What’s it Like Flying On Qatar Airways? (Read Before You Book)

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is a company that we’ve used multiple times when making the long trip from the USA to Southeast Asia. Known as one of the leading airlines in the world, economy class tickets on Qatar Airways can be extremely affordable compared to other carriers. Here’s our full review of flying from JFK Airport in NYC to Bali with Qatar Airways so you know what to expect on your own trip!

Why We Picked Qatar Airways 

Over the years, we’ve flown Qatar Airways several times and it has become one of our favorite companies for long-haul flights. Whenever you’re flying over 20 hours you are going to want to be comfortable… Especially going all the way from NYC to Bali!

Qatar Airlines JFK departures leave from Terminal 8 and it’s convenient for us to get to when we’re visiting the East Coast of the USA. While it has worked out that we fly to Qatar we still always start our flight search by using Skyscanner. This website allows you to compare the different rates and companies to find the best deals.

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Qatar Airways Doha to Jakarta

NYC to Bali Route

After playing around with different dates and times we decided to fly from NYC to Bali with a 2 hour layover in Doha and an overnight stop in Jakarta. Arriving late into Jakarta, we booked an airport hotel for the night before taking a jumper flight the next morning to Bali! 

Qatar Airlines does offer direct flights from Doha to Bali so we could have have skipped out on the night in Jakarta. However, because we booked our flights last minute this route would’ve been a lot more expensive. When we factored in the extra hotel and flight we still saved over $400 combined for our flights to Bali!

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Qatar Airways JFK to Doha

Qatar Airways Economy Class 

When it came down to actually booking our flight we did so directly on the Qatar Airways website. Booking direct is always easier to communicate with the airline if anything comes up along the way. 

The website is easy to use and offers a weekly and monthly calendar view. If your dates are flexible you can take a look around and potentially save money on your travel. Of course, booking a Qatar Airways Economy Class seat will cut your costs, too!

Also, consider a round trip flight to get a better deal. Remember if you are traveling one way you’ll have to produce an onward ticket before your visa expires. 

Travel Tip: Before traveling always double check the visa! Indonesia offers a visa on arrival for many countries. Still, depending on your passport you may need to get one before your trip.

Qatar Airways Economy Class Review

Checking in at Qatar Airways JFK 

We arrived three hours before our flight at Qatar Airways JFK Terminal 8. The night before traveling we did a self check-in but still needed to verify our documents upon getting there.

When you check in for your Qatar Airways flight make sure you choose your seats! If you try to change them before check-in you will be charged an extra fee so were happy to wait. 

On the day we traveled we woke up at 3am and made the drive to the airport. We hired a one way rental car to make it easier to get into the New York City early.

Once we got to the Qatar Airways JFK counter we realized how busy it was! The flight was completely full and was actually quite a long process to check everyones documents.

Qatar Airways JFK

Morning Flight vs Night 

When flying from NYC to Bali (or really from the USA to anywhere in Asia) it is common for the flights leave at night. We would normally board close to midnight, eat a meal while watching a movie, then try to get as much sleep as possible on the way to Doha. 

Yet, this would be the first time first time we had a morning flight to Asia. Luckily it was several hundred dollars cheaper per person. With our flexible schedule, it didn’t matter to us what time it was so this was a no brainer.

Qatar Airways Review

Qatar Airways Review: JFK to Doha 

For our first flight, we booked a window and middle seat. The entire cabin was full and we quickly got settled in. With our seats we were given blankets, pillows, headphones, and a small comfort bag with an eye mask, toothbrush, ear plugs, and socks. 

We usually bring our own items and even have a long flight essentials list on Amazon if you want to check out what we like to travel with. Using an eye mask and ear plugs makes all the difference when trying to sleep on a flight! 

Our plane took off on time and we quickly got settled in and started a movie. The first service came out quick and below are the photos of what we were served. 

Qatar Airway JFK to Doha

Qatar Airways JFK Review

Flight Review Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways Food

We both opted for the regular meals, but know that the Qatar Airways Economy Class meals are listed on their website. If you have any food restrictions make sure to pre-order the right meal in advance. 

Around hour 8 we were definitely ready to land. Yet, we still had a few hours to go. There was a weird state of being awake because it was the middle of the day, while also being tired from the lack of sleep the night before.

Qatar Airways Food

Qatar Airways Meal

2 Hour Layover in Qatar

Two hours isn’t much time at all for a layover in Qatar! By the time our flight got to the gate we only had about an hour before boarding again for the second leg of our trip.

When traveling we always use Priority Pass for airport lounges. If you’ve never been to Doha International Airport they have some extremely nice clubs to enjoy. Another time when we had a longer layover we even showered in the lounge!

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JFK to Bali Qatar Layover

Qatar Airway Airport Layover

Qatar Airways Review: Doha to Jakarta 

To be honest, the second leg of our flight was a complete blur. At this time in the trip it was night back home and we were beyond tired. Once again we were given eye masks, a blanket, and some inflight essentials to start the trip with. 

The second flight actually flew by quickly as we were sleeping for most of it. I mean, can you blame us? At this point we were pushing almost 24 hours in the air towards the end of our journey! 

Qatar Airway Full Review

Landing in Jakarta

When the flight landed we headed straight to get our visa on arrival. We already knew that we were going to stay longer than the initial one month visa so we made sure to get the extendable option. Still, in order to get it you first need to get a 30 day visa on arrival and handle the extension later.

The line was very short and made up of just a handful of travelers from our flight. We paid our fee, quickly got the visa, and were on our way! For that night we booked an airport hotel and couldn’t get there soon enough. After almost two days of traveling, we showered and jumped into bed finally to finally receive a proper night of sleep. 

Qatar Airways Flight to Jakarta

Qatar Airways Review: Last Flight from NYC to Bali 

In the morning it was time to head back to the departures lounge and hop on the last leg from Jakarta to Bali. As you can imagine, we were more then ready to get there!

If you’re only on a short vacation (or not on a budget) we would highly recommend flying direct from Doha to Bali. It would have given us an entire extra day on the island to settle in and enjoy ourselves instead of stopping in Jakarta.

Arriving at the airport in Bali is complete madness and something we have experienced before. Just a warning, the taxi drivers will swarm quickly outside and it can be overwhelming.

One of the best travel tips in this Qatar Airways review is to pre-book an airport transfer with your hotel. It just makes arriving so much easier as your ride will be there waiting for you! 

NYC to Bali Flight

Qatar Airways Review: Final Thoughts 

We’ve flown from Qatar Airways JFK several times now and always have a good experience. The entire process runs smoothly, there are lots of great movies to keep us occupied, and the food and drinks are solid. 

At the end of the day, there is only so much comfort you can find when traveling 24+ hours in a Qatar Airways Economy Class seat. One day we would certainly love to experience one of the long-haul routes in business class or one of their famous Q Suites!

Qatar Airways Full Review

Have any questions about this Qatar Airways review or want to share your own tips for flying from NYC to Bali? Let us know in the comment below.

Safe Travels,
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Qatar Airways

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