How to Get an Indonesia Visa on Arrival & Easy Bali Visa Extension

Indonesia Visa on Arrival

The Indonesia Visa on Arrival is super easy to obtain for tourists visiting the country! We recently spent a month in Indonesia and are happy to share our experience, along with getting a Bali Visa extension. This will especially help US citizens looking for an Indonesia Visa as we both traveled here with our United States passports. Here are some tips and things to know before you start this important paperwork!


Indonesia Visa on Arrival Rules

The first thing we want to say is so essential! Make sure to double check the rules for whatever country you call home. The Indonesia Visa for US citizens may be way different than other countries around the world. 

At the time of our visit (November 2022) we could only get a 30 day Indonesia Visa on Arrival. Once we had the initial visa, we could extend it one time for additional 30 days at an official immigration office. 

We got our visa after arriving at Jakarta International Airport. You will have to get the visa at your first entry point in Indonesia wherever that is.

For example, many travelers will have a layover in Jakarta but their final destination is Bali. In this instance, you will still have to get your Indonesia Visa on Arrival and clear customs before you can continue on to the domestic terminal.

Leave yourself enough time on your layover to get your visa and make your transfer!

This is especially important in Jakarta as it is a massive airport where you will have to take the sky train or shuttle bus between international and domestic terminals. Of course, always check your flight information beforehand! Yet, if you are tight on time you might want to consider jumping in a taxi to make the switch.

Indonesia Visa on Arrival Tips

Landing in Jakarta Indonesia 

For this trip we flew on Qatar Air from New York City to Jakarta. After almost 24 hours of travel we arrived tired and ready to get to our Jakarta Airport hotel. 

As soon as we exited our flight we headed out into the large arrivals hall. There is actually a small sign directing foreigners to the right corner of the room where the Indonesia Visa on Arrival counter is located. 

The nice thing about the Indonesia Visa on Arrival is that you don’t need to pre-book anything in advance. Lucky for us, the line was short and we quickly made our way up to the counter.

The first step with getting your Indonesia Visa is paying the fee. This is a recent change as of last year, but everyone entering Indonesia with this type of visa must pay $35 USD.

In the past you weren’t charged if your stay was under 30 days, and only had to pay if you planned to extend. The officer didn’t accept credit cards and said that we were able to pay with USD and EURO.

Thankfully, we always having extra USD when traveling. After paying our fee we headed to the next counter and got in line again for them to process our Indonesia Visa.

*Remember, these we were the rules to get an Indonesia Visa for US citizens as of November 2022. Check for any and all updates!

How to Get an Indonesia Visa Extension 

What to Have For Your Indonesia Visa on Arrival

  1. Passport 
  2. Payment Receipt for the Visa (recieved at first counter)
  3. Ticket stub for your arrival flight into the country
  4. Proof of onward ticket out of Indonesia
  5. Where in Indonesia you plan to travel next. We did not have to show proof of this.

Once we provided all the documents and answered the officers questions we got the Indonesia Visa On Arrival sticker placed in our passport. We were then allowed to continue on through customs. 

We’ve made multiple trips to Indonesia in 2022 which means we’ve been through this process multiple times! From our experience,  Jakarta International Airport has always been quick and easy. Still, we would advise giving yourself plenty of extra time if you’re trying to make another flight via transfer.

Indonesia Visa on Arrival Jakarta

How to Get an Indonesia Visa Extension 

If you plan to get an Indonesia Visa extension it can be a little tricky depending on where you’re traveling to. Basically you need to visit an immigration office that grants these in particular.

For us, this was super simple as we were on the giant tourist island of Bali where there are plenty of offices. Yet, it would have probably been more difficult on the more remote island of Sumatra where we ended up later in our travels.

If you can’t make it to an immigration office your only other option would be to leave the country and return to get a new visa processed. Hopefully, you won’t need to do this as it’s time consuming and will cost you extra in flight fees.

Bali Indonesia Visa on Arrival

Bali Visa Extension: On Your Own vs Local Agency

The first thing to know about getting a Bali visa extension is that they don’t make it easy. It’s actually one of the most complicated visa processes we’ve been through. To make matters worse, they were only granting an additional 3o days at the time of our visit.

The most frustrating part was that we needed to travel to the visa office three different times to actually complete the paperwork. That means if you aren’t staying near the visa office it will be several trips over the course of a week to actually get your Bali visa extension! Below is our very annoying 3 step process.

  • First Visit: Dropping off Passport/Paperwork & Paying the Fee
  • Second Visit: Taking Passport Photos
  • Third Visit: Picking Up Your Visa 

If you don’t want to make multiple visits to the immigration office then there is another option.You can actually pay to do your Bali visa extension though a local agency. This will cut out the 1st and 3rd visit to the Indonesia visa office and you will only have to go to immigration once to get your passport photos taken. 

Indonesia Visa on Arrival 

Using an Agency for a Bali Visa Extension

Not wanting to make 3 additional trips to the Bali visa office, we chose to go through a local agency on a recent trip. We only had about 10 days before our Indonesia Visa on Arrival was set to expire so we knew it was time to make a decision.

After looking into different companies and reviews we decided to go with Visa4Bali. It was located close by to us and just outside of where we were staying in Uluwatu Bali. After contacting the company on Whatsapp, they sent someone within the hour to come collect our passports and Bali visa information. We paid half of the processing fees upfront and then sent out passports off with the driver.

We will say that in all our years of travel this is the first time we have willing gave up our passports for such a long time. It was a slightly nerve-wracking feeling and we completely understand those that would rather go with the other Bali visa extension option. Below you’ll find the prices from the company we used.

Bali Visa Extension Cost

Bali Visa Extension Immigration Photos

Three Days later we got a message from our contact and were told to go to immigration to get our passport photos taken. Our Bali visa extension was being processed out of the Ngurah Rai Immigration Office as it was closest to us. 

The following morning we jumped in a grab taxi because it was downpouring and we didn’t want to make the 40 minute drive in the rain. Even though we arrived just 20 minutes after immigration opened, the office was absolutely packed with people! We got our number and waited close to an hour to be called for photos. 

Just a few days later our passports were dropped off back at our hotel and we paid the remaining balance. To us, it was definitely worth it to pay the additional money and avoid making multiple trips to the immigration office. 

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Bali Visa Extension Tips

Have any questions about applying for an Indonesia Visa on Arrival or want to share your own visa tips for different countries? Let us know in the comments below! 

Safe Travels,
Brigitte & Jake

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Indonesia Travel Planning 

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Indonesia Travel

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  1. Denise Chan
    January 9, 2023 / 2:37 am

    If I get a visa on arrival for Indonesia on a Cruise ship (one of the major cruise lines), can I use the same visa on arrival from the cruise ship when I fly into Bali a week later. I just plan to stay 6 more days in Bali.

    In the past, I got a visa on arrival for Cambodia on a Cruise ship but when I flew into Cambodia a week later, they said I could not use the visa on arrival from a cruise ship at the airport. I was told the visa on arrival for the airport was different than the visa on arrival at the seaport.

    • Brigitte & Jake
      January 9, 2023 / 2:46 am

      Hi Denise! Honestly, we are not 100% certain about this and don’t want to share the wrong information. We recommended contacting the cruise line directly for help with your visa questions. Have an amazing trip and fun time in Bali!

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