NYC to London: Is This $175 Norse Air Flight Too Good to be True?

NYC to London Norse Air Review

We know what you’re probably thinking… A $175 flight from NYC to London?? That’s too good to be true! Honestly, we thought the same thing when we saw Norse Atlantic Airways spring sale from New York. With London being a massive international hub, we knew we could easily get onward to our final destination afterward. Here’s what to know about this cheap flight from NYC to London and all about our experience in Norse Economy Class.

Booking Our NYC to London Flight

Some of the most popular airlines that fly direct from New York to London are British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, American Airlines, JetBlue Airways, and Aer Lingus. Just not for this price! This was actually our second time flying with Norse Atlantic Airways. The first was in Premium Economy seating after returning from an epic Norway road trip.

We had a really great trip with Norse the first time around which you can read more about here. For this reason, we didn’t hesitate when we saw they offered cheapest flight for our route to Europe on Skyscanner. This also allowed us to compare the two non-stop flights and see the difference between Economy and Premium Economy seating.

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Amazing Deals with Norse Atlantic Airways

With the best prices, Norse Airlines will easily get your attention. To the point that their deals from the United States to Europe are almost unbelievable! This journey would take us from New York John F. Kennedy International Airport to London Gatwick Airport towards the end of March.

The cost of our tickets were $175 each and included all airport taxes and fees. In comparison, we had just paid almost double that for a domestic flight in the U.S. from New York to Houston. So as you can imagine, we more than happy with this cheap flight from NYC to London.

After a quick check we saw there were several onward London flights on the same day with Eurowings to get us to Croatia. We happily booked our flights and imagined what we would do with all the money we saved! You can read more about our European flight carrier below. 

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NYC to London Flight

Economy Class vs Premium Economy

With Norse Atlantic Airways New York there are two different cabins. As we mentioned, we flew Premium Economy on our trip back from Norway to New York City last year. It was just after the airlines maiden flight and we were happy to try out the new low-cost carrier.

So what exactly is Premium Economy seating? Well, it’s actually really comfortable! The seats are larger, they recline more, and there is a small footrest you can put up. There are also things included with your tickets such as baggage and meals so you don’t have to add any extras.

The one thing that we really like about Norse Atlantic Airways is that you get exactly what you pay for. With both Economy and Premium Economy, there are three different ticket levels. This way you can pick what you need and what you don’t.

Norse Air Premium Economy

Economy Light Additional Baggage Fees

Before we go any further you should know we didn’t book the cheapest ticket possible from NYC to London. There were a few days that the London route was less by $10-30. However, this was still the cheapest time and date wise which worked for our plans.

We chose Economy Light because we wanted to really keep our costs down. With this trip, it wasn’t important for us to have a meal, checked baggage, or a change fee. Since it was an overnight red eye with a flight duration of only 7 hours, food and optional add ons weren’t as necessary.

One thing to point out is that it doesn’t matter if you book Economy Light like we did initially. If you do need extra items you are able to add them to your booking after.

For example, we were making the trip from NYC to London to start 3 months of traveling through Europe. With Economy Light we only had one under-seat bag included in the price. Instead of paying for a higher ticket level we just added carry-on baggage to our booking later on. This did bring our entire trip cost to just over $200, but we were still more than happy with the price we paid.

Norse Atlantic Airways New York Baggage

Checking In For Our NYC to London Flight

After an almost 5 hour drive from Massachusetts, we were happy to finally to make it to JFK. It was time to check in for our flight and get the trip started! Arriving 3 hours early, the check in line was already full but moved quickly.

At the counter it was clear to see that the employees were asking travelers to show that their bags fit into the correct carry-on containers that they booked. One was set up where you could check your bags before getting in line, and another was near the actual check in desks. 

Seeing everyone put their luggage into the small displays was actually quite funny because it caused the entire line to get nervous. Really, it’s as simple as you get what you pay for. When booking cheap flights like this it isn’t much more expensive to add a carry-on bag instead of a checked bag.

Still, make sure to add on the baggage you need in advance! There is a high charge if you wait 24 hours before, with it being even more expensive to purchase additional baggage at the airport. This can quickly turn one of the best deals we’ve ever seen into something slightly more costly.

Remember that you also can’t change your seat without incurring a different fare. We asked about switching from a window to an aisle seat within the Economy Class. However, we were told once our seats were automatically assigned at check-in we would have to be charged to change. This wasn’t a big deal just something to be aware of! If there is a certain seat you need (window, aisle, etc…) pre-book it in advance.

NYC to London Flight Norse

Boarding Our New York to London Norse Air Flight

After getting through security we made our way over to our gate, but knew that we had some time before taking off. As full time travelers, we always take advantage of our Priority Pass clubs when at the airport. This is a membership that we have through our Chase Sapphire credit card which gives us access to different lounges around the world.

We spent our pre-flight time in the Turkish Airlines Lounge which was located just next to our New York JFK departure gate. The only mishap that we had when traveling with Norse Air is well… We almost missed our flight! Originally, we went to our gate at the proper boarding time but the flight was delayed for what we were told would be 45 minutes.

Returning to the lounge, we checked the airport monitor for any updates. Yet, it just continued to say nothing about boarding for the next 30 minutes. Not long after, a representative from Norse Air came through the lounge asking if anyone was on the NYC to London flight. There were 10 other people in the club who all got up at the same time and went to the gate. To our surprise, the whole flight had already boarded!

We have no idea why the flight board never switched to boarding and it most likely a mistake by JFK Airport and not Norse Air. At that point we were just happy that we made it on the flight and someone informed us that IT WAS in fact boarding!

New York to London JFK Lounge

New York to London Norse Air Flight

NYC to London Norse Air Review

Well, this is going to be one of the funniest flight reviews we’ve done because there is very little to say about it! For frequent travelers though, you know if there is nothing bad to report it’s a good thing! Especially for overnight flights like from NYC to London. We knew that when we arrived in the United Kingdom we would have to transfer airports and make our connection onward to Germany.

One of the reasons we booked the cheapest ticket was not only to save money, but also so we didn’t stay up and wait for the meal service. On these lengthy flights it’s so nice to be able to time it so you can get some sleep. The in-air total flight time from NYC to London was listed as just over 7 hours. 

The seats were leather and had a small headrest which you can pull out to lean against. There isn’t anything like eye masks, blankets, or travel amenities included which is expected for the budget price. If you typically use anything like that on international flights be sure to pack it in your carry-on.

Norse Atlantic Airways Customer Service

Something we wanted to highlight about flying with Norse Atlantic Airways for the second time was how nice everyone is. I had sustained a foot injury prior to this New York to London journey.

While I got the all-clear from my doctor to make the trip, I did have a small boot on. Due to this, multiple flight attendants came up and asked how my foot was and made sure I was feeling comfortable.

Also, when one attendant saw that I was putting on an eye mask on to sleep he asked if I had booked a meal service. When I said no he communicated that he wouldn’t disturb me so I could get some rest. It’s the little things like this that we really appreciate on a transatlantic flight!

NYC to London Norse Air Review

Arriving at the London Airport

Somewhere in the air we had made up the time for the slightly late take-off and arrived just as scheduled. While it was around 6am London time, it was still only 1am back in New York. Needless to say, most passengers looked a little sleepy getting off. The good news is customs was extremely fast this early in the morning at Gatwick.

If you’ve never been to London before know that there are multiple airports. Gatwick is the main airport that Norse fly’s into which meant we had to make the transfer to London Heathrow Airport for our onward flight. Luckily, we had around 6 hours to make our connection!

There is always a risk when booking a trip with a transfer like this, especially when it’s with a different airline. However, it made the most sense for us to be able to get the lowest price.

If you’re making the same transfer we did, the best way is to use the National Express bus. This will take you direct to London Heathrow from Gatwick and even goes to London Stansted Airport as well.

How to Get From London Gatwick to Heathrow Airport by Bus

NYC to London Airport

Would We Book a Cheap Flight From NYC to London Again?

After our second Norse Air experience we are once again very happy with how everything went. We love how the airline is opening more and more new routes to Europe from the USA! With the constant promotions and specials they are running, we will definitely be checking again for the cheapest fares.

When it comes to Economy vs Premium Economy, we actually didn’t mind the lower ticket class. The Economy price was such a good deal we would book it again without a second thought. Still, Premium Economy is more comfortable. Keep in mind it will most likely be drastically cheaper than whatever you pay for the same quality seat on another airline.

Cheap Flight From NYC to London

Final Thoughts on Norse Atlantic Airways New York to London

We loved having the cheapest Economy ticket on our way to Europe. Since we were just starting our travels, it was exciting to have one night in Germany before making our way to Croatia. This gave us just enough time to wander through the Old Town of Düsseldorf and stop into one of the famous Altbier Breweries.

Just to be fair though, when we flew Premium Economy it was returning home after our trip to Norway. Having this seat class felt like we were extending our trip by watching moves, enjoying the meal service, and overall Norse Airways flight.

When it comes down to cost, taking the cheap flight from NYC to London and getting to Croatia cost us around $380 USD each. This includes 3 flights (2 with Eurowings), luggage, and transfers. In comparison, the cheapest flights from NYC to Split Croatia around our travel times were $700+ each. Yes, that’s almost double the cost on a different airline with similar layovers!

While we did have to get a little creative with our flights and transfer partners, the trip with Norse Airways saved us a ton of money. Definitely be sure to include them in your search with the top airlines when booking a ticket from New York to London.

Norse Atlantic Airways New York to London

Have any questions about our Norse Atlantic Airways Economy or want to share your own tips for traveling from NYC to London? Let us know in the comments below!

Safe Travels,
Brigitte & Jake

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NYC to London Review

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