Is JetBlue a Good Airline? 7 Things to Know Before You Book!

Is JetBlue a Good Airline

JetBlue Airlines is a US carrier that has own grown in popularity over the years. It is known for being one of the better low-cost companies and has daily flights all over the United States. Most of us have heard of it, but is JetBlue a good airline? We recently flew with them from New York City to Texas and had some surprises along the way! Here’s our JetBlue review flying in basic seating, what to know about carry on, and more fun tips.

JetBlue Review: 7 Things To Know First

1. You Might Traveling With Their Partners 

To find our tickets we first used Skyscanner to search the best deals for our dates. While we were open to flying with a different low-cost airline, we were happy to see that Jetblue has direct domestic routes between John F. Kennedy International Airport and Houston.

It would’ve been a bit cheaper if we didn’t go direct. However, we had been traveling a lot over the last few months and didn’t want to deal with a connecting flight.

The interesting thing about booking on the JetBlue website is that they also show the flights on their partner airlines. For example, on the day we were flying there was an option for an American Airlines flight as well.

We were actually happy to see that the airline was clearly shown. In the past, we have flown with companies that didn’t make it known that we would be traveling with their partner. Obviously, in these situations we were very confused when we showed up at the airport to check-in!

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Review JetBlue Airlines

2. Dramatically Different Prices 

JetBlue is definitely known as being one of the best affordable airlines to fly with. While you can often find a good deal, know that it will still probably be a bit more expensive than the ultra budget companies like Spirit and Frontier Airlines. However, it is possible to still find deals with JetBlue!

The closer to the date you plan to travel the higher chance your flight cost will jump up as the seats get full. If your travel dates are at all flexible make sure to check the top of the search bar when booking your tickets. JetBlue Airlines shows the different days of the week before and after the flight you searched to show the different costs.

For example, when we left Houston, the Sunday flight back to New York was more than double the price of the same flight on Monday. By waiting one extra day (even factoring in the cost of an airport hotel) we saved a few hundred dollars on our flight tickets!

JetBlue Flight Review

3. JetBlue Basic Doesn’t Allow For Any Carry On Baggage 

Instead of the economy, premium economy, business, and so on… JetBlue does things a little differently. They have their own levels which are broken into Blue Basic, Blue, and Blue Extra.

You can pick what category you need based on your travels. The most important factor is how much luggage you are taking with you as your JetBlue carry on.

All levels come with a free carry on personal item, but none with a free checked bag. If you want a larger JetBlue carry on bag that fits in the overhead bins you will have to book Blue, Blue extra, or add a bag to your booking.

Maybe this shouldn’t have come as such a surprise to us. Yet, even with the cheapest tickets on most airlines you are allowed to add baggage afterwards. Just know that if you’re booking the JetBlue Basic fare you will have to buy a checked bag.

JetBlue Basic Carry On

4. Printing Your Own JetBlue Boarding Passes and Luggage Tags 

When we showed up to the airport we already had checked into our flight. Still, it was time to drop off our luggage before going through security. We had bought a check bag and added it to our ticket so we wouldn’t have an issue with the size of our bags.

While each airport is different, JFK Airport on the east coast is the largest hub for JetBlue flights. This is because JetBlue Airlines is actually a New York-based company and its headquarters is out of Queens, NY.

Instead of going to the check-in counter after arriving we used the stands to print our tickets along with the tag for the checked baggage. Once we had our tickets and luggage ready, there is an area where the ground staff made sure our luggage was correct and put it on the carousel.

JetBlue Airline Review

5. Email Alert That Your JetBlue Baggage Made it 

If your forced to check a bag, don’t worry! You’ll get fun little email alerts along the way. This was a first for us, but if you fly JetBlue often then you might be use to it. 

After we boarded the plane, stored our carry-on luggage, and were settling in for our flight, we were shocked to get an email notification that our baggage had been loaded onto the flight.

We’ve flown countless domestic and international flights and have never gotten this courtesy. Obviously, we appreciated knowing that our baggage was onboard with us!

As full-time travelers, we try only bring bags we can carry on with us. In the rare cases we have to check a bag it’s nice to know where it is at all times. 

For some it may seem crazy to include this in our JetBlue review. However, it’s small things like this that helped us determine “Is JetBlue a good airline?”

Reivew Is Jetblue A Good Airline

6. JetBlue In-Air Entertainment & Snacks 

There is no debating it… For being a low-cost carrier model, JetBlue is extremely comfortable! We had individual entertainment centers, UBS ports, free wifi, and even drink service.

One of the main things we wanted to highlight in this JetBlue review is that they have the most legroom in coach. This is something they often promote and a reason why many believe it’s a great company.

Not long after taking off ,the flight attendants came around with free snacks and drinks. You can pick from different juices, soft drinks, or pay for alcoholic beverages. We enjoyed our Cheez-its and pretzels, threw on a movie, and enjoyed a relaxing 4 hour flight to Houston.

JetBlue Airlines Snacks

7. JetBlue Airlines is International 

One thing we didn’t know before our recent journey with JetBlue is that they fly abroad! For whatever reason, we mostly thought of them as domestic airline. JetBlue Airlines actually goes to over 100 destinations in the U.S., the Caribbean, Latin America, and the United Kingdom.

Additionally, their partners of American Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, and Iceland Air fly all over the world! This is just something to think about when booking international travel if you love your domestic flights on JetBlue.

JetBlue Airlines Review

Is JetBlue a Good Airline?

As far as budget airlines go, you won’t find much better than this! Honestly, it’s hard to even compare them to the likes of other super low-cost carriers.

Like many travelers, we’ve had some nightmare experiences with companies like Spirit Airlines. So when you consider the extra leg room in coach, fare options, free snacks and drinks, and solid customer service, we had a great experience.

The only thing we didn’t love was the price, but that was more to do with us booking last minute than anything. If you plan in advance you can find that their prices are competitive, even with long-haul flights.

So is JetBlue a good airline? We have to say yes! We would definitely consider flying with them again on our next trip.

Is JetBlue a Good Airline Review

Have any questions on this article or want to leave your own JetBlue review? Leave us a comment below.

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