Mainland Greece

Heading to the Greek mainland? Then you’ve come to the right place! This is where you can find all our mainland Greece tips, helpful guides, and favorite destinations. 

If you’ve been following us for the last few years, you know we’ve spent a ton of time in the Greek islands. Slowly but surely though, we have been making our way around beautiful mainland Greece! 

Most travelers will fly into the capital of Athens to start their Greece journey. From there, you can rent a car or utilize the trains and buses to get around. 

On our most recent visit to the Greek mainland, we took a road trip through the Peloponnese region. Here we explored the town of Monemvasia, went to endless beautiful beaches, and tasted our way around the coastline.

Our mainland Greece travels have also taken us to the magical monasteries of Meteora, Ioannina Lake, and Parga on the western coast.

Check out all our articles below for awesome Greece mainland tips, and to read all about our experiences. 

Mainland Greece tips

Money: The Euro is used throughout Greece.

Location: Greece is located in Southeastern Europe. It borders Albania, Bulgaria, Turkey, and North Macedonia.

Language: Greek is the official language of the country.

Seasons: The most popular time to visit is during the warm summer months. This is when you can take advantage of the stunning beaches, islands, and outdoor activities.

A theme you’ll see throughout our Mainland Greece travel blogs is how much we love being here during shoulder season. By visiting outside the peak months of July and August, you’ll find fewer crowds and still pleasant temperatures.

What to Eat & Drink: Greek cuisine is so delicious! It features a great mix of seafood and hearty meat dishes, with an abundance of sweet treats to enjoy on your Greece Mainland vacation. The country plays host to a number of great beers and wines, and you can try the local liquors of Ouzo and Raki as well.