How to Visit Krka National Park in Croatia: Nature Lovers Paradise!

Krka National Park

Krka National Park is one of Croatia’s most beautiful natural attractions! While many head straight for the islands from Split, this is definitely a place not to miss on your trip. Here’s everything you need to know about Krka National Park, from the tickets to the waterfall trail, and more!

How to Get to Krka National Park in Croatia

Most travelers heading to Krka leave from Split, Zadar, or the smaller towns on the stunning Dalmatian Coast. It is a very popular day trip from Split as it’s just over one hour drive from the coastal city.

Zadar is even closer and there is cheap public transportation available from both cities. If you’re coming from Dubrovnik, it will be slightly further at around 3 hours.

We recommend going to Krka National Park from Split at the beginning or tail end of your visit. This is especially convenient if you’re planning on island hopping! You can rent a car right from the airport, explore the national park, and be back in Split by the afternoon.

The other option would be to take an official tour of the National Park. One of the most popular tours actually goes from Split to Krka Croatia, then visits the magical town of Primoลกten before finishing the day.

Just keep in mind that just like Plitvice Lakes National Park, this is a place that gets very busy during the summer months. If you plan to take a tour make sure to book well in advance.

Krka National Park in Croatia

Buying Your Krka National Park Tickets

To save time, you can easily buy your Krka National Park tickets online beforehand. We highly recommend this as there can be a line when you get there.

The cost at the time of our visit was 15 Euros for adults and 11.25 for children or students. Any kids 7 years old or under get into Krka National Park Croatia for free!

There are two ways to enter the park which are from Skradin entrance or Lozovac side. We came through the Lozovac entrance which has free car parking, restaurants, and bathrooms. To get down to the actual waterfalls you’ll have two options which we explain below!

Krka Bus: After buying your Krka National Park tickets line up for the bus. This transport is included as part of your entrance ticket and will take you down to the main entrance. Note that the bus only runs during peak season from April to October and not in the winter months.

Hiking Trail: For the more adventurous, there is a hiking trail from the Lozovac parking lot. It will take you 20-30 minutes to get down to the start of the Krka River trail. Know that it is pretty steep on the way back up. So if you’re not feeling the hike back you can easily jump on the shuttle bus.

Krka National Park Tickets

History of Krka Croatia

The area around the Krka River is full of amazing historical monuments with humans living here since pre-historic times. You will find everything from Roman ruins to 14th century medieval fortresses at Krka National Park in Croatia!

At the entrance to the waterfall trail is a small museum displaying the quick history of Krka. Here we learned how the Croatians had utilized water power from the Krka River to their advantage. Starting at the end of the 19th century, water power was used to fuel Croatia’s first hydroelectric power plants.

In 1895, the first alternating electrical power system in Croatia was put into use right here! Unbelievably, the hydroelectric power plant is the 2nd oldest in the world after Niagara Falls which opened just 2 days earlier.

This allowed nearby Sibenik to be the first town in the world with electric lighting. They owe this to the famous inventor Nikola Tesla who we found out was of Croatian descent. Crazy right??

Also, be sure to check out the pre-industrial water mills at Krka National Park in Croatia. Demonstrations are held during the peak months where you can see how wheat was milled, cloth was woven, and old fashioned Croatian cooking methods.

Krka Croatia

Nature Lovers Paradise Inside Krka National Park

Nature lovers rejoice! There is an abundance of wildlife to experience on a Krka National Park tour. In particular, it’s known as a bird watchers paradise with over 221 species found here. Definitely keep your eye out for the peregrine falcon and golden eagle while walking between the waterfalls.

There are also plenty of fish in the Krka River, reptiles, and amphibians that call this beautiful place their home. Some interesting mammals that roam through Krka Croatia are horseshoe bats, wolves, snakes, wild boars, and badgers. Thankfully, we didn’t come across anything dangerous on our visit!

Krka National Park Croatia

Krka National Park Overwater Walking Trail

One of the best things about Krka National Park is its wooden walkway. The path serves as a bridge over the Krka River taking you between all the amazing waterfalls.

Although there are guided tours of Krka Croatia available, it’s easy enough to simply walk around and take in the sights yourself. We loved reading the informational signs about the park and seeing all the fish swimming beneath the bridge.

In total, it took us about 2 hours to make the 2km loop on the wooden pathway. It was a little chilly on the day we went as it was early April. Yet, we didn’t mind this at all as we beat the high-season crowds.

Keep in mind this is just the main walking path. There are an astounding 22 walking trails and 470 km of cycling paths inside Krka National Park! You could easily spend a full day visiting here and then exploring some of the surrounding coastal towns.

Some people even camp in the parking lot so they can visit the park for multiple days. The flat paths and moderate hiking trails also make it an awesome place to experience with kids on your Croatia itinerary.

Krka National Park Walking Trail

Best Lookouts and Viewpoints 

About half way through the walk you will see several trails that head off of the main wooden walkway and venture into the woods. Make sure not to miss these paths because they have amazing views of Krka National Park and the main waterfalls.

It isn’t far and the paths will circle you around back to the main trail. One of our personal favorites overlooks the bridge that crosses Skradinski Buk waterfall.

Krka Croatia Waterfall

Krka Waterfall Walk

The Magical Krka Waterfalls 

Inside Krka National Park in Croatia are 17 stunning waterfalls. The most popular is the majestic Skradinski Buk, which showcases the natural beauty of the country. You may have seen images of it when planning your trip to Croatia as it’s one of its most famous attractions.

We couldn’t believe it, but you actually used to be able to swim at Skradinski Buk falls! Unfortunately, it is restricted as of 2021. Still, it’s more than worth a visit to see this spectacular feat of nature.

The Roski slap waterfall is also impressive, along with numerous others you’ll see on your walk. It almost seemed like around every corner there was a new waterfall to see in Krka Croatia.

The thing that really blew our minds was the colors at Krka National Park. The clear waters of the river are such a wild shade of blue and green that it feels like you’re exploring a different planet.

Take your time viewing the plant species, waterfalls, and different areas… Your Krka National Park tickets are good for the entire day!

Magical Krka Waterfalls 

Krka National Park Skradinski Buk

Waterfalls at Krka National Park

Snack Area at Skradinski Buk

Once you make it to Skradinski Buk waterfall you’re at the end of the main trail. This is where many people take a rest at the picnic tables and grab a bite to eat at one of the food stalls. You can bring your own lunch or buy something from the stands.

They also serve delicious Croatian beers, which many hikers were indulging in even at 11am! From the snack area you will need to climb up a set of stairs to another viewpoint, and then head back to the bus station.

Krka Waterfalls Snack Shop 

Krka Boat Excursion

Another fun experience in Krka National Park Croatia is taking a boat trip to โ€Visovac island. For an extra cost you can take the short boat ride to visit the small island of Visovac.

This way you can tour the museum and see the Franciscan Monastery of Our Lady Mercy which was built in 1445. We didn’t have time for this but it’s at the top of our list for our next trip to Krka!

Krka National Park Boat Trip

Have any questions about this article our want to share the experience from your own Krka day trip? Leave us a comment below!

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  1. Tuija Willems
    March 27, 2024 / 3:12 am

    I have also difficulties to walk . Which port is better entrance Buk or Lozovac for me? I will take the bus from Sibenik and i’m travelling alone.

    • Brigitte & Jake
      March 27, 2024 / 3:41 am

      Hello Tuija,

      Sorry, but we’re not sure and don’t want to give you the wrong answer here. You should try and reach out to the park services and see what they recommend. I’m sure they’d be happy to help! Have a great trip.

  2. Janet
    November 15, 2023 / 4:32 pm

    Please could you give some idea on possibilities for someone who is unable to walk very far in Krka? Many thanks

    • Brigitte & Jake
      November 16, 2023 / 3:50 am

      Hi Janet. Once you take the bus down you can head straight for the cafes/overlook. Here you can get a beautiful view of the park without doing the entire loop. Depending on your ability you may want to ask for assistance once you get to the park. Hope that helps!

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