Greece Tips

Need help planning your next Greece vacation? Then you’ve come to the right place! This is where you can find all our Greece tips, travel blogs, fun guides, and general info. 

We’ve now been to over 20 Greek islands, and taken many exciting road trips through the vast mainland. During these adventures, we have had the opportunity to take every type of transportation around Greece.

Consider renting a car from Athens to see amazing historical sites like Meteora Monasteries. What about a one week road trip through gorgeous Peloponnese region? There are also very cheap domestic flights around the country with airlines like Aegean and Sky Express. 

With that said, our favorite way to travel is by using the Greek ferries. We’ve written extensive Greece travel guides breaking down practically every ferry line

Check out our Greece travel blogs for all the information you need before your visit. Whether you’re heading to the popular islands or some of the lesser-known destinations, we got you covered!

   Greece Tips & Info

Money: The Euro is used throughout Greece.

Location: Greece is located in Southeastern Europe. It borders Albania, Bulgaria, Turkey, and North Macedonia.

Language: Greek is the official language of the country.

Seasons: The most popular time to visit is during the warm summer months. This is when you can take advantage of the stunning beaches, islands, and outdoor activities.

A theme you’ll see throughout our Greece travel blogs is how much we love being here during shoulder season. Going to Greece just outside of the peak months of July and August is especially important if you’re heading to world-famous islands like Santorini.

What to Eat & Drink: Greek cuisine is so delicious! It features a great mix of seafood and hearty meat dishes, with an abundance of sweet treats to enjoy on your Greece vacation. The country plays host to a number of great beers and wines, and you can try the local liquors of Ouzo and Raki as well.