacos are garnished with cabbage, onions, cilantro, and fresh avocados. Every Monday through Thursday they have a “Happy Hour” where you can get these bad boys for only $1 each from 2 to 5:30pm.

What a deal!

So with so many other taco joints in San Diego, what separates Oscar’s from the competition?? This may come as a surprise, but it’s all in the sauce! Take your pick from the firey red, jalepeno crema, or chipotle sauce to really spice up your meal (I go with all three!) While other taco stands may have your generic Tapatio or Franks Red Hot, Oscar’s Mexican Seafood makes it homemade!

The Holy Trinity

If you’re still hungry:


Freshest Ceviche at the beach!



Torta de Oscar: Smoked Fish, Spicy Shrimp, and Skirt Steak… Need I say more???


So check out Oscars Mexican Seafood if you like what you see. Oh and Just an FYI… This is the best we’ve had SO FAR in San Diego, so there’s plenty more reviews (and tacos) to come.

Stay Tuned!