Since our first visit to Vietnam in 2014 we’ve never been able to stay away long. Vietnam is an extremely diverse country and home to tropical islands, wild cities that explode with life, white sand dunes, the largest cave in the world, and rice paddies that go on forever. Our Vietnam travel guides cover a range of places on and off the typical tourist route to help you plan your next visit.

Money: Vietnamese Dong where 1 USD is roughly 23,000 Dong. This means with a little over $43 you can see what your bank account would look like if you were a millionaire!

Location: In Southeast Asia bordering China, Laos, and Cambodia.

Language: The official and most widely spoken language is Vietnamese, but don’t be surprised if you hear a little English, Chinese, and even French.

  Flag: The Vietnamese flag is bright red with a yellow star in the middle. You can see it being hung from peoples homes, streaming on the back of motorbikes, and being displayed proudly throughout the country.

Seasons: Summer is May to October where the weather is hot, humid, and dry. November to April brings the chilly weather with coldest months being January, February, and March.

What to Eat: Vietnamese food is unlike anywhere else in the world. From delicious banh mi’s to crunchy banh xeo, and endless bowls of noodles, you’ll never run out of delicious options. Two of our favorites are the Bun Bo Hue and Cao Lau.

What to Drink: Vietnam is known for its light a refreshing beer that pairs perfectly with the tropical heat. In the south you’ll see lots of Bia Saigon while in the north it’s all about Bia Hanoi.

You can find all our Vietnam travel tips and guides below. When you’re done travel planning head to our destinations page where we cover over 40 different countries around the world!

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