How to Get to Krui Sumatra: 6 Hour Transfer vs Hopper Flight

How to Get to Krui Sumatra

Krui is located in Lampung Province on the southwest coast of Sumatra. Over the last few years, it has become popular with surfers seeking a remote location unspoiled by tourism. However, if it’s your first visit to Krui Sumatra it can be a little confusing! Here’s how to get to Krui from Bandar Lampung by flight or transfer and some essential tips from our own experience.

Where is Krui Sumatra? 

Krui is a coastal town located on the island of Sumatra Indonesia. It’s located about a 6 hour drive from Bandar Lampung which is the closest major airport. Once you land in Sumatra there will actually be two options for you to choose from to get to Krui… Driving or flying! 

These are the most popular ways to get here at this time. Obviously, as the area develops, this could definitely change. If you have any tips or recommendations for future travelers please let us know in the comments.

No matter how you plan to travel to Krui, it’s totally worth the visit! This guide is based on our own experience as well our friends from the area. Without further ado, let’s get into how to get from Bandar Lampung to Krui.

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Where is Krui Sumatra 

Getting to Bandar Lampung 

Our adventure to Krui actually started with a plane ride from Bangkok Thailand. We hopped on an international flight to Jakarta and decided to spend the night at an airport hotel. Believe it or not, it was drastically cheaper (even with a hotel) than going from Bangkok to Bandar Lampung in one shot. 

We’ve heard rumors that there might be an international flight from Singapore to Bandar Lampung in the future! Yet, for now you will most likely be transferring through Jakarta on your way to Krui Sumatra. 

We spent the night at 101 Jakarta Airport CBC which has a round trip airport shuttle included. It’s only a 10 minute drive from the terminals and the rooms are nice and modern. We would have a relaxing night here before heading to the domestic terminal in the morning. 

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Flight from Jakarta to Bandar Lampung

The trip from Jakarta to Bandar Lampung is extremely fast with an in-flight air time of just 30 minutes. While there are a handful of companies that make this route, just be aware that flight cancellations and last minute changes are common. We flew with Batik Air and it was quick and easy.

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Bandar Lampung Flight

How to Get to Krui Sumatra by Car Transfer 

After arriving in Bandar Lampung, one of the most popular ways to get to Krui Sumatra is by taking a six hour car transfer. We already know what you might be thinking… 6 hours?!?

That sounds like a long trip. And you know what, you’re right! There really isn’t any sugar coating it. There is another option which we talk about next. However, the car transfer is the most reliable route. 

Now we will say that the 6 hours went by faster than expected. On the way to Krui we drove through countless local villages and beautiful farm lands.

The road also takes you through a national park where we saw over 30 monkeys flanking the road. There were two quick stops along the way to use the bathroom and buy water/snacks. 

One warning about the Krui transfer is that the drivers are not afraid to be aggressive on the roads! Be ready to go fast and make plenty of wild passes around slower traffic.

Much of the road is also dirty or patchy gravel so they’ll be swerving around potholes, too. Needless to say, by time we arrived in Krui we were exhausted and ready to get out of the car. 

How to Get to Krui by Car

How to Get to Krui Sumatra Transfer

Booking a Bandar Lampung to Krui Transfer 

The easiest way to get a Krui transfer is actually through you accommodation. We stayed at Kruinaka Villa in Ujung Bocur which is just outside of the main. Through our hotel they were able to arrange two drivers for our group who met us at the airport! It honestly couldn’t have been more convenient! 

Krui Sumatra Transfer

How to Get to Krui Sumatra by Hopper Flight 

Looking for a more exciting way to get to Krui Sumatra? For adventure lovers there is actually a quick hopper flight. The small plane makes the trip twice a week from Bandar Lampung. It only takes about 40 minutes and lands at the recently built airport in Krui called Bandara Muhammad Taufiq Kiemas.

We have never taken the Krui flight but spoken with many people that have. The views are supposed to be amazing and it sounds like a fun way to see the nature of Sumatra. Obviously, another appeal of the Krui flight is skipping out on the 6 hour car ride! 

Krui Sumatra Flight

Booking a Bandar Lampung to Krui Flight

At this time there is no official website or way to book the Krui flight online. The easiest way to find information on updated schedules is from their instagram page. If you’re interested in booking the flight you can ask your accommodation for help or get in contact with them directly via Whatsapp.

Just know that the plane is small and only fits a few people. It’s also common for it to be cancelled with bad weather or not run at all during rainy season. Be flexible with your dates and times if you’re looking into this option.

Flight to Krui Sumatra

Have any questions about this article or want to share more information on how to get to Krui Sumatra? Leave us a comment below!

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Krui Sumatra Travel

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