These Tangled Vines: A Novel by Julianne MacLean

These Tangled Vines Julianne MacLean

Set in beautiful Italy, These Tangled Vines by Julianne MacLean follows Fiona as she travels abroad following the death of her father who she never met. However, she quickly discovers that her past is filled with secrets. So should These Tangled Vines by Julianne MacLean be your next read? Find out what I thought in my These Tangled Vines review.

These Tangled Vines Book Review 

Title: These Tangled Vines
Author: Julianne MacLean
Release Date: June 2021
Genre: Mystery

My name is Brigitte. Full-time adventurer and part-time book addict. I’m currently in Phuket Thailand which is (quite literally) 0n the other side of the world from where this book takes place. I’m eating Pad Thai instead of spaghetti, and drinking an ice-cold beer over sipping wine. 

While I love Thailand (one of my favorite countries) it was fun to travel to Italy through the pages of These Tangled Vines. Also, we are hoping to visit Italy this spring/summer and now Tuscany is without a doubt on our itinerary.  

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These Tangled Vines Review Nothing Familiar

These Tangled Vines by Julianne MacLean

From the start of the book, I had a small pit of uneasiness in my stomach. That might not be something that sounds enjoyable but it is one of the best feelings when you’re diving into a good mystery. With each page, the questions I had about Fiona, her father, her mother, and her unknown family grew. 

These Tangled Vines is a dance between two timelines and three characters. It follows Fiona Bell in 2017 as she travels to Italy when her biological father she never knew passes away and lists her in his will.

It also introduces Solane the sister Fiona never knew about. Solane struggles with the death of her father, reflecting on her life and actions that led her to where she is. Her brother Conor in my opinion is horrible! Not just with Fiona and the events surrounding her arrival in Italy, but with his sister Solane. His disregard for her happiness is brutal and just mean, but it ends up being an important part of the story. 

Diving deeper into the mystery surrounding Fiona, the storyline jumps to 1986 and slowly brings light to the summer her mother Lillian had in Tuscany. She worked at the vineyard and These Tangled Vines goes into her relationship with Anton Clark and her husband Freddie. 

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These Tangled Vines Review

From the First Chapter of These Tangled Vines, You’ll be Gripped

Chapter one hits hard. What a call to wake up to! I had so many questions that needed answers. Why did her real father never contact Fiona? What happened between her and her mother? Why did he leave her? Who is this new family?! 

While I wanted answers for Fiona, I really enjoyed the timeline of her mother in 1986. Her story played out like a beautiful romantic tragedy set in stunning Italy. While I don’t want to spoil anything my heart broke for Anton and the way his life changed after that summer.  

The way Julianne MacLean describes Italy is beautiful and mysterious. It pulls you in with not only the sights of Tuscany but the sounds and feelings to embrace it. 

The Food & Wine of Italy…

Food and sharing meals together is a massive part of life in Italy and much of the story takes place (in both timelines) around a table and the meals they share. 

Warning!!! This will have you daydreaming of fettuccine with a creamy mushroom sauce. The ravioli, peppercorn steak, chocolate, gelato, and delicious wine. You can’t have a book based in Italy that doesn’t give off the taste and smell of the country, and this one certainly does. Especially the wine! 

The book is centered around a massive vineyard that Fiona’s biological father had owned. Upon his death, there are mixed reactions about the will which drive the characters to discover exactly what happened in the summer of 1986. 

These Tangled Vines Book Review

Would I Recommend These Tangled Vines?

The story is beautifully written and a wonderful book to cozy up with as you transport yourself to Italy. Through the characters you’ll feel every emotion under the sun. Love, heartbreak, excitement, and pain.

Something I don’t normally highlight in my review is the book cover and title. Yet, after finishing These Tangled Vines by Julianne MacLean I couldn’t help but truly appreciate it. It’s perfect! 

Putting aside the mystery and story, this book does come with more warning. After reading it you might find yourself researching how to work on a vineyard in Italy for the summer. You might consider taking up painting… Once again in Italy. Or it could just have you popping open a bottle of good wine (preferably Italian) and diving into a large plate of fresh pasta. 

This is a unique book that I loved reading and would recommend to anyone who enjoys mystery novels that slowly uncover the full picture. These Tangled Vines by Julianne MacLean shines a burning light on the dark power of secrets and the weight they hold through generations. 

Read These Tangled Vines if you…

  • Enjoy a suspense-filled book that is filled with depth and emotion. 
  • Are looking for a beautiful setting. Especially one that will transport you to the Tuscan countryside. 
  • Enjoy books that slowly unfold, but answer all your questions in the end. Even if they weren’t the ones you were expecting or hoping for.

These Tangled Vines Book

Thanks for reading my These Tangled Vines review! If you’ve recently read a book that you enjoyed and would recommend (no matter the genre) let me and my fellow book lovers know in the comments below!

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