Gytheio Greece: Don’t Miss This Colorful Seaside Town!

Gytheio Greece

Gytheio is a beautiful small seaside village that you’ve probably never heard of before. Yet, we would find it was the perfect one night stop on our Peloponnese road trip! Set along the winding coastline of the southern Greece, we spent a night in Gytheio and had a blast! Here’s all about Dimitrios Shipwreck on Selinitsa Beach, the Lighthouse, local food, and more fun things to do in Gytheio Greece.

How to Get to Gytheio Greece 

As we mentioned, our stop in Gytheio was part of a larger road trip that we did through the Peloponnese region. If you are planning to visiting Gytheio Greece your best option will be to rent a car from either Athens or Kalamata. 

Obviously, this depends on your flights and itinerary! Athens might seem like the best option and if you are traveling from the United States or other far away countries.

However, as the region of Peloponnese has grown in popularity, Kalamata has started running direct flights from many major cities in Europe. 

We always use the same company to find the best deal while traveling abroad. For a 2 week Greece road trip we paid just $125 Euros. This was actually more because we wanted an automatic car, so know that you can find even cheaper during May. 

How to get to Gytheio Greece

Dimitrios Shipwreck on Selinitsa Beach

Like many things in Gytheio, this was something we never expected to see! The massive Dimitrios Shipwreck sits on Selinitsa Beach just outside of town. 

When you think of a shipwreck in Greece, the most famous one on the island of Zakynthos may come to mind. Yet, there is actually another interesting one in the Peloponnese! 

Now legends have been told about it being a ghost ship. The truth though is actually much more simple. In December of 1980, the captain had to stop in Gytheio to be treated for a serious illness.

It then stayed there and slowly fell into disrepair. In the following year, it would be swept away a few kilometers down the coast to Selinitsa Beach where it sits today.

You can park at Selinitsa Beach and take a quick stroll down the sand to get up close to the wreck. While what is left of the boat is covered in graffiti, the colors actually give it a unique and amazing look.  

Just be warned that you don’t want to swim directly near Dimitrios Shipwreck. We were told that the water is contaminated due to the boat deteriorating in the water for so many years. So if you’re going to get in the water at Selinitsa Beach, make sure to keep your distance.

Shipwreck Dimitrios

Shipwreck Near Gytheio

Lighthouse of Gytheio Greece

As we mentioned, we only had one night in Gytheio and wanted to make the most of our visit. We dropped our bags at the hotel as we arrived a couple hours too early to check in. From there, we decided to walk along the harbor to the lighthouse of Gytheio.

This is the perfect thing to do to get a beautiful view of the town. As you walk out towards the small peninsula where the lighthouse is, the views looking back on the colorful buildings of Gytheio are mesmerizing.

Even though we were on mainland, the vibrant town colors actually reminded us of the island of Symi! There is a small path heading out towards to the Lighthouse of Gytheio that takes you to the very end. You will also find an ancient church to see on the way.

In total, you won’t need more than an hour to see this part of town so it’s more than worth it. If you love history, there’s also a 1st century Roman amphitheater on the opposite side of town.

Gytheio in Greece

Gytheio Lunch at Taverna 90 Moires 

After our stroll out to the Lighthouse of Gytheio it was time for a delicious seafood lunch. The first thing we noticed about the restaurant was the octopus hanging from a small rope in the sun.

This is something we have only seen before in one of our favorite villages on Paros called Naousa. Needless to say, we were sold!

After sitting down at 90 Moires we could quickly tell we made the right decision. The restaurant has a great seaside vibe and it was packed full of locals and tourists alike for lunch.

It’s truly impossible to order light in Greece as we always want to try a little of everything. We started with a Greek salad, fava bean dip, and taramosalata. Then for our main dishes tried grilled octopus and a mixed seafood platter!

This was just the type of  long and leisurely meal we’ve learned to love in Greece with no one in a rush to go anywhere. After eating we walked back along the harbor and stopped into a local Pasteli shop. 

90 Moires Gytheio

90 Moires Gytheio Greece

Gytheio Greece 90 Moires

Pasteli Manolakos 

This small shop has been open since 1902 which means they have been making Pasteli treats for over 120 years!

The tradition of Pasteli making has been passed down through the same family through generations. It is produced in a nearby factory and sold at at their family shop in town (location) as well as around Greece.

We loved learning about the process of Pasteli making and getting to taste the honey and sesame snacks. If you are looking for any treats to send back to friends or family then this is the perfect spot to stock up! 

Pasteli Manolakos

Las Hotel and Spa in Gytheio Greece

For our one night in Gytheio we stayed at Las Hotel and Spa. This unique accommodation stands out from the rest of the hotels in town as it is extremely modern and stylish.

Upon checking in, we were even upgraded to a large suite which had a beautiful view of the harbor and town. There was a welcome bottle of wine, espresso machine, and snacks to enjoy as well. 

We noticed right away that Las Hotel and Spa uses coco-mat which is a high end luxury bedding. Our afternoon was spent relaxing and taking in the views, sipping on a chilled bottle of white wine, and soaking in the stunning Greek village. If you’re visiting in the summer also don’t miss out on the rooftop pool! 

Las Hotel and Spa Gytheio

Las Hotel and Spa Gytheio Pool

Dinner at 360 Roof Garden Gytheio

After a full day in Gytheio we went to grab dinner at the hotel restaurant on the rooftop. The view of Gytheio was amazing and the roof garden had panoramic views of the town for sunset.

The menu is a mix of Greek, Italian, and American cuisine. To start we split a salad and pizza, then ordered a delicious steak for our main. If possible, make sure to save room for dessert! They have a mouthwatering chocolate cake and the crème brulée will be a tasty end to your evening.

Our dinner included a live music show and we enjoyed a glass of red wine from the area. This experience in Gytheio was completely different from the night at more historic-style hotel in Monemvasia. Still, both were fun and special in their own way! 

360 Roof Garden Gytheio

Is Gytheio Greece Worth Visiting?

Yes! We absolutely loved our visit to Gytheio. From exploring Dimitrios Shipwreck at Selinitsa Beach to the Lighthouse and our fresh seafood lunch, this was the perfect stop on our Peloponnese road trip.

It’s just small enough for a day trip, but there is also enough to do where you can spend the night or even a couple of days. If you are passing through this region of Greece and looking for a colorful seaside village, this is the spot for you! 

Make sure to explore all our Greece articles to help plan your next trip! We cover everything from general travel tips to the mainland and amazing islands such as Santorini, Paros, Rhodes, Karpathos, Crete, Milos & more!

Gytheio Village

Have any questions on this article or want to share your own experience in Gytheio Greece? Leave us a comment below!

Safe Travels,
Brigitte & Jake

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Gytheio Town

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