How to Rent a Scooter in Mali Losinj Croatia: One Day Adventure

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There are many ways to get around Mali Losinj Croatia, but our favorite mode of transportation on any island is always a moped! The actual main town is very developed with shops and cafes which gave us the idea that the rest of the island was easily accessible. However, when we decided to explore Mali Losinj by moped we didn’t really know what we were getting ourselves into. After an afternoon of wrong turns, bumpy roads, and running up hills (because the bike wouldn’t make it) we have a lot of information to share! Hopefully our hectic, but fun day will help you have a slightly smoother experience.

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How to Get Around Losinj Island

When visiting Mali Losinj we chose to explore by moped, but there are a few different options depending on what you’re looking for. Let us now break down the advantages and disadvantages of all options!

Moped: This is typically our favorite way to see any island. We had a great time, but the hills are very steep and the roads can be rough. We highly recommend traveling south from Mali Losinj if you are renting a moped, as the north is a little more bumpy (more about that soon).

Bicycle: To be honest… We wouldn’t suggest a bike at all! Unless you’re renting one to just explore Mali Losinj town and around the peninsula to the right of town. If you are looking to get out of town and see more of the island a normal bike isn’t the best choice.

Electric Bike: A step up from the regular bicycle, we saw quite a few people who chose to get around Mali Losinj this way and it looked fun! Electric bicycles are good for the hills and fast. Disadvantages are really the same as the moped though, and also that it might be hard to take them comfortably south of Mali Losinj town on the main roads with cars.

Car: For a small island there are quite a few car rentals around. Now we don’t typically say this, but it might be the best way to see the island when visiting Mali Losinj. Just because it’s far to Cres if you want to visit both islands, and the roads north of Mali Losinj are not great.

Mali Losinj by Moped 

South of Mali Losinj Croatia

Traveling south of Mali Losinj by moped is a much smoother and safer ride. The roads are paved and you can easily scoot from beach to beach. You will come across a few restaurants and stores unlike in the north where there is nothing.

It’s best not to venture too far away from Mali Losinj if you are strictly looking to visit the beaches. The main road continues onto Cres and has some crazy steep hills which can also be a fun afternoon if you can commit to the longer drive.

Visiting Mali Losinj

North of Mali Losinj Croatia

The northern part of the island is much more underdeveloped than the south. When we say underdeveloped, we mean the roads are not great for riding at all! On the “tourist” map that is given out freely all over the island.

It shows one main road cutting north, and a bunch of small roads running from the left and right down the beach. What no one points out is that they are not roads running off the main stretch, but instead steep long hiking paths down to the beach. Unfortunately, that means in an afternoon you can probably only visit one or two beaches.

Beach Hikes: As we mentioned the best beaches are only accessible by hiking or taking a boat. When you only have a moped rental for 3-5 hours, spending half that time on a hike down to one beach can feel a little like you’re missing out on the rest of the island. Just do your research and make sure you know how long your hike is before committing to it!

Island View: The one place you must stop if you’re exploring the island is the observation deck. From the top you can see the entire island of Losinj, and even Cres in the distance.

Visiting Mali Losinj Croatia View Point

Our Mali Losinj by Moped Route

When we picked up the moped we were given little to no information about the island. We knew we wanted to head north and start where there was a little more nature, but didn’t realize exactly how rough it was. Our first mistake was springing for the smaller engine bike.

We were told that it would be fine for two people as long as we stay on the “main road.” Well that was far from the truth! In the heat of the day I ended up having to jump off the moped and run up after Jake on about 50% of the hills. It was funny in the moment, but we would definitely pay for the larger motorbike next time.

After taking in the sites and a short hike we decided to head south of the town. This was a much different ride. The road is smooth and looks like any other main and modern road on a popular island. Cars, mopeds, and even buses zoom as it’s a nice change from the desolate north.

Now don’t get us wrong, we did have an awesome time. It’s all part of the adventure… Right? You’ll need a map to pinpoint the beaches, but they are super close and you can easily hop around.

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Things to Remember While Exploring

  • The center of the island running north is a steep mountain. There are small hiking paths that cut down to the beach which is far and a real hike. Trust us, it’s not a causal stroll to the beach like we were lead to believe. Make sure to bring sneakers or hiking shoes!
  • The road to the north is unpaved, can be bumpy at times, and not the best for exploring Mali Losinj by moped.
  • Pay extra for the larger engine because the smaller one can’t make it up hills with 2 people.
  • It’s a tough hike down to the beaches with the most beautiful ones taking 45 minutes to one hour each way.

How to get around Mali Losinj

Top Tips For Your Day Visiting Mali Losinj

Food & Water: You can easily fit this in your bike, or in a small backpack. Surprisingly there are not many places to stop and grab food outside the main town, so better safe than sorry!

Offline Map: Make sure to take a physical map, but also download directions that you can use without wifi. We typically use the app and download the full countries maps in advance.

Bike Engine: Pay more for the larger engine. We can not stress this enough. If you are one person you should be fine, but if the passenger on the back doesn’t feel like running up the larger hills it’s best to dish out the extra money.

Sunblock: I think this goes without saying, but the Croatian sun is hot. This rings especially true if you are riding on the back of a moped. Don’t get stuck exploring the island without it.

Rental Time: Consider doing a 24 hour rental if you want to see Mali Losinj by moped and also Cres. There is way too much to see and do to fit all that in the typical 5 hour rental time.

Tourist Map: Grab a map of the island. This tourist map is given out everywhere in town. The white lines are the ones that you can drive on. All the red are hiking and walking paths that you won’t be able to travel down with your moped.

Mali Losinj Map

Have any questions about how to get around Mali Losinj by Moped, or looking for more tips on Losinj Island? Let us know in the comments below!

Safe Travels,
Brigitte & Jake

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Where To Stay When Visiting Mali Losinj Croatia 

Ultra Luxury – Boutique Hotel Alhambra – Just out of the hustle and bustle of Mali Losinj is a world class resort is right on the water, with all the luxury you could look for on the island of vitality.

Fun Vacation – Vitality Hotel Punta –When visiting Mali Losinj why not stay at the vitality hotel for the ultimate vacation. Outside of the main town you can spend your afternoon swimming in the epic swimming pool overlooking the Adriatic.

Travel Couple – Apartment Nada – We stayed here for 3 nights, but I wish we stayed for 3 weeks! Just outside of town and close to a beautiful swimming beach, this is the PERFECT large apartment to feel at home on the island.

For more places to stay while visiting Mali Losinj Croatia you can check the latest prices here!

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Exploring Mali Losinj Croatia

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