Planning a trip to Myanmar? This is where you can find the best Myanmar travel tips, guides, and read all about our Burma experiences.

Myanmar is a place that truly surprised us in every way possible. For many years, the country formerly known as Burma was cut off from the outside world.

It’s only been recently that tourists have started to go and explore it. Our first Myanmar trip was back in 2020. We had just spent several weeks in the Thai islands, and were ready for something a little different! 

We started off our visit in the capital city of Yangon. Here we tried some of the best food in Myanmar, saw the legendary Shwedagon Pagoda, and then headed off to see more of the country.

Some other highlights of this trip were the ancient temples of Bagan, our boat tour of Inle Lake, and all the stunning beaches of the Bay of Bengal coast. We loved the beach town of Ngapali so much we actually extended our stay another week.

Check out all our Myanmar guides below, and stay tuned for more exciting adventures in Southeast Asia. Hopefully, we’ll be back to see more of this incredible destination soon!

      Myanmar Travel Tips

Money:  Kyat is the currency used throughout the country.

Location: Myanmar is located in Southeast Asia. It borders Thailand, Laos, China, India and Bangladesh.

Language: Burmese is the official language.

Seasons: The best time to visit Myanmar is during the dry season from November to February. Rainy season stretches from May to October, and should be avoided if possible. 

What to Eat & Drink: Burmese cuisine is so delicious! We love the curries, unique noodle dishes, and tasty veggie plates. Be sure to try tea leaf salad and other specialties on your Myanmar trip!