Is Aegean Airlines the Best in Greece? Our Honest Flight Review

Aegean Airlines

Planning a trip to Greece? Then you’ve likely already come across an Aegean Airlines flight! Aegean Air is the largest airline in Greece and the country’s flagship carrier. Boasting both domestic and international flights, we recently flew with them from Croatia to Athens to start our one month Europe trip. Here’s our Aegean Airlines review, helpful tips, and all about our experience. 

Our Aegean Airlines Review

What is Aegean Airlines?

Aegean is 4-star airline and the largest in Greece. They have a massive network of flights that travel to over 100 destinations worldwide. Although we typically fly with them domestically in Greece, you will find affordable flights throughout Europe.

Aegean is known as the top of the line Greek carrier so don’t be surprised when you see them as your first option when booking a flight. They’re also part of the star alliance which can definitely help you get from place to place hassle free.

We’ve flown with Aegean Airlines often when getting from Athens airport to the beautiful islands of Greece. Hopefully, this travel experience can help you decide if the company is right for your next vacation.

What is Aegean Airlines

Is Aegean Airlines a Budget Airline? 

Not exactly! While Aegean Air is not technically considered a budget company, we’ve regularly found great prices traveling throughout Greece.

The best thing you can do is book your Aegean Airlines flight in advance to find the best rates. You will also find the lowest prices with all Greek airlines if you plan your travels during the swing or off-season. 

One thing we always do is take advantage of their low fare calendar view. It allows you to see the different prices over the entire month so you can pick the cheapest dates.

Also, be sure to check out their sister company Olympic Air. Depending on your route, Olympic may have better prices than actually flying with Aegean Airlines.

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Aegean Airlines Review

Booking Our Aegean Airlines Flight 

After spending a month in the small town of Trogir Croatia we had 3 awesome days in Split Old Town before our flight to Athens. We flew with Aegean Airlines because they offered the best value with a direct route to the capital of Greece. Know that no matter where your final destination is in Greece, you will likely be flying through Athens to get there.

We booked a one-way economy class ticket with their flex seating option. This allowed us both an 8kg carry on and one small piece of hand luggage to go under the seat. Don’t worry! We will go over all the Aegean Airlines seating and baggage rules in the next section. 

Skyscanner is one of the best internet sites to find flights. Honestly, it’s the first place we search every time when planning a trip.

Once you’ve decided on a route it allows you to filter through every airline to find the cheapest fare. Even if you don’t know exactly where you’re going, the “search everywhere” option can be a great way to formulate ideas! 

When you get to the last stages of booking make sure to go directly through the company’s website. This will be one of the options on Skyscanner, but they offer third parties to book through as well. We highly recommend paying through Aegean Airlines to avoid any issues. 

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Aegean Airlines Flight

Is Aegean Airlines Strict With Carry-On?

When looking into prices with any European airline, you should definitely consider the baggage cost. So often, we’ve found a cheap flight with a company like Ryan Air… Only to see the cost was double after adding our carry-ons!

Unless you’re springing for business class, you will have two options to book on Aegean Airlines. With an Economy Light ticket, you will only be allowed one 8kg bag to go overhead. However, for most travelers heading out on vacation to Greece, you may need additional baggage.

It’s important to note that whatever you choose comes with an in-air snack and a drink. The Economy Flex and ComfortFlex also include unlimited ticket changes without charge.

Unfortunately, last minute changes with the Economy Light tickets are 40 Euros extra cost to change. Here is a breakdown of the three baggage options with Aegean Airlines:

Economy Light: One carry on bag to put overhead up to 8kg.

Economy Flex: One 8kg overhead carry on and one piece of hand luggage to go under the seat. 

Economy ComfortFlex: 8kg carry on, an under seat item, and one checked bag up to 23kg. Also, comes with upfront seat selection and free wi-fi on board. 

Aegean Airlines Carryon

Checking in For Our Aegean Airlines Flight 

We arrived at Split Airport in Croatia very early and the check-in counter didn’t open until 2 hours before departure. As we waited patiently, we noticed a line started to form once it got closer to the opening time. With that, we got in the queue and started the check-in process.

It went very smoothly from start to finish and we were off to security quickly. After getting through to the main terminal we headed to the lounge before our flight. We love being a member of Priority Pass as it gives us access to airport lounges around the world.

Something we highly recommend in our Aegean Airlines review is utilizing the Aegean app. If you’re not checking a bag you can simply skip the check-in counter, and head right to the gates with your mobile boarding pass! It’s also the best way to get real-time flight updates with emails or texts being sent to you with any flight changes.

Checking in For Our Aegean Airlines

Aegean Airlines Flight Reviews

In-Air Service with Aegean Airlines

The first time we flew with Aegean Airlines was at the beginning stages of our love affair with Greece. 5 years has no passed, and we have been returning to the country every year to experience the vast mainland and endless island chains. We remembered the airline fondly for its great service and countless routes throughout Greece.

You’ll be happy to know, this Aegean Airlines flight went off without a hitch just as the others have! With a travel time of just one hour and 30 minutes we actually didn’t have much time in-air from Split to Athens. 

We loved getting a little Greek snack and soda as soon as we reached cruising altitude. With such a short flight on most airlines you won’t even get water. Hot meals or alcoholic drinks will cost extra.

These little things like free snacks and water (along with their great service) can go a long way to creating a great personal experience. It definitely played a part in this Aegean Airlines review!

Aegean Airlines Food

Aegean Airlines Drinks

Aegean Airlines Service

Using Aegean Air to Fly in Greece

As we’ve mentioned, we have spent a lot of time traveling in Greece over the past few years. Typically, once we make it to the Greek islands we will use the efficient ferry system to get around. We even took a Celestyal Cruise this summer and hit 6 different destinations at once!

Still, there are many times when flying has been a much better option. Depending on the time of year (and even the exact day of travel), it may be cheaper to hop on a direct flight from Athens International Airport straight to the island of your choice. 

We understand you may be on a tight budget on your Greece travels. Just remember not to rule out Aegean Airlines flights! Flying can sometimes save both time and money and ensure a good experience in Greece.

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Aegean Airlines Flight Review

Aegean Airlines Review: Is It the Best Airline in Greece?

Yes. From our experience, the other Greek companies don’t come close to what you get with Aegean Air. Aegean Airlines is a company we’ve flown with several times now and we would never hesitate to book with. Whether it’s for short trips to the islands or long-haul flights from other destinations in Europe, we’ve always had a great experience flying with Aegean! 

There are many other Greek airlines available such as Olympic, Ellinair, and Bluebaird Airways. We also recently flew with Sky Express to get from Athens to beautiful Karpathos Island. Our latest flight with Aegean Air only solidified the fact that it’s one of the best companies to use on your next holiday to Greece. 

Best Aegean Airlines Review

Have any questions about our Aegean Airlines Review or want to share your own advice for flying in Greece? Let us know in the comments below. 

Safe Travels,
Brigitte & Jake

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