One Perfect Day Exploring the Famous Port of Hvar Croatia

One Day in Hvar Travel Guide

Hvar is by far the most popular destination out of all the Croatian islands, drawing countless yachts and cruise ships year round. With its close proximity to cities like Split and Dubrovnik, a lot of travelers have time for only one day in Hvar. While this is a beautiful coastal town that you can easily spend a week in, if you only have one day in Hvar don’t worry! Activities such as hiking to the Hvar fortress and taking a swim at one of the many Hvar beaches can easily fit in an afternoon. If you stick to our Hvar Guide below you’ll be sure to leave tired from a full day of fun, and with a new appreciation for Croatia’s most popular island.

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One Day in Hvar Time Table 

9:30am Wander the Streets of Old Town
10:30am Hike to the Hvar Castle
11:30am Tour the Hvar Fortress
12:30pm Back into Town for Lunch
1:30pm Stroll Along the Water
2:30pm Swim at One of the Hvar Beaches
3:30pm Visit the Islands (If you have time)
6:00pm Back in Hvar for Dinner Before Leaving

One Day in Hvar Croatia Travel Guide 

1. Walk the Streets of Old Town

The streets of Hvar are a colorful maze that wind up into the hillside. They have the old feel of a Venice or Florence, but with a new modern look. Even though the streets are tiny, the art, lounge furniture, and tables flow from the bars into the streets.

This creates a fun atmosphere of people hanging out and mingling while enjoying drinks. Hvar town is small enough to explore in one hour, but big enough to bar or cafe hop in all day!

Old Streets of Croatia

2. Hike & Visit the Hvar Fortress

The Hvar Fortress stands proudly over the island, and has since the beginning of the 16th century. The walk up the stairs from the main square is almost as incredible as the view you’ll get from the top!

The path winds up through an herb garden which you can enjoy before reaching Hvar Fortress. Fort Fortica or Spanjola (as the locals call it) is filled with antiques from the Middle Ages, showing life in Hvar town from hundreds of years ago.

Hvar Fortress

3. Enjoy the Restaurants in Hvar Town

The food is quite expensive in comparison to other Croatian Islands, but you’re paying more for the experience in Hvar. As you walk through the streets of old town, music and fun decor from the bars and cafes spill out into the city.

The slender streets are filled with couches and funky chairs giving Hvar town a unique European and island feel. For lunch or dinner, make sure to order seafood as that is what all of the Croatian islands are best known for!

Hvar Town Restaurants

4. Swim At the Hvar Beaches

The Hvar Beaches aren’t what you picture when think of a typical European beach. Yes, that means no sand! However, the setting and clear blue ocean more than makes up for that. At most of these “beaches” you’ll have a ladder into the water from the rocks, and an incredible view of Hvar town.

Take a right out of the main port area and head down the coastline. Once you make it past the many yachts and restaurants keep going around the corner. From here on every 20 feet or so they’ll be paths down to the water and all the Hvar Beaches. Enjoy the beautiful views as you watch the sailboats pass by. If you only have one day in Hvar going swimming in the Adriatic Sea is a must!

Bonj Beach

5. Try A Water Activity 

Like a lot of places on the Adriatic snorkeling and stand up paddle boarding are very popular. With clear calm water both are perfect to try! Stand up paddle boarding can be seen all over the Croatian islands, and particularly here at the Hvar beaches.

When you pull into Hvar town on your ferry you’ll notice how beautiful the architecture and nature is. Due to its abundance of awesome beach bars and docks, you’ll have no problem finding a place to try your favorite outdoor activity.

Water Spots in Croatia

6. Hit the Hvar Party Island

Have a few more hours? Around Hvar town you’ll see many signs advertising boat trips to the nearby smaller islands. These islands are equipped with bars or clubs, and recruit some of the world’s top DJ’s.

Just a quick 10 minute taxi boat ride and you can be partying at places like Carpe Diem Beach on Marinkovac Island. Now if you only have one day in Hvar this can be a little of a stretch. Nonetheless, even if you go for an hour or two it’s worth seeing one of Hvar’s top attractions.

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Hvar Town Travel Guide

No matter what you decide to do in Hvar you’re sure to have a blast! Since it’s so small one day in Hvar is the perfect amount of time to see the town. Have any questions about our Hvar guide, or want to share your own Croatia island stories? Let us know in the comments below!

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Where To Stay In Hvar Croatia

Ultra Luxury – Amfora Hvar Grand Beach Resort – This elegant upscale resort sits just outside the center of town, and offers everything from waterfall swimming pools to oceanside cabanas!

Fun Vacation – Pharos Hvar Hotel – Located only a 2 minute walk from the beach and just outside the city center, this hip hotel is perfect for any vacation.

Hostel Life – ORANGE in Hvar – This cute hostel with a large outdoor sitting area is situated above Hvar and overlooks the city. ORANGE is just outside the craziness of town, and a great place to relax during your visit. Also it is the most budget friendly option in our Hvar guide. 

For more places to stay not mentioned in our Hvar guide you can explore the latest prices here!


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