Planning a trip to the island of Milos Greece? We got you covered! This is the page to find our Milos travel tips, island guides, and to read all about our own experiences.

Greece is one of our favorite countries in Europe, and we’ve now been to over 20 different islands. Still, the stunning beaches and exciting boat trips will leave you captivated like nowhere else.

Our first visit to Milos Island was in 2019. We had just spent an amazing few days on Santorini, and took the ferry over from there. 

From the moment we pulled into the port of Adamas on Milos, we were in awe. This small seaside town is the perfect place to base yourself and explore the island from.

We used both the bus and rented a motorbike to see some of the best beaches around Adamas. This included a day at the famous Moon Beach which totally lives up to its name.

While this Milos trip was certainly fun, it wasn’t until our next visit where we truly fell in love. In the summer of 2022, we made our return to Milos Greece!

We started off this adventure with a boat tour which circled the entire island. It took us to the Kleftiko Caves and endless snorkeling spots throughout the afternoon.

Once that was finished we decided to rent a car to get around. This allowed us to hit so many unique beaches, roman ruins, and the ancient town of Plaka

Check all our Milos guides for tips from our own island excursions. It won’t be long until we’re back in this awesome destination, so stay tuned!

Milos Greece Travel Tips

Money: The Euro is used on Milos and throughout Greece.

Location: Milos is located in the heart of the Aegean Sea. It’s part of the Cyclades chain, and sits just north of Crete. The best way to get here is by utilizing the ferry system which connects all the Greek islands.

Language: Greek is the official language of the country.

Seasons: The most popular time to visit is during the warm summer months. This is when you can take advantage of the stunning beaches and outdoor activities. 

Nevertheless, one of our best Milos travel tips is to see the island during shoulder season. By traveling just outside of the peak tourist months of July and August, you’ll find fantastic weather and less crowds.

What to Eat & Drink: The food on Milos is so delicious! You can try all the Greek classics at the local tavernas, plus a variety of tasty seafood and bakery treats.