How to Survive Eating Noodles for 3 Months Straight

Eating Noodles

When traveling to a new destination it’s important to take in everything about the culture. A huge part of that is obviously the food! When it comes to Southeast Asia you will have the chance to eat so many new things that will blow your mind. However, there is one meal that will undoubtedly become your main food staple… NOODLES! Especially when you’re traveling through Southeast Asia on a budget you’ll find that Asian soup bowls will be your best street food option. Here’s how we survived eating noodles every day for 3 months straight.

International Food Inspiration 

Embrace the Taste

First and foremost, the noodle game in Southeast Asia is out of control! Before deciding to take this life changing trip, we never thought we could enjoy something enough to eat it every day. Each Asian soup bowl has its own special flavor, and the taste and smell is unmistakeable. From chicken to beef broths and even straight veggie, noodles have cemented themselves as the best street food in Asia.

eating noodles and Asian soup bowls

Southeast Asia on a Budget 

Secondly, we have maybe the most important and influential reason we were able to eat noodles everyday. MONEY! When traveling Southeast Asia on a budget for this length of time you’re going to need to be frugal with your spending, and that includes meals. Fortunately, that should be no problem as most Asian soup bowls cost no more than $1-2 USD! Now do you see what we’re getting at??

Asian Soup Bowls
Soup in a bag!

Surprisingly Filling

In the Western world, a cup or even a bowl of soup is typically considered an appetizer to the main course. Even with the cheap price tag, the best street food in Asia is sure to keep your stomach full. With a jumbo size serving of broth mixed with a healthy portion of noodles, veggies, spices, and meat (or often a strange assortment of mixed organs) it’s sure to fill your belly up!

Southeast Asia on a budget

Asian Soup Bowls Made With Love

There’s always something special about a home cooked meal, especially if it comes from an old asian woman! The time and ingredients they put into their own vat of soup is really incredible, and the character of their soup seems to mirror the nature of who they are as a person. Even if you’re in a market with 10 different noodle stands, you know each one will have their own amazing flavor.

Best street food in Asia

The Best Street Food in Asia is Diverse 

All noodles are not created equal! When we try out new Asian places in the United States, it often upsets me to see people order the same old Pho dish every time. It’s not that there isn’t more on the menu.

More so that people are just scared of trying something new. So next time you’re at your favorite Vietnamese place order a Bun Bo Hue… And instead of Pad Thai maybe go for the Spicy Tom Yum. With so many amazing soups to try, it’s insane to keep order the same drunken noodle dish!

Southeast Asia on a budget with Asian Soup Bowls

Local Flavor

Whether it’s made at the fanciest rooftop restaurant in Hanoi or on the dirtiest street corner of Bangkok, each dish has it’s own unique flavor that represents the region. So make sure when you’re in a certain part of the country you get a taste of what they’re famous for. 

eating noodles in Southeast Asia on a budget

Eating Noodles is a Way of Life

Eating noodles is a way of life and the only way to join the club is to experience it for yourself. Even today we still get a daily noodle craving. Luckily nowadays we’ve learned how to make my own rendition of the Asian soup bowls that carried us through Southeast Asia on a budget. We served our time, and did it with honor. 3 straight months of nothing but eating noodles, and we gotta tell you… We enjoyed every second of it!

Eating noodles in Southeast Asia on a Budget

Have any questions about traveling Southeast Asia on a budget, or want to share your own stories about eating noodles? Leave us a comment below!

Safe Travels,
Brigitte & Jake

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  1. Kate
    October 16, 2016 / 2:56 pm

    Noodle game strong in Germany right now…

    • Brigitte & Jake
      October 17, 2016 / 9:14 pm

      Just goes to show… Noodles are good anywhere in the world!