Rhode Island

Planning a trip to Rhode Island? Then you’ve come to the right place! This is where you can find the best Rhode Island travel tips, vacation guides, and all about our own experiences.

Hailing from Massachusetts and Vermont, we’ve spent a lot of time exploring New England. Funny enough, we actually lived in Rhode Island for one month in the beautiful town of Tiverton

Although it may be the smallest U.S. state, there’s so much to do on a Rhode Island vacation! From the historic mansions to the stunning beaches and nature trails, this is a must-visit part of the northeast USA. 

One of our favorite places to visit is Newport. This small city plays host to some of the best beaches and museums in the state, and an abundance of great seafood restaurants.

There is even a scenic coastal walk that takes you along Newport’s seaside cliffs. Check out all our guides for things to do, tips, and outdoor activities!

       Rhode Island Travel Tips

Money: The US Dollar is used throughout the United States.

Location: Part of the New England region of the United States. It shares borders with Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Language: English is the official language in the United States.

Seasons: The best part of this state is that you get all four seasons! The most popular time to visit is during the warm months of summer. 

This is when you can enjoy the amazing beaches on the coastline. We also love planning a Rhode Island trip around the spring and fall. This time of year you’ll find less crowds, but still pleasant weather.

What to Eat & Drink: Rhode Island has a wide variety of cuisine to enjoy. Be sure to try all the local hits and fresh seafood dishes on your visit.