8 Viewpoints That Will Make Your Heart Stop

We’re all searching for the perfect viewpoint. It’s that epic place and single moment that will serve as the highlight of your next big trip. The perfect spot where you can document your adventure with an incredible photo, and capture the beauty of your travels forever. From insane cliff walks along the ocean to out of this world city landscapes, here’s 8 Viewpoints That Will Make Your Heart Stop!

Casa Del Arbol

Banos, Ecuador

Casa Del Arbol, or “Swing at the End of the World,” is not your typical viewpoint as you can imagine. Atop the mountain you’ll find a beautiful treehouse with two swings. Don’t worry, you’re (slightly) chained into the chair so you can really let yourself fly! As you swing, you’ll have a one of a kind view of the active volcano at Mount Tungurahua and the surrounding area. I highly recommend the $1 bus from town unless you’re up for an adventurous 6 hour hike!

Victoria Peak

Hong Kong

Head to the peak and grab a glimpse of one of the worlds fastest moving cities from the highest point on Hong Kong Island. The tram ride is exciting in itself as it feels more like a roller coaster ride than any form of transport. After reaching the top, you’ll be rewarded with panoramic views of Hong Kong’s skyline, and what most refer to as the financial capital of Asia. Once inhabited by British elite, Victoria Peak serves as both an glorious viewpoint and a reminder of it’s only recent independence from outside rule.

Glacier Point

Yosemite National Park, California

Calling all outdoor lovers and hiking enthusiasts, it will be hard to beat this viewpoint! Glacier Point is the premier lookout spot at Yosemite National Park, which many believe is the most gorgeous in the United States. The most special part of Glacier Point for me was viewing the immense 16+ mile hike that I had ahead of me on my visit, highlighted by the intimidating Half Dome rock pictured below. As the sun sets on Half Dome, the colors illuminate off the tremendous granite rocks, and it’s an amazing sight to see!

Cerro Calvario

Copacabana, Bolivia

Often overlooked as a stopover town for travelers going from Peru to Bolivia, this viewpoint at Cerro Calvario proves that Copacabana has much more to offer! Cerro Calvario or “Calvary Hill,” is equipped with 14 stone monuments representing the Stations of the Cross. It’s important to remember while we climb for the unbelievable views of Lake Titicaca, this is also a pilgrimage for many devout catholics in South America. Although the elevation of this Bolivian town (12,600 feet!) may make this short hike feel like an eternity, we promise this viewpoint will be worth it!

Step Into the Void

Chamonix, France

High in the French Alps sits one of the most absurd viewpoints ever created! Step into this manmade glass case for a 360 degree view unlike any other, where you’ll be perched 3,000 feet off the ground floor. Not only can you see across this famous French mountain range, but you’ll also catch a glimpse of the snow covered Swiss and Italian Alps, too! Hopefully you’re heart doesn’t stop, but Step Into the Void is guaranteed to make it skip a beat!

The Guard House

Machu Picchu, Peru

If we’re talking viewpoints, you can’t really beat the likes of one of the most famous historical sites in the world. However, if you want to have the best viewpoint at Machu Picchu you’re going to have to wake up early… very early. Your day will start with either a hike or bus ride in the dark at 4AM if you want to be there before the other tourists, but trust me it’s worth it! For the best spot to catch the sun rise and get that perfect photo, post up in front of “The Guard House” and get ready for one of the most beautiful viewpoints you’ll ever see!

Table Mountain

Cape Town, South Africa

Anyone that’s been to Cape Town knows how incredibly beautiful of a place it is. Towering over this unique city on the Southern tip of the continent of Africa, is the awe-inspiring Table Mountain. Named for the long plateau that stretches 2 miles across the top, the coolest part about Table Mountain may be the variety of viewpoints you get while trekking across it. Take in the scenery of Camps Bay, Lions Head, and the majestic views of the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront all from the very same mountain!

Christ the Redeemer

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

We may have saved the best viewpoint for last! As with most other South American cities, there is a giant white jesus statue towering above where you can usually get the most amazing viewpoint. Well folks, Rio is no different! As you stand atop Corcovado Mountain, this view allows you to take in all the magic in the city of Rio below. There is no better place to see one of the worlds most colorful places than from this legendary viewpoint!

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