What is Bo Ne? The Sizzling Vietnamese Breakfast You Can’t Miss

What is Bo Ne

Vietnam has some of our favorite meals in the entire world. Still, the first time we tried a Bo Ne our minds were blown! So what is Bo Ne?? This breakfast is the Vietnamese version of steak and eggs flavors and will be a hearty start to your day. Here’s what to know about Bo Ne Vietnam and the best restaurants we’ve had it at.

What is Bo Ne?

Bò Né is a popular Vietnamese breakfast that is enjoyed by both locals and tourists throughout the country. Its literal translation is “dodging beef” which you will understand when finding out how it’s cooked.

A thin cut of beef steak is plopped onto a hot cast iron skillet with a flame underneath. Cooking with it is an assortment of pate, veggies, and a healthy serving of sauces and oils. 

Fish sauce, soy sauce, and oyster sauce are all popular combos with a Bo Ne. The plate is finished with a sunny side up fried egg, green onions, tomato slices, and black pepper. You’ll also get a french baguette on the side to use for dipping.

Know that this is a breakfast dish and early in the day is the best time to find it. The funny thing is if you aren’t a morning person you might miss this dish entirely! Many of the small storefronts will have opened, gotten slammed with customers, and closed already, leaving no sign of the wild morning rush. 

The best place to actually get it is at Vietnamese restaurants that only serve Bo Ne and are closed before lunchtime rolls around. Just know this is a very heavy meal so don’t be surprised if you need a nap afterwards!

Bo Ne Vietnam

Our First Bo Ne Vietnam Experience

Before our first visit to Vietnam, we’d only really heard of popular meals in Western countries like banh mi’s and pho soup. So when we saw this sizzling platter of meat and eggs over a hot cast iron pan our curiosity immediately sparked.

After we sat down and ordered we were brought out the lively hot plates. One unique thing about Bo Ne is that you kind of cook it yourselves! 

While the meat and other ingredients slowly heat up, you can stir it around and add in your spices and sauces. From the moment we had our first bite of Bo Ne, we were hooked!

The flavor of the meat was out of this world. Using a piece of baguette, we dipped it in the sauce, runny yolk, and pate. We even made our own little bite-sized sandwiches. 

Be careful as you cook the egg yolk and flank steak as you will be dodging oily liquid as it fires up. Also, it is very common to be served a small bowl of clear soup broth on the side. You can dip the bread in it or eat it on it’s own. 

The other thing to point out is we were soooo full. This is truly the perfect breakfast when you’re super hungry in the morning.

What is Bo Ne Vietnam

Where to Find the Best Vietnamese Steak and Eggs

Now that you know the answer to “what is Bo Ne” we should tell you where the best places are to eat it! As we mentioned, Bo Ne is popular all over the country. However, the very best versions of this traditional breakfast we’ve had were in central Vietnam. 

You can find it easily in major cities such as Nha Trang, Da Nang, Hue, and Hoi An. We’ve spent a lot of time in this region of the country and it has a diverse blend of Vietnamese cuisine. 

If we’re not familiar with the area we’re traveling in we usually just do a quick search online for the best Bo Ne spots. From there, we flip through the reviews and go check out which location looks the most delicious.

There are also occasions where we’ve found this popular dish at a local Vietnamese market, or pulled off while driving our motorbike around after seeing a sign for it. 

One place we return to again and again is Bò Né Lan Hương in Da Nang. If you’re not paying attention, you could easily pass this small hole in the wall driving through the heart of Da Nang.

Unlike the more touristy restaurants, you may be the only non-local at this eatery. This is an authentic experience you won’t want to miss!

Bo Ne Vietnamese Steak and Eggs

Is Bo Ne Vietnam Worth Trying?

Yes! If you couldn’t tell by now we LOVE Bo Ne. This hearty breakfast is something we eat at least twice a week when traveling through Vietnam.

One of the best parts about Bo Ne is that it’s extremely cheap. Typically, it won’t be more than $2 USD (or $3 at the very most) so it definitely won’t break the bank. 

The different flavors mixed with the delicious steak pieces is something we will continue to dream about until our next visit. 

What is Bo Ne in Vietnam

Have any questions about this amazing Vietnamese breakfast or want to share your own experience eating Bo Ne Vietnam? Let us know in the comments below. 

Safe Travels,
Brigitte & Jake

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Bo Ne

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    I’m so glad I came across this post about Bò Né! I’ve had Vietnam on my travel wishlist for a while and I just booked a trip for this winter. I can’t wait to experience the culture and cuisine. Bò Né sounds absolutely delicious. I’s definitely going on my list of dishes to try. This has me even more excited for my upcoming trip.

    • Brigitte & Jake
      December 6, 2023 / 7:17 am

      So glad you read our post before visiting! Bo Ne is such a breakfast treat 😋

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