10 Fun Reasons to Use Priority Pass Lounges While Traveling

Priority Pass Airport Lounges

For those that take to the skies often there is nothing better than hitting the airport club before your flight. Priority Pass is one of the best ways to do that as it gives you access to lounges around the world! After having a Priority Pass membership for over three years, we wanted to share our experiences and what we enjoy most about it. And with many of the most popular credit cards offering Priority Pass, what are you waiting for?! 

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10 Fun Reasons to Use the Priority Pass Lounges

1. All You Can Eat 

The first thing we love about the Priority Pass membership is the food options. Although they range depending on the lounge, anytime you’re getting food included it’s a good thing! Sometimes it will be a full buffet while other places you’re ordering from a small menu of snacks.

The most fun part about this is trying the different international food at each airport. From sushi in Tokyo to bangers and mash in London, it’s always great to get a taste of the region you’re traveling through… Without even leaving the airport!

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Priority Pass Lounges

2. Wifi Connection

Like us, many of the Priority Pass users work online or on the go. This makes having strong wifi at the airport a must! Especially if you have a long layover and need to get some stuff done.  

We’ve honestly never been in one of the Priority Pass lounges that had poor wifi and don’t see it happening in the future! It’s awesome to be able to check on our website and other things online while enjoying a drink and food.

Priority Pass Lounge

3. Relaxing Between Flights

Is there anything worse than waiting by a packed gate for multiple hours to get on your flight? There is something so nice about heading to the Priority Pass lounges where only a select few travelers can be.

It makes you feel like you’re an exclusive member of something, and that’s because you are! Specifically during covid times, it’s been so nice to be in a separate and private area away from the main airport.

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4. Beds… Showers… and Spa?!

Wait, what? That’s right! Some Priority Pass lounges through have showers, beds, and even spa’s available! We will never forget how nice it was to shower in Doha, Qatar, after a looong flight from the United States en route to Asia. 

If you’re ever at an airport like Oman’s Muscat International and have a long layover be sure to take advantage of the rooms with beds! You can even book these in advance so you can catch a nap before your next flight. This unexpected benefit of Priority Pass with credit card will leave you well rested for the next leg of your journey.

Priority Pass Spa

5. Multiple Priority Pass Lounges 

Another thing we love about the Priority Pass membership is how sometimes you have more than one lounge available! Moreso at larger international airports, you may have 2 or 3 lounges accessible through credit cards with Priority Pass.

Singapore Changi Airport is one of our favorite in the world for more reasons than one. Aside from its beautiful design and tropical features, there are over 20 Priority Pass lounges across 4 terminals!

Priority Pass Qatar

6. Open Bar

Who doesn’t love a relaxing drink while traveling? Well, good news! With a Priority Pass membership you’ll almost always have plenty of drink options. At the very minimum, all lounges have beer and wine available.

However, at some Priority Pass lounges, you’ll even have prosecco, liquor, and anything else you can imagine at your disposal. Just be careful… Open bar at the airport can be dangerous. Keep an eye on your boarding time to avoid missing your flight!

Cards with Priority Pass

7. Bring Your Friends

Another great benefit of cards with Priority Pass is that depending on your membership level you can bring a guest. This means when you’re traveling with friends or your significant other you can swipe them in free of charge. Being in the airport club is always more fun with friends!

Priority Pass Card Review

8. Fun Travel Days 

It’s no secret that travel days can not always be the most enjoyable experience. This can especially ring true if you travel a lot for work or on multi-day trips across the world.

Since traveling is literally part of our job, the Priority Pass membership gives us something to look forward to each and every time! We love the surprise each new club brings, while also returning to some old favorites.

Airport Clubs Priority Pass

9. Priority Pass with Credit Card

For how much we travel, Priority Pass easily pays for itself! If you’ve ever scanned the prices of single entry into an airport club they can run upwards of $50 for just a couple of hours… and that’s even if they allow outside guests at all!

With the Chase Sapphire Credit Card we pay $550 per year but then are given $300 in travel credit back. Assuming you use the entire credit that means you’re only paying $250/year on your Priority Pass with a credit card.

This gives you the priority pass with guests, as well as dozens of other benefits related to it. While this may not make as much sense if you don’t travel much, for people like us it’s quite the deal! You can also get a Priority Pass membership directly from them as you’ll see in the link below.

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Priority Pass Fees

10. Easy to Use Priority Pass App

The last thing we love is about Priority Pass is their great phone app. Whenever we’re heading to the airport we simply open it up and are easily able to find out if our airport has Priority Pass lounges.

It even works offline! Additionally, the app also shows exactly where the club is located inside the airport. This can be such a time saver when you’re in a rush, or just trying to navigate your way around a massive airport. It also displays what is offered as far as food, drinks, and has pictures of the inside.

Priority Pass Lounges App

Have any questions on Priority Pass with credit card or want to share your own experiences from the airport clubs? Leave us a comment below!

Safe Travels,
Brigitte & Jake

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