Osprey Daylite 45 Review: Is it the Best Osprey Travel Backpack?

Osprey Daylite Review

As full-time travelers who have spent years living on the road, we know firsthand how important it is to find the right the luggage. So after testing out plenty of different options we finally settled on the Osprey Daylite backpack! Let us share why we picked Osprey Daylite Duffel 45 so you can decide if it’s the best backpacking pack for your travel.

Why We Picked an Osprey Backpack

We had traveled with our first backpacks for almost 5 years and absolutely loved them. However, they sorely needed to be replaced. So after the zipper finally broke it was time! Originally, we had been traveling with an REI backpack and the exact model no longer exists.

We have had many friends and family members who have used an Osprey Backpack for travel and have always heard good things about them. When we first started our search we weren’t set on Osprey, but we were certainly looking at the different models.

Our bag broke at a pretty inconvenient time during our road trip through the Norway Fjords. Unfortunately, we looked high and low at some outdoor stores but couldn’t find the perfect fit! We actually didn’t realize until this point how particular we were about the product we actually needed.

Osprey Backpack

What Do We Look For in a Longterm Travel Backpack?

The one thing we really didn’t want to do was to spend a ton of money on a bag, only to have to replace it a couple years later. So what exactly do we look for? First of all, it has to be high quality! We don’t actually mind paying more if it will hold up and last longer.

A big thing we look for is a full-opening zipper to the main compartment. This is a huge difference compared to the stuff-the-top backpack style that is popular, but personally we don’t like.

The issue with a top lid is that you literally have to remove everything from your backpack when you want to get something that is all the way at the bottom. This may be fine if you’re going on a hiking or camping trip. Yet, for the long-term travel we do it’s not so ideal.

Besides full opening for easy access, we also were looking at shoulder straps, a neutral color so it could get dirty, and something that didn’t have a heavy internal frame. Basically, we wanted a very simple and almost minimalist style bag.

That is what we really wanted after taking a closer look! When searching for the best travel backpack for yourself you may also want to consider the following important features:

  • Internal and external pockets
  • Comfort of the back panel
  • Water bottle pockets
  • Sternum strap
  • Water resistance

Osprey Longterm Travel Backpack

Osprey Daylite Duffel 45

We first found the Osprey Daylite at an outdoor sports store in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. However, they were out of stock with the size we needed and weren’t able to get it on time. Thankfully, we looked on Amazon and were able to order the exact color and size we wanted of the Osprey Daylite Duffel 45 before our trip!

I guess we can jump right out and say it now… After traveling through Southeast Asia and Europe for the last six months we absolutely love the Osprey Daylight Duffel Bag!

Everyone has their own personal preferences, but it fit the exact style we were looking for. Next are some things that we liked (and disliked) about this Osprey Backpack.

Osprey Backpack for travel

Pros and Cons of the Osprey Daylite

Osprey Daylite Duffel 45 Pros

1. It is very lightweight. We always try to avoid paying extra baggage fees for weight so having a light bag makes a huge difference!

2. Out of all the Osprey backpacks we saw, this one had the largest main compartment with a full zip opening.

3. There is one long zipper on the side that fits small items and a mesh sleeve for water bottles.

4. The Osprey Daylight comes with a long strap so the backpack can transform into a duffel bag when needed.

5. One of the best features is that the zipper opening is actually where your back is and not on the outside of the bag. This is nice for safety when traveling as it makes it difficult for someone to gain access while you have it on.

6. If you like to use packing cubes while traveling the large main compartment will easily fit everything!

Daylite Osprey Travel Backpack

Cons of the Osprey Daylite Backpack

1. It is not fully water resistant. If you plan to travel to a location that is very wet and rainy you would have to get a cover for your bag.

2. There is no built-in laptop sleeve which can be important if you are traveling with electronics. Many digital nomads and remote workers may prefer a model with this feature.

3. If you are packing lot of stuff or need something larger than a carry on, then this wouldn’t be for you. While there are larger sizes than the 45 model, having a comfortable pack with heavier loads is important when walking long distances.

4. You may not like the bag if you have extremely heavy loads as the straps can pull slightly and there is nothing to go around your waist.

5. It is a little bit more of a duffel bag than backpack in our opinion. It didn’t bother us as much because we have adapted to slow travel, but you may want to look into a different Osprey Backpack if you’re on the move!

Osprey Daylite

Can You Use the Osprey Daylite Duffel for a Day Hike?

Having a bag that is versatile while traveling so so important. The Osprey Daylite Duffel Bag comes in different sizes, but we went with the 45 so it would fit under the carry-on size limits.

This isn’t actually thought of as a popular bag for long-term travel. It’s more used as a duffel for the gym, short trips, and even hiking. If you have a lot of gear or layers then we could see it working as a day pack, too!

Nonetheless, it would be on the larger size for those daily activities so you could probably use something much more compact. We always have a small Eddie Bauer folding backpack with us to use for day hikes, groceries, etc… So we don’t need to take a larger bag.

Osprey Daylite Backpack

Other Popular Osprey Backpacks

There are so many other models to choose from with Osprey! Feel free to scan their website or Amazon to find the best Osprey Backpacking pack that fits your own needs. Here are a few extremely popular backpacks to check out:

Would We Recommend this Osprey Backpack for Travel? 

Finding the best overall backpack is no easy task, especially when you plan to be traveling for an extended period! For us, the Daylite Osprey Duffel Bag was the perfect fit.

If you’re looking for an Osprey backpack that isn’t bulky (and without any crazy extras) then this could be the one for you! For longer trips it has held up great and is very comfortable to wear as a backpack.

The most important thing we want to highlight is that this is a great option if you don’t travel with much stuff. It is very common for travelers who are heading out on their first big trip to seriously overpack, and prepare for everything and anything.

After being on the road for several years we have cut back dramatically on how much weight and luxury items we travel with. That is why this bag works for us. It’s a high quality, no-frills option, and the best Osprey backpack for our style of travel.

โ†’ Check out the all the Osprey Daylite sizes, prices, and latest prices here! 

Daylite Osprey Duffel Bag

Have any questions on this article or want to share your own favorite Osprey backpack for travel? Leave us a comment below!

Safe Travels,
Brigitte & Jake

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  1. Manuel
    February 19, 2024 / 7:02 pm

    Hey Brigitte & Jake,

    Thanks for your thoughtful review, I really enjoyed. I am thinking to buy this one to pack it inside a larger suitcase (unfortunately for us we need to carry a 90L rolling transporter as we need to carry heavy work equipment) for my trips to the supermarket and for the long weekend excursions. Could you let me know how small this can actually pack? Will be great if you can update the post with a photo of the bag completely flat (& folded?).

    Thanks in advance!

    • Brigitte & Jake
      February 20, 2024 / 2:29 am

      That’s a great idea! We will definitely add a photo of it inside our article. With nothing inside, it can fold up very tight and compress like a small backpack. It’s a great one to take with you on your travels. Hope that helps!

  2. Yowmamma
    January 31, 2024 / 8:47 pm

    Thanks! for not giving us what we came here for! Bag pictures! Detailed product desctiption! Thanks!

    • Brigitte & Jake
      February 1, 2024 / 2:19 am

      You’re welcome! Glad you enjoyed our product review.

  3. Ella
    October 17, 2023 / 4:54 am

    Oh this is such a good, helpful and genuine review. Thank you so much for sharing. It’s so important to have the right backpack when traveling, so this has made things so much easier. Just ordered ours now! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Brigitte & Jake
      October 17, 2023 / 5:00 am

      Awesome! We love this backpack and are still using it to this day for our travels. So glad our review helped (-:

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