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With so many beautiful beaches around the world, how is it possible to choose just one? From soft powder white sand, to rocky pebbles and small coves, the most amazing beaches can be found in all shapes and sizes. Everyone has their own idea of the perfect beach paradise, so who better to ask than our fellow travel bloggers!! 

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Long Beach Cambodia

I have been to a lot of beaches, and honestly I mostly plan my travel around what bodies of water I can splash around in. However, there is one beach that really changed the game for me! On the small island of Koh Rong, Cambodia, there is a beach that is virtually untouched by mankind. You’ll need to hike from a small town across the entire island, and climb your way through the thick lush jungle. But it’s worth it to see one of the most beautiful beaches in the world! 

Arriving at Long Beach is simply magical. The blinding white sand and gentle turquoise ocean is almost too beautiful to imagine. Only a handful of beach warriors scatter the area, and hike with their tents and provisions to truly disconnect from it all. And with a name like Long Beach, it wasn’t hard to find our own slice of heaven! The butter soft sand is so fine that it literally squeaks under your feet, and the water is warm, yet still insanely refreshing!

Shared by Brigitte from Nothing Familiar

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Aventureiro in Angra Dos Reis Brazil

Maybe there are better looking beaches out there, but Aventureiro in Angra Dos Reis, Brazil will always have my heart. The water was completely clear and turquoise. It wasn’t too cold like California waters or too hot like in islands off Malaysia. The beach was practically empty except for a few other lucky locals with boats. The waves are nice enough to surf. The sand was white and burning so it was best to walk along it with the water reaching for your toes. We hiked through the forest in flip flops up about 500 meters to a spectacular viewpoint of the best side of the island. After coming down from the hike, we jumped off the pier to cool off. Finally, we took the greatest beach picture of our lives standing under a palm tree that grows sideways reaching over the water.

Shared by Tommy from Tommy Go Round

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An Authentic California USA

Last summer, I lived in San Diego for awhile. Of course, I spent a lot of my free time at the beaches of this lovely city. Among all beaches, Ocean Beach is the beach that I loved the most. It is not only a great starting point for impressive cliff walks but it is also the perfect place for a bonfire or for watching one of California’s stunning sunsets. If you are lucky, you can also marvel at the tide pools, which are full of life. Ocean Beach is a place where you can have fun with friends. The perfect California feeling is also guaranteed by the surfers you can watch from the pier. And what I liked most about it is that the beach is not as commercialized as other Californian beaches. If you want an authentic California experience, you should not miss visiting Ocean Beach.

Shared by Lisa from Travellana

Beautiful Beaches


Tapotupoto New Zealand

My home town (Auckland, New Zealand) is located on a narrow isthmus between the Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea — which means a beach is always within reach; I always feel a little bereft if I’m away from the sea for too long!

My favorite beach is also back home in New Zealand, a remote bay in the far north of the country called Tapotupoto. The water is crystal clear, the sand is white and clean, and a small river meets the sea on one edge of the beach. It’s a great place to camp, and spend a few days getting away from it all.

Shared by Linda from Indie Travel Podcast

Playa de la Malagueta Spain

We hadn’t had land under our feet in over a week. For the past 8 days we had been cruising across the Atlantic, but finally docked in Malaga, Spain.

We made our way to Playa de la Malagueta, and it completely blew us away. Not only because of the scenery (which was beautiful!), but because it wasn’t your typical touristy beach. Instead of row after row of tacky umbrellas and plastic sunbathing chairs, it was just filled with happy locals all having an amazing time. They didn’t seem to have a care in the world. You could smell the fish frying on the grills, the water was crystal clear, the waves were crashing and the women were sunbathing topless. It was a perfect moment.

The whole thing was over too soon as we made our way back to the ship and set sail for tomorrow’s port. Playa de la Malagueta, we shall meet again soon!

Shared by Eric and Allison from The Endless Adventure

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The Black Sand Beaches of the Lost Coast

Located in a remote section of Northern California the “Lost Coast” is accessible only by foot. On this forgotten beach you will find an old lighthouse, parts from ship wrecks, sea lions, rattlesnakes and 2 tide zones only passable at low tide! This is the only Black Sand Beach in the continental United States.  To one side you will find almost impassable mountains and the Pacific Ocean on the other. 

Shared by Kelly & Lee from Get Some Adventures 

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Whitsundays Australia

The Whitsundays? If you don’t live within the sphere of influence of Australia, you may never have heard of this island chain off the coast of Queensland. I know I wasn’t aware of this corner of paradise prior to joining a group of colleagues on a sailing trip in the region. As part of the trip, we anchored at Whitehaven Beach, the most spectacular stretch of white sand that I’ve even seen in my life and one that can only be accessed by boat. We walked along the length of the beach spotting small seabirds and simply steeping in the grand beauty of the place. I felt incredibly lucky and grateful to be here! I also got a hot tip from one of my Australian coworkers: it’s important to swish your feet back and forth if you are wading in shallow water. If there are stingrays around, this spooks them and they swim away. Gulp…For more on my trip to the Whitsundays, check out Once in a Lifetime: Sailing in the Whitsundays

Shared by Jennifer (aka Dr. J) from Sidewalk Safari

beautiful beaches

We want to give a huge thank you to all the travelers who shared with us on this edition of Travel Tales! 
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