What’s it Like Flying With EasyJet Airlines? (Must Read Review!!)

What’s it Like Flying With EasyJet Airlines? (Must Read Review!!)

Considering a flight with EasyJet Airlines and don’t know what to expect? Well, we recently flew for the first time with this budget airline from Kefalonia Greece to London. Let us share everything from how to book your flight, money saving tips, and all about our own experience in this EasyJet review. 

2023 EasyJet Review

Booking Our EasyJet Flight 

The first thing we should tell you is that EasyJet Airlines is actually the reason we traveled to Kefalonia Greece! We know that sounds a little crazy.

Yet, after exploring the Greek mainland we knew we wanted to visit at least one island that we hadn’t been to before. After our trip to Greece we would be continuing on to Scotland for a 10 day Highlands road trip.

Instead of looking for cheap flights from Athens to London, we kept it vague and searched everywhere in Greece to the United Kingdom. We started the booking process as we always do by using Skyscanner. There’s no way we would get as many deals as we do traveling without this useful website!

The one thing that stuck out to us in our search was the EasyJet flights from Kefalonia to London. From there, we knew we could get a quick jumper flight to our final destination of Aberdeen. 

As avid travelers in Greece, Kefalonia Island had been on our radar for awhile. So after seeing there was a direct flight to London available it was an easy choice. Not only did we avoid heading back to Athens this way, but the EasyJet route ended up being much less expensive than other low-cost airlines.

In fact, the flights with British Airways and Aegean Airlines were almost double the price going through Athens on our dates! Ultimately, it was this inexpensive EasyJet Airlines flight that swayed us into going. 

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EasyJet Flight Reviews

Where Does EasyJet Airlines Fly?

While our EasyJet review is based on our experience from Greece to London, you should know that this company has flights all over Europe. They actually offer 900+ routes in more than 34 different countries!

The low cost airline is based out of the U.K. and some of its most popular cities include London, Paris, and Milan. In addition to connecting the European mainland to the beautiful Greek Islands, you’ll even find flights to Morocco, Scandinavia, Iceland, and the Canary Islands. 

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EasyJet Airlines Routes

Extras Fees With EasyJet

Like all budget airlines these days there are different levels to pick from depending on what you need. One tip we want to share in our EasyJet review is that if you need additional baggage (or other add ons) you can book the standard fare and then add your extra items individually. 

After looking through the fare options that’s exactly what we did! It wasn’t important for us to have speedy boarding, an extra legroom seat, or to sit in the front of the plane.

We ended up booking two standard seats and then added on additional carry-on baggage afterward. This saved us a little money compared to choosing one of the higher level fares with EasyJet Airlines. 

Our total with two bags for the first flight came to $97 USD each which we thought was a decent price. We should also mention that we bought our tickets only two weeks prior which is quite last minute for most in the travel world. You can almost always find better deals by booking in advance in Europe.

EasyJet Baggage & Fare Options

Something to double-check beforehand is that your carry-on bag is not over the baggage allowance with the cheapest ticket. The one that is included with the standard fare has to go under the seat and not in the overhead bins. 

Obviously, this is really up to the EasyJet staff and cabin crew to check that your bags are the right size. Just know that if you are over the weight limit you’ll have to pay hefty additional fees to add baggage at the airport. Also, note that you will need to pay a cancellation fee to change a flight if your plans change.

The only way to get a partial refund is if you were to cancel within 24 hours of your booking. Keep in mind this is minus the change fee and taxes. The other thing is that the cost is $60 USD if you do it yourself online, but calling customer service will cost $66. So at the end of the day it might be cheaper to just book a new EasyJet flight! 

Below are the different fare options to choose from with EasyJet Airlines. As we’ve mentioned, it may be less expensive to book the standard package and add on you baggage if you don’t need all the extra services. 

Standard: One small under seat bag (45 x 36 x 20 cm).

Standard Plus: Under seat bag, one large cabin bag (56 x 45 x 25 cm), up front seat, and speedy boarding.

Essentials: Under seat bag, 23kg checked bag, and standard seating.

EasyJet Flight Levels

Getting Ready for Takeoff

We arrived about an hour and a half early as we knew the Kefalonia Airport was not that large. Yet, just because the airport was small doesn’t mean it can’t get busy! Along with EasyJet Airlines, there were direct flights to other major cities taking off all over Europe. 

We got our boarding passes online and didn’t need to check any bags so it was really quick to get through customs. Be sure to download the official EasyJet Airlines app to get your mobile boarding passes beforehand.

While we didn’t officially have our flight delayed, the boarding didn’t start until a bit after our departure time. That was due to the fact that the inbound flight from London was late arriving. 

We’re used to small delays while traveling so we just sat at the bar, grabbed a drink, and made the most of our wait. Once the EasyJet flight arrived we were able to queue at the boarding gate and they moved everyone outside. 

The only problem was our EasyJet flight still wasn’t ready to board and it was super hot out. There were definitely some kids and families that were not happy about having to wait outside. Really, this could have been more to do with the airport setup and not the airline. 

EasyJet Flight Review

EasyJet Review

In-Air EasyJet Review

As soon as we boarded the EasyJet plane we noticed how nice it was for a low-cost airline. The seats were leather and the aircraft was very clean. We weren’t impressed with the business class section so it’s probably not worth the money if you were wondering. 

When it comes to the leg room, it seemed pretty standard to other low cost carriers we’ve flown. The space under the seat for your personal item was slightly small for a normal-sized backpack, but we were able to squeeze ours in. 

The plane didn’t have any entertainment so make sure to bring your own. Personally, we always fly with a Kindle and download some podcasts or shows to watch on our phones. 

As soon as we got into our seats the flight attendants did a good job of getting everyone onboard and settled so we could take off. At one point there was even an announcement asking everyone to get seated as quickly as possible. 

The captain said it had to do with the air traffic. If we didn’t take off in 20 minutes we would have to wait two more hours! Needless to say, that got everyone moving.

Taking Off On Our EasyJet Flight

When the flight finally took off the view out over Kefalonia Island was stunning. Whether it’s for short flights or longer routes, we always try to get a window seat traveling around Europe.

Shortly after taking off the cabin staff started their service. This is when you can buy different snacks and drinks, but know that nothing comes free on EasyJet Airlines. 

We ate right before boarding so this unfortunately isn’t part of our EasyJet review. From what we could tell, the food looked like the basic snacks and chips you see on most budget airlines. 

The flight from Kefalonia to the capital of England was just over 3 hours and went by super fast. We were happy that there wasn’t any turbulence or more delays to keep our schedule on track. The landing was also smooth, and before we knew it we were inside London Gatwick Airport. 

EasyJet Air Review

Easyjet Flight View

Easyjet Airline Seats

Easyjet Flight Menu

Domestic EasyJet Review

EasyJet Airlines is a British company headquartered out of London Luton Airport. This is why you can find an abundance of extremely cheap domestic flights around the United Kingdom. 

The cost for this flight was much cheaper than our international one, coming in at $56 U.S. dollars each. This included adding the extra baggage as we did on our outbound flight from Greece. 

Our second EasyJet flight ticket would take us from London to Aberdeen. We had over three hours to wait so we went to one of our Priority Pass lounges and to hang out before our next leg. 

London Gatwick Airport is absolutely massive and always busy. We often find ourselves with connecting flights through here so we are definitely used to the hustle and bustle of this popular airport.

Unlike the first of our EasyJet flights, our plane took off right on time and everything went great. This time we were only in the air for just over an hour en route to Scotland. 

Of course we would have loved to fly directly from Greece to Scotland and not have a layover. However, the majority of direct flights only go from Athens. You can also find routes from the popular Islands in Greece such as Santorini and Mykonos

EasyJet Review and Tips

EasyJet London Review

Is EasyJet Good to Fly With?

How we feel about EasyJet is about the same as most budget airlines in Europe. If it happens to be the best price and most direct route, then we’re happy to book it! 

With every airline there are going to be people who have great experiences and bad ones. Overall, we would say the two EasyJet flights went pretty well and we don’t have much to complain about.

Even with an hour delay on our first leg, the airline was able to make up most of that time in the sky. We ended up arriving just a little late in London which is to be expected when you’re flying Europe’s popular routes. 

We were never worried about catching our connecting flight as we had more than enough time to clear customs and make the transfer.

If we find ourselves passing through London again we would book with EasyJet Airlines without thinking twice. Just make sure to limit your expectations when traveling on a low-cost carrier like this and you shouldn’t have many issues!

EasyJet Reviews

Have any questions on this article or want to share your own EasyJet reviews? Leave us a comment below!

Safe Travels,
Brigitte & Jake


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