Planning a trip to Vermont? This is where you can find the best Vermont travel tips, fun vacation guides, and read all about our own experiences.

Jake actually grew up in Vermont just minutes away from the city of Burlington. We still make regular trips back to visit family and to enjoy the amazing outdoor activities of the Green Mountain State. 

For your first visit we recommend staying in Burlington, exploring Church Street, and taking a bicycle ride around Lake Champlain. From here, it’s easy to get to beautiful towns like Stowe, Shelburne, and Malletts Bay.

On our last Vermont trip we made a stop in the charming town of Woodstock. We even made a visit to the Shelburne Museum and hiked Mount Philo for a stunning view!

The best part about Vermont is you can enjoy all four seasons. The warm months of summer are great, but the real fun comes in the fall and winter.

This is when you’ll see the leaves change colors and can hit the ski slopes around the state. Check out all our Vermont guides for fun tips, and to follow our upcoming adventures!

      Vermont Travel Tips

Money: The US Dollar is used throughout the United States.

Location: Vermont is located in New England in the northeast USA. It borders Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, and Canada.

Seasons: The weather can be dramatically different depending on when you plan your Vermont vacation. Be sure to book your rental cars and hotels far in advance if you’re visiting during the fall foliage season.

Summer is a fantastic time to enjoy the lakes and ponds, and there are dozens of great ski resorts open in the winter.

What to Eat & Drink: Vermont has a great food scene that every traveler will love. It’s the home of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, maple syrup, and has an abundance of delicious comfort food.