Volcanic Thermal Water of Guadeloupe

One of the many surprises about the beautiful islands of Guadeloupe is its fantastic geothermal activity. The dormant volcano that is located on the southern island of Basse-Terre is the cause of some truly amazing thermal effects located throughout the island. From bubbling thermal water, to healing mud you can rub all over your body, Guadeloupe gives you access to whatever kind of natural spa treatment you’re looking for!

Now there are half a dozen locations to feel the magical power from the volcano in Guadeloupe. Some spots are as simple as to have just a small trickle of healing water coming out of brass pipes. Then there’s giant hot ocean rock baths, or you can even find large thermal pools in the jungle! With so many other fun activities to do in Guadeloupe and never enough time, let me highlight the can’t miss spots!

These two locations are in my opinion the highlight of the Guadeloupe thermal destinations!

Hot Water Pools:

Location: Bouillante, Basse-Terre
This small, but amazing pool will be a highlight of your trip! That is if you can plan a visit at a time where the crowds are not swarming! We went twice, and the first was so perfect and pristine that we spent hours soaking in the hot water. The second was not so lucky, as we had the same idea as about fifty other travelers, in that the hot pools would be the perfect spot to spend a cloudy afternoon.


How to Hot Pool:

I guess the name is somewhat deceiving, because the second I stuck my toe in the hot pool I was shocked… It actually wasn’t hot at all! However, once you slip your feet under the smooth dark rocks you’ll feel the warmth you’ve been yearning for! So soak in, and enjoy the thermal life!

Guadeloupe Thermal Water Pool


Mud Beach:

Location: Babin Beach, Grand-Terre
Next up, it’s time to take a walk on the wild side at Babin Beach! The mud here actually has special therapeutic properties to help heal your skin! Getting to Babin Beach is a little tricky, and a lot more out of the way. Nonetheless, for anyone looking for the full thermal experience, this is definitely something not to miss out on! So who’s ready to get dirty? Since Babin Beach is rocky it may not be your typical island paradise, but their are ways to combine all the best things about Guadeloupe. We actually packaged some of the therapeutic mud and took it with us to other beaches! Sure we got some weird looks, but be damned if we didn’t have the softest skin in Guadeloupe!

Guadeloupe Mud Beach

How to Mud Bath:

After watching half a dozen noticeably confused tourists come and go, we decided to ask for help. The secret is, that the soft and smooth healing mud is actually located fifty feet from shore. So yeah, you have to swim out with your container and get the good stuff, otherwise you’ll be mucking on a mixture of dirt and seaweed that you find at the shore line. Now you may ask, why isn’t there there hundreds of people covered in mud? Well, the locals don’t lather up instantly, but instead take it home for their own personal stash!

Now I will be the first to admit that I was somewhat of a skeptic. However, I can honestly say I have NEVER had softer skin in my life. The local good samaritan who helped us gather the miracle mud said that he had actually been in a horrible car crash, and used the mud to get his mobility back in his joints. Honestly, if you’re in Guadeloupe, why not get a free mud treatment that you would typically pay hundreds of dollars for?

Guadeloupe Thermal Mud Treatment

Other Options:

While not at the top of our list, these next thermal wonders are very special to the islands, and still worth checking out!

Beach Bath:

Location: Basse-Terre
In theory this idea is amazing. A ceramic thermal pool built into the cliff overlooking the ocean? Plush. In reality though, it was extremely dirty! The pool was broken so the tub wouldn’t fill up, disappointing us and other travelers that had made their way to this supposedly magic thermal bath. This place had the potential to be a hidden gem, but not when we were there!

Guadeloupe Thermal Water

Thermal Water Shower:

Location: Sofaia, Basse-Terre
If you are passing by on your journey though the jungle, then why not take a hot water healing shower? Just another one of the many ways to experience the thermal waters of Guadeloupe!

Jungle Pool:

Location: Start of the Hike to Soufriere Volcano 
This beautifully large thermal pool set in the rain forest was one of the coolest places we went in Guadeloupe! We arrived when it started to downpour, but that only added to it’s jungle allure. This thermal bath also marks the starting point for the glorious two hour hike up the Soufriere Volcano, so make sure to stop off and take a dip!

Guadeloupe Thermal Water

If you want to experience all the thermal water wonder that Guadeloupe has to offer, then my advice is GO NOW!  When speaking with a local women that has been vacationing in Guadeloupe for over ten years from mainland France, she said the island is changing, and fast. In previous years, it was rare to find anyone at the thermal pools or hot springs, but now it has all changed. With the growing tourism boom (especially from the United States), and the government capitalizing on it’s once hidden treasures, everything is getting more crowded. So get here while you can, and enjoy the thermal water of Guadeloupe!

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