Meet Eric and Allison From The Endless Adventure

We are so excited to share with our readers here at Nothing Familiar the AMAZING traveling duo of Eric and Allison. Not only did they sell everything that they own to travel the world, but they documented everything on their Vlog The Endless Adventure! Their Vlogs are awesome in more ways than we can count, but don’t take our word for it: Check it out below!

1. What made you decide to travel? Did you have any plans or goals when you set out?

A few years ago we randomly signed up for French lessons and once the course ended, we thought what better way to celebrate than by going to France?! At the time, our good friend was living in London, so we did two weeks between London and Paris. After that, we had definitely had a travel itch which then grew steadily over the next couple years until into a full blown travel bug. We brainstormed all sorts of ways to start traveling from buying an RV to teaching english abroad and finally decided to just sell it all and see what happens!

When we left San Francisco in 2015, we road tripped around the states for a few months but didn’t have any plans after that. Luckily, that same friend from London had just found a really cheap transatlantic cruise from Florida to Spain and asked if we were interested. We’d never been on a cruise and it was an insanely affordable way to get to Europe, so we said hell ya and booked tickets!

That’s a pretty great example of how we travel actually… we typically book the cheapest flight/bus/train we can find (usually only a week or two in advance) and just go for it! So far it’s worked out pretty well :

2. What is a Vlog, and how is it different from a regular blog?

A vlog (short for video blog) is basically a visual representation of a blog post or a journal entry. For Eric and I, our vlogs show our days as we travel. We typically start the vlog by giving a brief overview of what we’re up to and from there we show scenes and highlights of the places we visit, foods we eat and people we interact with. We also give a bit of commentary about what we’re doing, which we try to keep informational and funny (but sometimes the funny doesn’t always happen haha!).

We feel that a vlog gives our audience a more relatable and up-close look at the places we visit, more than a traditional blog post would. We like that vlogs allow people to see what we’re seeing from every angle and provide a more immersive experience.

3. Vlogs/ Blogs (as you do both) are a ton of work. Are you constantly filming and editing on the road? How do you balance your time?

Time management is definitely a constant struggle for us. We like to be spontaneous on the road, but when you’re juggling work, a website, vlogs, frequent traveling and sightseeing, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. We learned pretty quickly that we needed to schedule days off where we just hunker down in a coffee shop and get shit done. Unfortunately that has meant going from daily vlogging to vlogging every other day or a couple times a week.

So now our schedule is typically a vlog day where we’ll also try to get a stockpile of Instagram pics and blog post content, followed by a work day (or two) where Eric will edit the vlog and work on his contract gigs, I’ll plan out our next day(s) and book our upcoming travel and we’ll both work on the blog and update social media.

4. We LOVE your “3 Foods you HAVE to Try” Vlogs. What’s some of the best and worst foods you’ve tried while traveling?

We love making them! We try to stay pretty thrifty on the road, but our food days are usually a bit of a splurge which is always a bit exciting. Plus we always learn so much about the people and culture while researching their most famous dishes and how they came to be so popular.

That said, some food days are way more delicious than others. I think we’d both agree that Berlin has been our favorite day with currywurst being the shining star – seriously, who knew curry on a sausage could be such a magical combination!?

Reykjavik’s was by far the worst haha! Both the fermented shark and the boiled sheep’s head are tastes (and textures) that I especially hope to never experience again!

5. You often post about your budget and costs. For someone who is looking to set out on trip what advice would you give them?

Budgets are really hard to stick to and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the struggle of trying to stay on track. That’s why we like to be open and honest about what we spend. Our hope is that it’ll show our readers and viewers that:

a) You don’t have to have a lot of money to travel

b) We have financial struggles just like everyone else

c) While it’s hard, it’s definitely not impossible!

One thing we recommend to someone wanting to travel on a budget is to do as many cheap and free sight-seeing days as possible. That includes exploring public gardens, taking hikes, renting bikes and riding around the city, hitting up free museums days, strolling the castle grounds, and taking free walking tours. It’s a bit more research up front, but the money saved is well worth the digging! Yelp, TripAdvisor, city websites and other travel bloggers are awesome resources for finding free and cheap ways to visit a city without blazing through your budget!

Booking shared Airbnbs with access to a full kitchen or kitchenette is also a great way to cut down on costs. We know that eating in isn’t always the most exciting or glamorous option when traveling, but grocery shopping in a foreign country can sometimes be more exciting than eating out.

6. What’s your wildest travel dream?

Our wildest travel dream is definitely to hike the Mount Hua in China via the HuaShan plank walk. Assuming we aren’t paralyzed by fear, I’m pretty sure it’ll end up being one of those life changing moments.

7. If someone could only watch one of your Vlogs which one would it be and why?

What a great and tough question haha! If we could only pick just one, it’d probably be the day we crossed off a pretty awesome bucket list item in Austria!


Once again  a HUGE thanks to Eric and Allison for answering our questions and sharing all their stories. For more Volgs that will not only give you a serious case of wanderlust, but transport you on their adventures check out The Endless Adventure HERE!