15 Bol Croatia Tips For the Charming Island Town

Get Familiar with Bol Croatia

After getting our first taste in the northern islands of Croatia, we were beyond excited to hit the south. Our journey started with a bus from Zadar to Split. From there, we wasted no time jumping on a ferry to Bol Croatia! We decided on visiting Bol Old Town first because of its reputation for a relaxing and laid back atmosphere. It ended up being an amazing alternative to the more touristy islands, with stunning beaches and world class seafood. Here’s what to do in Bol, where to eat, and all our favorite swimming spots!

Bol Croatia Travel Tips

Location: Brac Island, Croatia
Official Language: Croatian
Currency: Euro
How Long to Visit: 2+ Days (But we would happily stay for 2 weeks!)
Closest Airport: Brač Airport BWK or Split Airport SPU
Best Time to Visit Bol: June & September for Shoulder Season July & August for High Season

First Impression: Pulling up in our ferry to Bol we had no idea what to expect. However, what looked like a sleepy little island village ended up being full of life and culture.

The first thing we noticed was the hillside with houses overlooking the stunning Adriatic Sea. After a short hike we entered our apartment rental to find WE HAD that spectacular view! That’s when we knew Bol Croatia was perfect for us.

Bol Croatia Travel Guide

15 Bol Croatia Tips & What to Do

1. Arrive by Ferry

There is an airport on the island, but the much cheaper way is to take the ferry when visiting Bol. The route that connects Bol starts in Split, stops quickly in Bol, then continues on to Hvar. 

You can also visit other towns on Brac such as Supetar and Milna using this same line. Check our complete guide to using the Split to Brac ferry here.

One Bol Croatia travel tip to be aware of is that there is also a separate ferry that cuts directly across the ocean to the small town of Jelsa on Hvar. This is not to be confused with the popular port of Hvar as Jelsa is about a 30 minute drive.

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Bol Croatia Ferry Port

2. Stay in Bol Old Town

As we mentioned in our first impression of Bol Croatia, we were able to rent an Airbnb pretty easily in Bol Old Town. For just $30 USD per night, we got a one bedroom apartment overlooking Bol. We did have a short hike to our apartment, but it was totally worth it for the view!

Since Bol Old Town is so small there aren’t many hotel options. So if you like the rental style of housing it should be perfect for you. If you do choose to stay outside of the town center be aware that you may be cooking for yourself!

3. Eat Local Seafood

Since we’re on the topic of eating… Make sure to try some delicious seafood in Bol! While this goes for all of Croatia, we would definitely recommend more it in the smaller local island villages.

Food options are kind of limited in Bol especially during the offseason. Nevertheless, the restaurants they do have serve up a local catch of the day proudly for you to enjoy.

Seaside Restaurant

4. Drink Wine From Bol Croatia

That is unless you visit Bol at the end of the season like we did. By late September all the wine made on the island had been SOLD OUT! We were told that the demand for it had been so much higher than in past years that they hadn’t produced enough.

Don’t worry though. We’re sure they will amp up production soon, and you’ll be able to sample it year round. You can also try an equally delicious Croatian Beer, or imported wines from the mainland.

Croatian Wine

5. Explore Bol Old Town by Foot

Bol is 100% a walking village. From when you get off the ferry to Bol to walking down to Golden Horn Beach, any and all strolling along the harbor will be done by foot.

Unless you are renting a motorbike or dune buggy to travel around the island there will really be no reason for you to ever need any other form of transportation. This is the way island life was intended to be!

Adriatic Sea Over Red Roofs

6. Relax on the Bol Croatia Beaches

Okay you’ve made it to paradise. It’s time enjoy yourself! The best place to chill out and forget all your worries is one of the many beautiful Bol Croatia beaches. Grab a drink, set up your chair, and take in the atmosphere of one of Croatia’s best kept secrets.

The green mountainsides are filled with lush trees and plants, giving a tropical feel to this mediterranean gem. The way the nature of Bol blends in with the Adriatic Sea is mesmerizing, and makes it unique from some of the other Croatian islands. If you need some peace and relaxation Bol Croatia is the place for you.

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Visting Bol Croatia

7. Visit The Dominican Monastery

When looking for what to do in Bol, you’ll find plenty of history to explore! This 15th century church has been a part of the community in Bol for hundreds of years, and still retains its beauty till this day.

The Monastery includes paintings and a museum inside with a gorgeous garden and cemetery area on the property.

The Dominican Monastery

8. Hike the Vidova Gora

Be sure to pack your hiking shoes if you’re attempting to reach the highest peak on the island when visiting Bol. Vidova Gora is the mountain that towers over the small harbor village, and is not for anyone looking to go for a casual stroll.

From the town center it will take several hours to make the trek up and back. The road is steep so also pack snacks and water. Still, the views are known to be some of the best on any Croatian island. It’s easily one of the best things to do in Bol Croatia!

9. Go to the Tip of the Golden Horn

Whether Golden Horn beach was the reason you made the trip to Bol or just a welcomed addition, walking out to the tip and taking a photo is a must! When we were visiting Bol it was beyond windy to the point where the wind was picking up ocean mist and raining it over us. 

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Golden Horn Beach - The Best Beach in Bol

10. Watch Sunset at Golden Horn Beach

With where the town of Bol is positioned on Brac island, the only place to watch the sunset is from Golden Horn Beach. It’s more than worth the walk from town as it was one of the most beautiful sunsets we’ve witnessed in all of Croatia.

From the right side of Golden Horn Beach you have a straight on view of the sun as it sets into the ocean. So what’s better then watching it from the pebbly beach? Hop in the water and take in the sunset views!

Golden Horn Sunset

11. Be Careful Of the Weather in Shoulder or Off Season

We went into detail about this in our post island hopping Croatia’s Northern islands. Basically during the swing and off season the ferries can randomly stop running due to the weather. After checking out of our apartment at 10am we were ready to board our ferry.

It wasn’t until 4pm when we went to go buy our ticket that we found out it was canceled due to weather. It seemed like a beautiful day, but if the weather is bad on any part of the ferry route from Dubrovnik to Split it will all be cancelled. One of our best Bol Croatia travel tips is to check in with the local information canter if you have any concern about your ferry tickets.

Visiting Bol Croatia Travel Guide

12. Don’t Miss Out On the Town Bakery

The town bakery in Bol holds a special place in our hearts. Mostly because it was delicious and we ended up eating there twice a day! Just past the Konzum grocery store you take a right and on the left hand side will be the small door entrance.

They have both sweet to savory treats, so we recommend asking what just came out of the oven for the freshest goods. Not only was everything we ate there delicious, but it is also the best value in town. 

Bakery Bol Location

Bol Bakery

13. Hit the Water Park

On the left side of Golden Horn Beach there is a large floating structure that can only be describe as one of the most epic adult playgrounds in the world! It looks large in the photo, and in real life it is just as massive. Equipped with everything from trampolines to swings and slides, this is an awesome way to enjoy the water when visiting Bol.

Visiting Bol Croatia

14. Day Trip Around Bol Croatia

The island of Brac is actually quite large with much to see and do. With that said, Bol really has everything you need for a visit so no one will blame you if you don’t leave.

If you do get restless or want to take in more of the island, exploring the other towns and beaches is a great way to spend the day. From the center of town there are mopeds, cars and dune buggies for rent. Also, if you want a ride in style you can hire a boat from the marina to take you around for the afternoon.

15. Continue On To Hvar or Split

Continuing on the main ferry line you’ll venture on to the coastal hub city of Split, or glamorous island of Hvar. Island hopping is one of the main draws to Croatia so if you have the time we recommend hitting as many as possible. 

Have any questions about our Bol Croatia travel guide, or want to share your own favorite Bol Croatia beaches? Let us know in the comments below!

Safe Travels,
Brigitte & Jake

Where To Stay In Bol Croatia

Ultra Luxury – Balado Residence – When visiting Bol you’ll see it doesn’t have many high end luxury resorts, but Balado Residence has everything you’ll need to feel right at home. Amenities include a swimming pool, on site restaurant, and even bikes to get to Golden Horn Beach!

Fun Vacation – Sea Pearl – Sea Pearl offers modern apartments with beautiful views of the harbor, and is within walking distance of the best beach in Bol! This is a perfect romantic place for couples, and is very close to the ferry port as well.

Budget TravelVilla Ana  – Studio and one bedroom apartments set in a traditional stone building. Balconies overlook the sea and there is a small pool to use on property. 

For more places to stay while visiting Bol you can explore the latest prices here!

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