Is Vietnam Airlines a Good Airline? Our Brutally Honest Review

Vietnam Airlines

Vietnam Airlines is the country’s flagship carrier and a popular option for travelers in Southeast Asia. After many visits to Vietnam, we surprisingly hadn’t yet flown with their most famous airline! Needless to say, we were excited to finally travel with them on our recent trip from Jakarta to Da Nang. Here’s everything you need to know about Vietnam Air, as well as how to get through customs to the domestic terminal. Hopefully, our Vietnam Airlines review will be helpful when planning your next trip!

Vietnam Airlines Review

Booking Our Vietnam Airlines Flight 

After spending 10 days in Sumatra Indonesia for the holidays, we were back in Jakarta and ready to catch our flight to Vietnam. While we have traveled all over Vietnam, this trip was a little different as we were heading straight to Da Nang for a longterm apartment stay. 

When looking for flights on Skyscanner we could see there were companies that were slightly less expensive. However, these would include transferring though Kuala Lumpur and booking with two different airlines. Overall, Vietnam Airlines had the most direct route and was a convenient travel day from Jakarta to Da Nang.

Even if this isn’t the route you’re planning to travel, our experience will still be useful. This is especially true if you’re taking Vietnam Air to passing through customs and get to a connecting flight! 

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Our Vietnam Airline Information

  • Start:  Jakarta International 
  • End: Da Nang Vietnam 
  • Layover: Ho Chi Minh City 
  • Cost: $230 USD
  • Class: Economy

Review Vietnam Airlines

Checking in for Our Vietnam Air Flight

We checked in online the night before our trip from our Jakarta Airport hotel. We stayed at 101 Jakarta Airport CBD twice while passing through the city and can highly recommend it. It’s only a 10 minute drive to the airport and offers a free 24 hour shuttle. 

The morning of our flight we hopped in the shuttle and made our way to Terminal 3. We had to check in again at the airport which went smoothly. The Vietnam Airline had a bunch of staff helping everyone and moving along the passengers. After checking our visas, passports, and other documents we were given our Vietnam Air tickets and made our way to the gate. 

Jakarta Airport is pretty massive so don’t wait too long to make your way to head to the right area. We grabbed a cappuccino to-go and took a walk around. When it was time to board it wasn’t by zone, but instead everyone lined up at once to get on the flight.

Vietnam Airlines Jakarta Airport

Vietnam Airlines Jakarta

What’s it Like Flying Vietnam Airlines?

The first leg of our trip was just under 3 hours in flight time. The plane was standard and had cloth seats in a unique pattern. Unlike the long haul flights with Vietnam Airlines, there wasn’t any individual TV’s onboard our plane. However, there were small screens that folded down from above and played a cartoon with English subtitles.

One thing that was unexpected on this Vietnam Airline was how good of a safety video it had! I don’t think we’ve ever mentioned this in our airline reviews. What made it special was it showed different safety instructions formed from a traditional dance! 

Once we got in the air, the flight was slightly bumpy to start but  evened out. It was a bit of crazy weather leaving Jakarta so we’re assuming that had something to do with it. Just 20 minutes into the air, attendants came down the aisle with food carts and prepared to serve us a meal.

Vietnam Airlines Flight Review

Vietnam Airlines Economy Review

Vietnam Airlines Economy Class

Vietnam Airlines Meal 

We’ve taken hundreds of flights and eaten countless airline meals. So how did Vietnam Airlines stack up? Well, we honestly didn’t have very high expectations because it was a relatively short flight. 

We were given a choice of beef noodle or shrimp and rice. We both order the beef noodle which was served with a banana and bread roll. Having skipped breakfast, we were super hungry and happy that there was something to eat.

The food was decent, but nothing we would look forward to again. Honestly, we probably had too high of expectations given that Vietnamese cuisine is one of our favorites in the world. We were so excited for something more traditional, but at the end of the day it’s just airplane food… Even on Vietnam Air, it can only really be so good!

For drinks, there was everything from water and orange juice to milk and wine. We each ordered a glass of wine with our meal and before we knew it the flight was landing! 

Vietnam Airlines Meal 

Arriving in Ho Chi Minh City 

Since there were no direct flights from Jakarta to Da Nang we had to make a quick layover in Ho Chi Minh City. This was our point of entry so it would also be where we pass through customs. We applied for our Vietnam E-Visa two weeks before traveling and got it about a week before our arrival. 

Make sure to double check the rules for your home country when planning your trip to Vietnam. For many countries they do not offer a visa on arrival! In this instance you would need to apply for your visa and get approved prior to flying.

We were asked for our visa approval letter when checking into our flight in Jakarta. If we didn’t have this we wouldn’t have been able to board our flight with Vietnam Air.

Thankfully, we were sitting towards the front of the flight and were one of the first to get off. From there, we quickly walked to the terminal and got in line. By time the whole flight unloaded the customs hall was packed full of people.

We literally turned around and the lines were massive! Do your best to get there quickly, especially if you have a short transfer window. Also, be sure to check out our article below if you’re thinking of visiting Thailand as well!

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Vietnam Air Flight Review

Switching Between International & Domestic Terminals

Now this is where our Vietnam Airlines review gets interesting! Typically, when switching between terminals at large airports you will need to take a skytrain or bus over. However, at Tan Son Nhat International Airport we were close enough to walk! 

When exiting the international terminal, some Vietnam Airlines associates gave us transfer stickers which we pinned to our shirts. So as we continued on our walk through the transfer steps we were continually pointed in the right direction. 

Once we got outside we were told to simply walk to right towards the domestic terminal. We actually had to walk a bit further than first section of airlines, but after about 10 minutes we made it to the domestic Vietnam Airlines counters. 

Vietnam Airlines International to Domestic

Flight to Da Nang Vietnam

We had about an hour to kill in between Vietnam Airline flights so we headed to our Priority Pass Lounge to relax. Our final ride from Ho Chi Minh City to Da Nang was only one hour and 20 minutes and went by quickly. 

The plane again had no frills, but the service was great and we had no complaints. This time we were only given water which was expected on such a short flight. Before we knew it we were landing in Da Nang! 

Vietnam Airlines Da Nang Flight

Vietnam Airlines Night View

Vietnam Airlines Review Final Thoughts

So is Vietnam Airlines a good airline? Overall, we weren’t that impressed with it. The service was easily the highlight as everyone was very nice and accommodating. Yet, the actual plane and food were nothing to write home about. 

Sorry if that’s not what you were hoping to hear in this review of Vietnam Airlines! If the price was right and it was the most direct flight we would have no problem booking it again. However, it’s not a company we would go out of our way to book with again.

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Vietnam Airlines Flight Review

Have any questions about this article or want to share your own review of Vietnam Airlines? Leave us a comment below!

Safe Travels,
Brigitte & Jake


Vietnam Air

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  1. Doug Rorison
    November 19, 2023 / 10:23 pm

    Thank you Brigitte & Jake for the review. Vietnam airlines is starting a direct flight from Perth Australia to Ho Chi Minh in December 2023. I am contemplating flying with them when previously I have flown either Singapore Airlines to Singapore or Malaysian Airlines to KL then caught connector flights. My question is this, “are they a full service airline?”
    I noticed that you were given a meal & alcohol on your flight. There is also a new service starting from Perth with VietJet which are, I believe, a budget airline like Jetstar, AirAsia & others who fly out of Perth. I dislike flying in A321’s Boeing 737″s etc for flights over 4 hrs due to their uncomfortable seating. How were the seats on your flight? Any information would be appreciated.

    • Brigitte & Jake
      November 20, 2023 / 5:22 am

      Hi Doug! Yes, we were served food and drinks on our international flight. We would assume it would be the same from Australia, but you can check before you book your ticket. The seats were decent but nothing special. Definitely similar to our experience with AirAsia and Jetstar. Hope that helps!

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