What to Eat in Bolivia: The Best Cuisine We Tried While Visiting

What to Eat in Bolivia: The Best Cuisine We Tried While Visiting

Bolivia is more than just an exciting new destination for adventure travelers! It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting by Lake Titicaca enjoying some fresh fish, exploring the streets of La Paz, or journeying though the Bolivian salt flats. You won’t be without plenty of amazing food here! So if this up and coming South American country isn’t on your radar, then get ready for a pleasant surprise with a look at Bolivian street food, cuisine, and drinks. Here’s all the best food we tried, and some insight on what to eat in Bolivia.

Bolivia Travel Inspiration

The Best Bolivian Cuisine We Tried

Bolivian Drinks 

Before we get into the best Bolivian drinks we should probably alert you to one to avoid! While exploring the capital of Bolivia in La Paz you’re bound to see these pop up juice tables. In each glass is a whole fruit mixed with a form of sugar water.

When traveling in a country where the number one rule is not to drink the water from the tap, this might not be the best choice of refreshment… But when in Bolivia right? HA! After seeing locals pounding these sweet drinks all day long we at least had to give it a try (for the good of the blog!) Still, we wouldn’t recommend this while seeking out Bolivian street food and drinks.

Bolivian drinks

Bolivian Cuisine
Probably should’ve stayed away from this Bolivian drink…

Okay, now onto the good stuff! Whenever you see something so fresh and being handled with such care it’s bound to be good. The fresh squeezed orange juice sold by local street vendors was some of the best we’ve had in our lives. You honestly can’t sample Bolivian cuisine without having some fresh street juice!

Also, when searching for what to eat in Bolivia why not grab an ice cold beer? Judas is the strongest beer in the country so we had to grab one for a Bolivian drink. The last thing we encountered was actually something quite spooky. You can find “magic elixirs” all around the famous witches market if you so choose.

Bolivian Street Food

Bolivian Drinks

Bolivian Drinks
Secret potions of the witches market

What to Eat in Bolivia

We’re starting off our best food in Bolivia section with some of the most delicious trout you’ll ever have! Caught fresh from Lake Titicaca, you can find this fish grilled to perfection in the gorgeous small town of Copacabana. You will pass right through this special place if you decide on traveling with companies like Bolivia Hop. There you can order your trout in an assortment of different flavors. Our favorite by far was the spicy Diablo Style!

Best Food in Bolivia

Bolivian Cuisine

Best Bolivian Street Food

Let’s get one thing straight before we continue. Pork sandwiches run the Bolivian street food game, especially in the big cities! Don’t miss out on the small carts selling these amazing snacks which are a staple of what to eat in Bolivia. As far as we’re concerned though, empanada’s were the highlight of Bolivian cuisine. These amazing Bolivian street food stands can be found throughout La Paz and other places in the country. To eat these treats like a local, you must stand at the cart and sauce up each delicious bit… Yum! 

Bolivian Street Food

What to Eat in Bolivia

More of the Best Food in Bolivia

Get ready to eat lots of chicken which is overwhelmingly popular in Bolivian cuisine. Really as long as you like this white meat, you won’t go hungry in Bolivia. A massive plate of chicken, rice, and salsa will only cost you a couple U.S. dollars. Last but not least, our favorite dessert we tried was apple crumble pie in the salt flats. Maybe not the most authentic Bolivian food, but also maybe one of the best pies we’ve ever tasted!

Bolivian cuisine

Bolivian Cuisine

Obviously we didn’t have time to try everything that Bolivian cuisine has to offer on our short trip. However, that just means we have plenty of time to go back and try more! What’s the best food in Bolivia you’ve tried? Comment below and let us know.

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