12 Countries to Best Suit Your Travel Style

When deciding where to go on your next adventure, it’s important to take into consideration which country will best fit your travel style. Are you looking to relax on a beautiful beach, or for the perfect spot to let loose and party till dawn? Do you need to live in the lap of luxury, or are you one to rough it through the streets and mountains? No matter what kind of trip you’re looking for, we have the country to match it!

Costa Rica: Carefree Travel Style

Nothing describes the type of vacation you’ll have in Costa Rica as well as it’s national motto of “Pura Vida.” Translating into “pure life” this amazing coastal country in Central America will fit perfectly with your carefree lifestyle. Featuring both the Caribbean and the Pacific ocean, Costa Rica is the best country to unwind, relax, and lose all your inhibitions!

Costa Rica Beaches

Ecuador: Nature Lover

When people think of Ecuador they most likely zero in on the beautiful Galapagos Islands. While this is an incredible spot to visit, don’t make the mistake of overlooking the underrated and lesser visited mainland! From hiking active volcanos in Cotopaxi National Park and bird watching in Mindo, to biking the route of the Waterfalls in Banos, Ecuador is truly the perfect unspoiled destination for any nature lover.


South Africa: Adrenaline Junkie

South Africa is internationally known for dozens of extreme adventure activities sure to get your blood pumping. Bungie jumping, cage diving, paragliding and surfing with great whites are all on the agenda! If that’s not enough craziness for you, hop on a Safari and get up close and personal with the animal kingdom’s most dangerous creatures!


Thailand: Party Animal

If you’re ready to party then look no further then the wild Thai Islands. Hit up the infamous full moon party in Ko Pha Ngan, or spend your nights out till the sun comes up on Ko Phi Phi. Want to get away from the islands? Then you’ll probably enjoy the backpacker friendly Ko San Road in Bangkok! Beautiful weather, cheap booze, and very few restrictions make for a non-stop party atmosphere in one of Asia’s most popular countries.

Ko phi phi party

New Zealand: Solo Traveler

There isn’t a country in the world that has welcomed and capitalized on tourism quite like New Zealand. This makes it the perfect destination for the solo traveler looking to have a good time and meet other like-minded people! In addition, New Zealand’s hostels are rated the best in the world, and crime is basically unheard of. With hop on hop off transport such as Magic Bus, Kiwi Experience, and Stray circling the North and South Islands, it’s a breeze to get around and experience the highlights, even by yourself!

New Zealand Travel Style

Vietnam: Unconventional Travel Style

In a country where the locals are brutally honest, the food often makes you sick, and there are more motorbikes than cars, you might wonder why any traveler would come here! While Vietnam is not for everyone, it’s is the PERFECT destination for the unconventional traveler looking for a unique adventure! From the crazy big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, to the more secluded areas of Hoi An and Ha Long Bay, you’re bound to have great time exploring this amazing country. Also, if you really want to venture outside of the box, consider buying a motorcycle and riding the coast of the country!


France: Luxury

If you’re looking for the ultimate lavish lifestyle, then France is definitely for you! Not only does Paris ooze of luxury, but when you’re done shopping at the Champs Elysees, just jet down to the South of France where the elite go to vacation. St. Tropez, Cannes, and Nice are playgrounds built for high society, and exist to cater to the rich and famous! And if for some reason you get bored of France’s fancy champagne and cheese, the port of Monaco is only a short trip away!


Spain: Extended Journey

Surprised that a European country is our choice for your budget vacation? Don’t be! Head to the South of Spain where the prices are low, buses are cheap, and the sun is always shining! You can find hotel rooms in major cities for under $30 dollars per day, and if you’re willing to book a month at a time, you’ll probably be paying half the price of your hometown city! Live the high life for a fraction of the cost of what you would pay in France or Italy. Whether you’re eating tapas in Granada, swimming in the beautiful beaches of Nerja, or strolling though Sevilla, the quality of life is unmatched in Spain. So why not stay for awhile?!?


Singapore: International Foodie

Do you love trying new and crazy foods? A true foodie is always game to eat anything, even when you may not necessarily know what it is! If that sounds like you, then Singapore is a must visit! Not only does this international hub play host to some of the top world renowned restaurants, but the Hawker Food Centers will allow you to sample all the best foods from around Asia. In fact, the food of Singapore is so deliciously diverse, even the least likely of eaters will soon be pounding bowls of spicy noodles for breakfast! Oh and don’t worry, there are tons of amazing activities to fill your time between meals. Singapore also has some of the best tourist attractions in the world!

Singapore food

British Virgin Islands: Beach Connoisseur

While there are plenty of beautiful destinations around the world, nowhere is quite as packed with pristine beaches as the British Virgin Islands. Rent a jeep in Tortola, or Virgin Gorda, and explore the one of a kind ocean for yourself! From wavy surf beaches to crystal clear water BVI offers it all! Just don’t forget your scuba gear, the underwater life is just as beautiful as above!


Japan: Hi-tech Traveler

As a world leader in technology, Japan is the perfect spot for the hi-tech enthusiast. Want to know what 130 billion in tech research can do for your vacation? How about taking a ride on the fastest train in the world! You can also catch a glimpse into the future at Robot World, as Japan owns half of the entire planets robots! And don’t forget Akihabara or “Electric Town,” to see the countries massive electronic trade centers! Whatever you’re into, Japan is sure to have the most advanced hi-tech version of!


Italy: History Buff

While Italy is known for countless things, its Roman past makes it a must visit for anyone interested in history. Walking through the streets of Rome or Florence is literally like being in a giant museum, where it’s most famous monuments and ruins have been preserved and remain a central part of the cities. Quite simply, there is no world history without Italy, so make sure you take the trip!


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