7 Awesome Reasons to Explore Plaka Milos and its Venetian Castle

Plaka Milos

Many tourists flock to Milos for its crystal clear waters, unique beaches, and fun sailing trips. However, there is a small mountain town that no traveler should miss out on! Plaka is the capital of Milos Greece that will capture your imagination. From the small colorful side streets to the incredible Plaka Castle, there are so many reasons to visit this mountain village!

How to Get to Milos Plaka

The good thing about Plaka in Milos Greece is that it’s simple to get to from the most popular places on the island. The majority of accommodations are in the port of Adamas where you can easily catch a bus or rent a vehicle.

The bus cost less than two Euros and leaves several times throughout the day from the main square in Adamas. It’s also only 5 km away so it’s a quick drive to Milos Plaka by car or ATV. Read our full guide to renting a car in Milos before your trip.

Just note there are no cars allowed in the actual village so you will have to do some walking. The ATV’s do sell out fast in the summer months, too. Make a reservation in advance if you want to explore Milos with one of these fun adventure vehicles!

Milos Plaka Greece

7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Plaka Milos

1. Colorful Streets of Plaka Milos

The first thing you will notice when arriving in Milos Plaka is the beautiful streets. The narrow passageways wind their way up the hill elegantly towards the Plaka Castle.

It may be hard to believe… But the colorful doors and balconies are honestly every bit as pretty as old town in Mykonos or even the world-famous Oia Santorini!

Don’t get us wrong, the town is definitely small. Still, it’s easy to get lost wandering around the streets of this beautiful ancient village. Take your time to explore Plaka in Milos Greece on foot, stroll in and out of the shops, and grab a Greek coffee at a local cafe. 

Plaka Greece

2. Best Viewpoint on Milos Island

Plaka is not only the capital of this island in the Cyclades but also serves as one of its highest viewpoints. This means you can see the village and Plaka Castle from many different places around Milos. 

With each step up into the town, you’ll have a better look at the island, the rolling hills, and the sparkling ocean below. The views are truly amazing atop Milos Plaka!

Milos Plaka View

3. Hike to the Ancient Plaka Castle

Sitting high above Milos Plaka is the crown jewel of the island. Here you’ll find ruins of an old Venetian fortress built in the 13th century. Its location was crucial in defending the island from pirates and other attacks!

The Venetian rule would last all the way until the invasion of Turkish forces in 1699. However, the Venetians would leave their mark (as in many places in the Cyclades) on Milos setting up churches and agriculture in the town. 

The hike up to Plaka Castle will take about 20 minutes from the town center and it’s so worth it! It’s best to avoid this during the middle of the day as the sun on Milos can be overwhelming in the summer.

Ancient Plaka Castle

4. Milos Plaka Churches

Like many Greek mountain towns, there are some very beautiful churches around Plaka Milos. The most elevated is Mesa Panagia which is right underneath the Plaka Castle. This small church was unfortunately destroyed by the Germans in WWII and rebuilt in 1944.

There are also two magnificent 19th-century churches worth seeing in Plaka Milos Greece. Panagia Korfiatissa and Panagia Thalassitra are perfect examples of Cyclidic architecture from this historical period. Make sure to spend some time admiring these churches on your visit to Plaka Milos!

Plaka Milos Church

5. Enjoy a Traditional Greek Meal 

We hope you’re hungry because Plaka Milos has some great local restaurants! Food lovers will be happy to know the entire town is very traditional and so is the cooking.

One of our absolute favorites is Phatses which is on the hill going up into the village. The colorful setting in the main square is something out of a fairytale and it’s not far from the bus stop. This makes it perfect for an afternoon snack or drinks before heading back to Adamas.

Also, check out Avli-Milos and Mavros Xoiros which are two of the best restaurants inside Milos Plaka. Utopia Cafe is a favorite for travelers to watch the sunset and there are some amazing places to eat in nearby Trypiti village as well.

Plaka Milos Restaurant

6. Plaka Milos Museums

If you’d like to learn more about the island after seeing Plaka Castle we highly recommend stopping at one of the museums. For such a small Greek village Plaka certainly has a lot of them! 

Below we listed some of the most informative museums including the fantastic Archeological Museum. It’s honestly hard to believe how many centuries humans have been living on Milos.

  • Folklore Museum
  • Plaka War Museum
  • Archeological Museum of Milos
  • The Sand Museum

→ Prefer a guided trip on Milos?? Book an Archaeology & Culture tour that includes Plaka with other awesome sights.

Plaka Milos Greece

7. Sunset from Milos Plaka

Lastly, one of the most fun reasons to visit Plaka Milos is the magical sunset. I mean did you really think we would leave this out?? As the highest sitting village on the island, you won’t want to miss the end of the day here!

We recommend grabbing some dinner and drinks and then heading up to Plaka Castle for golden hour. The views over Milos Island as the colors change in the sky are truly something to behold! 

Have any questions on Plaka in Milos Greece or want to share your own tips for visiting this traditional village? Leave us a comment below.

Safe Travels,
Brigitte & Jake

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Plaka Milos

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