Mouthwatering Street Food from Around the World

Now there’s no shame in admitting what gets you excited about travel, is all the new food that you’ll be able to sample. But hey, on your next trip, skip the fancy restaurants and overpriced tourist traps! The best way to truly taste a new culture is through its amazing street food! Here’s 13 MOUTHWATERING ideas from around the world!



The Singapore Hawker Centers are the mecca of street food, and the perfect place to start our mouthwatering journey. In a push for strict heath regulations and to tighten up sanitary problems, thousands of street food venders were moved into the large buildings throughout the city called Hawker Centers. In the loosest terms possible, it’s like one giant food court with hundreds of stalls, and thousands of different options. Now our absolute FAVORITE was the grilled prawns, but the BBQ meats, oyster cakes, and fried eel skin were definitely proof that Singapore has it all!

Singapore Street Food Hawker Center



Hot Dogs

When arriving in Denmark on a short twenty four hour layover, the only concern on my mind was how much street food would I be able to eat! Little did I know, that hot dogs are the go to street food, not only in the capital of Copenhagen, but all over Denmark. Leave your stereotypes at the door what you might consider a hot dog to be. These food creations are down right delicious, and you’re sure to leave Denmark wanting more!

Denmark hot dog Street Food



Throughout Spain, Tapas aren’t just seen as a late afternoon snack… Here it’s a way of life! While it may not be your typical idea of street food, the whole idea of tapas is to have a quick and delicious snack with your beverage. Claim one of the dozen outside tables, try to muscle you way past the crowd at the bar, and place your order. Tapas range from city to city. Some are considered gifts of the house, while others will only set you back a couple dollars. Don’t know the best spot? Just look for the crowds flowing out the doors!
Spain Tapa Street Food



In one of the lesser known countries of Southeast Asia, Laos is known for it’s vast nature and deep Buddhist roots. However, one thing you may not know about, is the delicious vegetarian street food! With the hot pots going off during the day, and the street vendors cooking it up at night, comes endless street food options for you to enjoy. For less then ONE DOLLAR you can feast at a completely vegetarian buffet. Don’t want to eat with a crowd? No worries, for around fifty cents you can get a soup to go, and it even comes in a bag!

Laos Street Food Soup




Everything in Belize operates a little bit differently, and that includes its street food. You’ll especially find this on the island of Caye Caulker, where the motto is literally Go Slow. The cuisine in Belize is very greatly influenced by there neighbors in Mexico, but the locals put there own caribbean island twist into it. As you can imagine, this makes tacos the perfect street food! They can be found in trailers being pulled by bicycles as shown below, or even directly out of a wheel barrow! But if you’re looking for a snack in the late afternoon, sorry to say you might be out of luck. The food vendors come out in the late morning, and when they’re sold out, the job is done for the day. So if you see something you like, get it while its hot!

Belize Street Food




In Germany, currywurst is in its own culinary league. This amazing meal is sold everywhere from small street stands to large markets, and even in some of the finest restaurants. When visiting Germany, its only a matter of time before your enjoying a delicious currywurst. But remember, the wurst options really are endless! And like so many things, the magic is in the sauce. Curry ketchup is as simple as it sounds, and you can even make this German treat in the comfort of your own home. Just mix curry powder with ketchup, and warm to serve!

Photo: j

Photo: OneFoodGuy



Meat Pies

Street Food? In Bolivia? To some, that may sound like a recipe for disaster, but true street food connoisseurs know the sketchier, the better! While many of the travelers we met clearly did not live by this code when visiting cities like La Paz, they were sorely missing out! Case in point, meat pies. These stuffed bread treats are very similar to an Empanada, and can be found on almost every street corner. And while most street foods you can get as take-away, don’t even think about taking these to go! The only way to eat Bolivian meat pies are by drenching each bite with the slew of different sauces. Sweet, tangy, spicy, and unbearably hot, they have them all! Also, if you’re in Bolivia, don’t miss out on the pulled pork sandwich!

Bolivia Street Food La Paz



Doner Kebab

If you’ve ever tried a REAL Doner Kebab, then you know it’s one of the best street foods in the world! The authentic Doner vendors will have the meats spinning from a rotating grill, and carve it off for your viewing pleasure. The mouthwatering choice of chicken or lamb, mixed with veggies, spices, and several secret sauces will have you dying for more! The Doner Kebab is a turkish street food staple that has made its way to Germany, and pretty much everywhere else in Europe.

Doner Kabab Turkey Street Food




For the only sweet treat on our street food menu, we had to mention the Gelato of Italy! Is there anything better than walking down the streets of Rome, exploring Florence, or getting lost in Venice, all with a large gelato in hand? This famous Italian dessert has quickly spread across the world, but there is nothing as authentic and delicious as grabbing a real gelato on an Italian street corner. So the next time your on vacation, make sure to splurge on as much gelato as you can eat!

Photo: Scene

Photo: Scene



Bahn Mi

While Vietnam may not be right for every traveler, there is one thing that’s not up for debate… The street food is AMAZING! If you can get past the sea of motorbikes, local vendors yelling, and the questionable health regulations, you’re actually in for the food experience of your dreams. Literally, on every street corner and down every side alley, sit endless street stalls and stands with some of the most delicious food in the world. Our favorite was the Bahn Mi Sandwich, but there are plenty of unreal noodle dishes to enjoy as well! So throw every food warning away you probably got from the travel clinic, it’s time to dig in!

Street Food Vietnam




If you’ve ever been to Canada, chances are that you have tried some poutine! Sure, it may be a heart attack waiting to happen, but what’s not to love about french fries drenched in gravy, topped off with soft cheese curds? While this is the most traditional way to serve this scrumptious street dish, why not get a little crazy? In Canada, the Poutines can come drenched with everything from pulled pork to lobster!

Photo: K

Photo: BlogTo


Costa Rica


While soaking in the sun of Costa Rica, there is no need to stress that you’ll be missing out on all the amazing street food. Well in this case, maybe I should call it beach food! On the majority of the beaches in Costa Rica, you’re able to sit in the comfort of your chair and have the tasty snacks come right to you. Now what are you in the mood for? Shaved ice with tropical syrup and coconut cream topping? Fresh baked cakes and pastries? Or how about an assortment of meat pies and empanadas? Well, my best advice is to try some of the most extraordinary ceviche in the world, because they have it by the BOATLOADS! So sit back, and sample some of the best that Costa Rica has to offer!

Costa Rica Street Food Beach Snack




Much like Singapore, the majority of the Peruvian street food can be found in its large central markets. And let me tell you, these markets will be the highlight of your eating experience! Hundreds of small stalls take center stage, where you can get anything from llama burgers to roasted guinea pig! The photo below was taken at the Cusco Sunday market. Here, you can sit down and enjoy a large plate of food, or simply grab a bag of chicharrones and continue on. Never tried a real Chicharron? Well, how does deep fried pork belly sound?? Now thats some good stuff!

Peru Street Food Chicharones Cusco Market


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