Which Kindle is Best for Reading & Traveling? (Our Review)

Kindle Review

Looking to make the switch from paperback to Kindle but not sure where to start? Don’t worry! Below you’ll find all the information you need for first-time users! This includes info on buying and downloading books, Kindle Unlimited, and much more. Check out our full Kindle review to help decide if it’s the right reading tool for you!

Complete Kindle Review

Why Choose Kindles for Reading Over Paperback?

Honestly, I didn’t jump on the Kindle train for a long time. Much longer than I probably should have. I work and travel full time (on this website) and eventually realized I was being stubborn.

I love to read but often found myself without books because I only wanted paperback. I would find myself reading whatever books were left over in a hotel or pick some up while running through international airports that were in English.

I switched to using Kindles for reading because I was sick of traveling with extra books. They were really starting to take up space and weight in my carry-on.

Also, it has saved me a ton of money! When I bought my Kindle I opted for the three free months of Kindle Unlimited which I’ll explain more about soon. All of a sudden I had thousands of books literally at my fingertips.

Which Kindle is Best Review

About Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited kind of works like Netflix. For a monthly fee you have a seemingly infinite amount of books available to you. Also, once you start to search for books the app learns your reading habits and will suggest similar titles for you. 

This is one of the best parts about using a Kindles for reading! I have found so many books that I would’ve never discovered if I was just strolling through a book store or at my local library. 

When making the call to switch from paperback to a Kindle, know it doesnโ€™t have to be all or nothing. Sometimes I will still go to a book store and buy one, especially if it’s not on Kindle Unlimited. There’s something about traditional books that I definitely still love! 

Kindle Review Best Tips

Things to Consider When Shopping

Obviously, price is a huge factor when buying a Kindle! The options range from a basic Kindle that cost $89.99 to the Kindle Oasis for $249.99. There are a few products in between that I will cover soon as well.

Another thing we should mention in this Kindle Review is storage space. When buying your device you’ll be able to pick between 8GB and 32GB. Then after buying or downloading a book to Kindle you need to add it which will take up storage.

I have used my kindle for reading plenty, and with 8GB I typically have 12-15 books downloaded at once. Keep in mind this depends on their size and if they are audio books. When it comes to which Kindle is best, there are also different things like screen size, image quality, and so on that you can compare. 

Which Kindle is Best

So… Which Kindle IS the Best? 

When it comes to deciding which Kindle is best it’s completely up to your personal preference. This Kindle review is based on my experience using the basic model which also happens to be the cheapest.

Also, with a 6-inch display, I wanted the smallest size so I would be able to easily travel with it. This was really the most important thing for me as someone who’s always packing and unpacking their bag. 

If you’re not moving around as much then you may prefer the bigger option as it’s easier to read. Below you’ll find links to the different models so you can decide which is the best Kindle for you!

Which Kindle is Best

My Experience Using Kindles for Reading 

I got my Kindle around the holidays and WOW has it been a game changer. The main thing is that I read a lot more than I used to in general. It is beyond easy to get sucked into books when you have the entire series available! With the book recommendations based on my reading habits, there is always a new one to read next I know I will enjoy.

I mean is reading more really a bad thing?? I’ve found it has severely limited my TV watching. I even went as far as to cancel my Netflix subscription!

Even so, I’m still happy I went for the most basic option. I find the books, easily download them, and listen to the audio via the Kindle app on my phone.

One major negative about the basic model that I have is that browsing for books can be very annoying and slow. If you’re looking for a sleek model then you’ll want to opt for one of the higher end options. 

Kindle for Reading

5 Tips For Buying Your First Kindle

1. Kindle Unlimited: After buying your device you’ll have the option to add in three free months of Kindle Unlimited! Saving $30 is the perfect way to see if you like using Kindle Unlimited as you can always cancel it after the trial is done. 

2. Download the App: Using the phone’s app is so much easier than the actual Kindle. Weird right? Sync your app with the phone and use it to search and download books which will transfer directly to your device when it’s connected to wifi. 

3. With/Without Ads: You will have the option to go with or without ads before using Kindles for reading. I wanted to mention this in my Kindle review as I found it super annoying! If you don’t want the ads you’ll have to pay a small one-time fee. 

4. Kindle Cover: They don’t come with one, but make sure to order a Kindle Cover when you buy your device. Being thrown in and out of my bag, the screen definitely would have taken some hits if I didn’t have a cover on it. 

5. Audible: Audiobooks are getting more and more popular. Many Kindle books that offer audio options do so directly in the Kindle Unlimited app. However, some are only available through the popular program Audible. This can definitely be confusing at first. Yet, once you know what to look for you’ll get the hang of it! 

Best Kindle Review

Have any questions about this Kindle review or want to share your own tips for which model to buy? Let us know in the comments below! 

Safe Travels,
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Kindle Review

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