Biokovo Skywalk: 10 Tips for Croatia’s Epic View & Nature Park

Biokovo Skywalk

The Biokovo Skywalk is a must-visit for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts in Croatia! This one-of-a-kind viewpoint sits high in the Biokovo mountains and looks over the stunning Makarska Riviera. From here you can even see the nearby islands of Hvar, Brac, and Vis! So how do you get to this epic Biokovo lookout? Here’s our 10 best tips from our own day at Biokovo Nature Park in Croatia! 

10 Tips For the Biokovo Nature Park

1. Getting to the Biokovo Skywalk in Croatia

Before we can tell you all about this amazing viewpoint, you should know how to get there. The skywalk is located at the top of the Biokovo Nature Park in Southern Croatia. This makes it a popular day trip from Split as it’s only 60 km from the major seaside city.

Unless you plan on hiking or biking, you will need a vehicle to get to the Biokovo Skywalk. Dubrovnik, Sibenik, and Zadar are also within range by car. Yet, if you’re coming from that distance we recommend staying overnight. 

You can easily rent a car for a few days or even weeks to explore Croatia. We used Discover Cars and paid $100 for a two week rental traveling in early April! While prices jump up in the summer you it is still possible to get a good deal by booking ahead. 

Makarska is a wonderful town just below the Biokovo Skywalk which we will talk more about later. However, there are so many beautiful towns on this coastline that you should consider!

When traveling to the Biokovo Skywalk you want to put in the main entrance at the base of the mountain. This is where you will show your tickets and start the winding journey up from. 

Biokovo Skywalk Tips

How to Get to the Bikovo Skywalk in Croatia

2. Have Confidence in Your Driving Skills

The second of our Biokovo Nature Park tips all have to do with getting up to the top! There are multiple ways to get to the Biokovo Skywalk, but most travelers will choose to drive.

Now what you should know about this is that it isn’t your average mountain road. It’s filled with twists, turns, and switchbacks, that will make even the best drivers question their skills.

If you’ve driven on the tight roads of Europe before then you should be fine. However, if you’re questioning it at all you may want to reconsider your plans. The only thing we can compare it to is our harrowing drive to Olympos Village in Greece.

Bikovo Nature Park Road

3. Be On Time to Biokovo Nature Park

One of the most important things to know for the Biokovo Skywalk is to be on time! When booking your ticket online you will get to choose a time slot.

This is done because they actually only let 20 cars per hour go up the narrow mountain roads. Once you get to driving on them you’ll see exactly why!

If you are traveling from far away make sure you pick a time spot you can actually make. Reservations open a few days before and go quick in the busy summer months. 

Also, know that you can only buy the tickets online. If you show up without them you will risk your time slot being sold out. We  recommend getting there a few minutes before your assigned time to make sure you don’t miss it.

The roads are barely big enough to pass other cars in most stretches. Luckily, there are corners and stop offs available throughout the route meant for passing. You may just have to go in reverse a few times if necessary. 

We also appreciated the guard rails for this very reason! Once you’re in the park you can take your time and come down whenever you’d like. Biokovo Nature Park is opened until 6pm. 

Book Your Biokovo Nature Park Tickets

Bikovo Nature Park Tickets

4. Advanced Cycling to the Biokovo Skywalk

From the very beginning of our drive through Biokovo Nature Park something really blew our minds. Believe it or not, there were cyclists going up the mountain right along side us! This may not seem that wild until you find out that it’s over 13 kilometers of steep incline. 

This can only be done by the most serious of cyclists so it was impressive to see the dozens of them attempting it. Be patient and extra careful when passing the bikers with your vehicles.

Biokovo Nature Park Cycling

5. Endless Biokovo Hiking Trails

Don’t feel like driving or biking? Well, we have another great way to get to the Biokovo Skywalk! You’ll be happy to know there are over 40 different hiking routes throughout the park. They are conveniently off the main road so you won’t have to deal with cars on your way up.

One of our personal favorites is the educational hiking trail which begins at the 9th mile of Biokovo Road. The easy 30 minute path is a fun way to learn about the unique limestone formations of this region in Croatia.

Biokovo Nature Park Hiking Trail

6. Wildlife in Biokovo Nature Park

In addition to the incredible scenery and nature trails, there is also an abundance of wildlife to see inside Biokovo Nature Park. If you’re taking on some of the hiking paths we mentioned above you’ll definitely want to keep your eyes peeled.

Biokovo is home to 110 different species of birds, reptiles, and a number of interesting amphibians. Some wild mammals you might see on the slopes of Mount Biokovo are hedgehogs, shrews, wolves, goats, and the Balkan snow vole.

On our drive up we saw sheep coming right out of the woods! As always, keep your distance and never get too close to the animals. 

Biokovo Nature Park Sheep

7. Vrata Biokova Restaurant

Once you’re just over halfway to the Biokovo Skywalk there will be a little pull off to a restaurant. This is a nice place to stop after the famous viewpoint on your way back down. 

Here they have a nice selection of traditional Croatian specialties, coffee, and even a beer or wine if you’re not driving. The place is a bit pricy so you can always bring your own food or stop in town after exploring the park. 

One funny thing you’ll see as you pull into the parking lot is horses roaming free. There is also a separate viewpoint if you take a short walk behind the cafe. 

Bikovo Skywalk Nature Park View

8. Walking the Epic Biokovo Skywalk

Onto the main attraction! Once you pass the Vrata Biokova restaurant you’re almost there. In total, the 13 km drive should only take you 15-20 minutes from the base of the mountain.

Pulling up to the Biokovo Skywalk we couldn’t believe the view… We had seen pictures, but wow! The glass walkway creates a half circle hanging out over the massive cliffside. Here you truly feel like you’re on top of the world! 

We’re going to be completely honest with you. First stepping out onto the glass was completely terrifying! We consider ourselves super adventurous travelers, but even this felt crazy for us.

After getting adjusted, we came to our senses and realized how special this truly was. The views of the towns below and Croatian coastline were absolutely insane! Not to mention, you can see the stunning islands clearly off in the distance.

Keep in mind you’re only supposed to walk the glass for 10 minutes so others can have a chance to. Enjoy the moment, get some pictures, and have a blast!

Bikovo Skywalk Croatia

Bikovo Skywalk Glass Floor

Croatia Bikovo Skywalk

Bikovo Skywalk View

9. Time Your Way Down From the Biokovo Skywalk

If there’s one thing to take away from this Biokovo Nature Park article, let this be it! After timing our own drive up the mountain at about 20 minutes we wanted to wait at least that long to start heading down. This way we would avoid the cars coming up to the Biokovo Skywalk on the slender roads. 

For reference, we started our drive at noon on the dot. So after a 20 climb and spending about 30 minutes up around the skywalk area, we headed towards the restaurant we had passed prior. This was a great chance to take in the view and wait for the new vehicles entering the park to make it up the road.

The cars are let into Biokovo Nature Park on the hour every hour. Funny enough, we actually walked over and watched them all pass together at once around 1:20pm! Once the caravan of vehicles passed on their way  to the Skywalk we jumped in our car and headed down.

We did pass the occasional maintenance worker or late arrival, but it was so worth it to time our drive down and miss the barrage of vehicles on their way up. 

Bikovo Skywalk and Nature Park

10. Exploring Makarska

Makarska is a beautiful town along the Adriatic Coast that every traveler will enjoy. We recommend visiting it before or after your trip to the Biokovo Skywalk, or even staying overnight! Both can easily be included in a Croatia Itinerary.

We were staying just outside of Split for the month so this turned into a fun day trip. Still, we have to admit something… Once we got to Makarska we didn’t want to leave! 

The historic town has a gorgeous long promenade lined with palm trees, and the humongous mountains as the backdrop. Honestly, it looks straight out of a fairy tale! Makarska is also a jumping off point to Brac and other amazing Croatian islands.

Makarska Nature Park

Have any questions on this article or want to share your own tips for the Biokovo Skywalk? Leave us a comment below! 

Safe Travels,
Brigitte & Jake

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  1. JP
    October 8, 2023 / 5:43 am

    ok so the article says to take one thing away and that is to time your trip back down (see point 9) and I am SOOOO glad I read this and took it to heart. We got to the top approx 25 min after the hour, took our photos for 10 min, and then headed back down and almost made it to the end before others started heading up. We pulled off to the side, let them all by, then finished our trip down. On the way up we saw several vehicles coming down “late” and getting stuck with 20 vehicles on their way up and having to back up to find a place to pull over. Something to definitely avoid. Alternatively as the article pointed out you can wait for the group coming up and then leave but imo 10 mins is really all you need to take photos and videos

    • Brigitte & Jake
      October 8, 2023 / 6:05 am

      We’re so glad you found this helpful! It really does get crazy with the cars up there so we wanted to point that part out.

  2. Dano
    May 4, 2023 / 1:21 pm

    Hi Folks!!! I’m about to head to Split (from Mallorca) in a few days. One question about the SkyWalk. I’ve read in a few places that cameras are not allowed out on the walk as well as backpacks and you must wear covering over your shoes. For photos, you have to buy them from a photographer on site that will take them for you…but pricey! Yet, I also see a lot of photos where people on the walk are taking snaps and clearly, no slip-on covers on their shoes. So, what is the REAL story? And, maybe update your content addressing this. Thanks!

    • Brigitte & Jake
      May 5, 2023 / 9:39 am

      Wow really? Didn’t see any signs about this and we had no problem using our camera. Everyone was taking their own pictures. No slip on shoe covers either.

      We did visit in swing season though (early April) so not sure if they change the rules at a different time of year. Hope that helps!

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