20 Super Helpful Airbnb Host Tips From Seasoned Travelers

Airbnb Host Tips

Have a cool pad and wondering how to host for Airbnb? Exciting! If you don’t know us, we’re Brigitte and Jake from the travel blog Nothing Familiar. Over the years, we’ve stayed at countless Airbnb’s around the world working remotely on our website. After experiencing so many different accommodations on the Airbnb platform, we’ve realized there are certain things hosts do to make our time more enjoyable. So whether you’re just getting started hosting with Airbnb or are looking for some fresh tips, you’ve come to the right place!

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20 Helpful Tips for Hosting with Airbnb

1. Quick Communication

How fast you respond is huge for guests! When we’re searching for an Airbnb we typically message our top 2 or 3 places to ask any questions that we have about the property. 

Ultimately, we go with our favorite based on the location, price, and amenities. Still, having a host that we know is responsive and eager to greet us goes a long way! 

This tip for Airbnb hosts is even more important when we’re staying at the property. If you’ve cleared up any questions beforehand there shouldn’t be so many during your visit.  However, being available throughout the stay makes a huge difference! 

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2. Details are Everything 

The description section of your rental as well as your own personal bio is a great place to sell yourself as a host! If a property is the size we need, has the right location, and the photos are decent, we will read the description in full. Really the more information the better as long as it relates to the property. 

While this is the time to shine and highlight all the great things about your place, don’t be afraid to also be honest about any downsides. Leave everything on the table when hosting with Airbnb to not set unrealistic expectations and have an unhappy guest. 

For example, when we were checkout out the food scene in Auckland New Zealand, our host mentioned in the description that there is a noisy bar nearby on the weekends. She also stated that she bought thick noise canceling curtains, and provides earplugs on the bedside table.

We didn’t think the noise was that bad because we knew about it beforehand. Additionally, the fact that she made the effort to do something about it let us know how much she cares about her guests!

Host Tips for Airbnb

3. Presentable Photos

One of the best tips for hosting Airbnb is to have great photos in your listing. Make sure the photos have decent lighting and show everything about the property. This will especially entice long-term renters if they can really see themselves staying. 

Not everyone is great at taking photos, and that’s okay. You might even only have your phone to take the pictures. Don’t be afraid to ask a friend/family for help that may have better equipment or is more skilled with tech than you.

You can always start with a few and update them in the future. Take the pictures on a clear sunny day if possible. Show every room in the house and multiple angles of some locations if you can’t fit it all in one shot. The more the better!

You can also add photos of the surrounding area and popular attractions. Yet, this comes with a warning! Your main photo should always feature the unit, and 90% of the photo listing should be of the unit.

Tips for Hosts Airbnb

4. Be Strategic About the Main Photo

The main photo is VERY important when learning how to host for Airbnb! This is the first thing that will catch a renter’s attention while scrolling through listings and you really want to stick out. Things to highlight are the view, main living area, bedroom, or property.

You are the one who knows your rental the best, so this is your chance to show it off! Make the photo one that you would personally click on and somewhere people can see themselves living.

Airbnb Review Guide

5. Always Make Contact Before Arrival 

Communication is one of our key tips for hosting Airbnb! There have been a handful of times where it’s the night before we’re set to arrive at a new Airbnb and still haven’t heard anything from the owner.

This can be especially stressful if your traveling from long distances and unsure of how to get into the unit. It happened to us in Milan Italy and we were stuck outside with all our bags for over an hour. This put a damper on our day before we could finally check-in and get to exploring the fabulous city! 

Never let a guest feel like you forgot about them when hosting with Airbnb. In the age of alerts and instant messaging there’s no reason to not respond… Especially on entering the property. Below are some questions we typically have before arriving at an Airbnb to be prepared for.

  • What is the best way to contact you during our stay?
  • How do we get into the apartment?
  • What parts of the grounds/property are available to guests?
  • Where do we put trash and recycling?
  • What time is check-in and check out?

Best Airbnb Host Tips

6. Understand Each Renter is Different 

It’s always best to keep it simple with your guests. Know that each person is different and has booked your unit for their own reasons.

Sometimes it can be hard to accommodate families or different size groups. Be patient and do everything you can to make their experience a good one. This will ensure a great review, and in turn get you more bookings!

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Top Tips for Airbnb Hosts

7. The Cleaner the Better 

There is nothing worse than walking into a dirty Airbnb! Now that doesn’t mean your unit has to look like it’s never been lived in. Each place has its own decor and style which is part of the fun of staying in Airbnb’s.

Nevertheless, cleanliness is everything for a first impression! One thing not to overlook is the towels and bedsheets. If there are any stains that don’t wash out then they need to be replaced. Buy throw blankets and pillows that can be easily cleaned and washed, too.  

Another one of our Airbnb host tips is actually leaving cleaning products. For a short-term stay, basic items should be there to clean the countertops and sweep the floors. Also include dish soap, a sponge, and drying rack.

You may be surprised, but several times there hasn’t been anything for us to clean dishes with… Even when there is a full kitchen! Truthfully, if you want your place looking like you left it then give your renters the tools to clean up after themselves.

Tips for Airbnb Hosts

8. Check-In Options

There are two ways you can do the check-in process when learning how to host for Airbnb. Have a lock box outside the door, or meet the guests in person. Obviously, there are benefits and disadvantages to both these options.

After staying at many, many, Airbnb’s we tend to prefer lockboxes. This way we can get directly into the unit and get settled in without the hassle of setting a meetup time with the host. It’s definitely more common to see this in city apartments as opposed to houses. 

However, if the unit is connected to the owner’s property or a room inside their house then meeting in person is a must. Let’s be honest, it’s kind of weird to be staying in such close proximity to someone without meeting them first! 

Top Host Tips Airbnb

9. Make a Welcome Packet

This is one of those tips for hosting Airbnb that not everyone does, but will make you stand out. Take the time to create a short welcome booklet of information!

It doesn’t have to be anything crazy. Just simple information that will be helpful to guests who are new to the area. Below are some helpful things to include in your Airbnb welcome packet.

  • Rules of the house or apartment complex.
  • Wifi Code.
  • Local restaurants, bars, and delivery spots.
  • Best things to do in the area. 
  • Cleaning and check-out instructions.
  • ANYTHING they should know about the toilet!

Airbnb Host Welcome Pack

10. Label Lights Switches 

You know the lights and switches in your home, but that doesn’t mean your guests will. Labeling the switches is super easy and will quickly solve a guest’s problem of walking around and flicking all the lights on and off until they know what one to use. It’s Airbnb host tips like this that take your listing from good to great!

Quick Tips for Airbnb Hosts

11. Invest in Fast Unlimited Wifi 

Why do you need wifi if you’re going on vacation? Well, this goes back to each guest being different. Not every person is going to use your home for a holiday. In this world, there are more and more people working remotely who use Airbnb as their go-to accommodation style. 

I know that we certainly do! 

We even go as far as to filter for wifi in the reviews and double-check the quality with the host before booking. Families with kids will also be looking for wifi strong enough to stream shows and movies. This won’t be a priority for all guests. Yet for some, it will really make or break their experience.

Tips for Airbnb Host

12. Supply the Basics

In our opinion, there is a bare minimum a rental house should have. These include coffee, tea, sugar, milk/creamer, salt, pepper, and cooking spray or oil.

If you don’t have these things consistently at your property you’re missing one of the easiest tips for Airbnb hosts! 

Airbnb Tips Hosting

13. Leave Other Treats 

Other little items will only further impress your guests when hosting with Airbnb. Things like chocolate, bread, flowers, or a bottle of wine are the perfect and inexpensive gifts to blow someone away!

We really love getting something local from the area to try as soon as we walk in the door. In places like Bali Indonesia, they always make a point to put fresh tropical fruit in the Airbnb’s. This left a lasting impression that carries over for the entire visit.

Airbnb Basic Tips

14. Notebook to Sign

Want more fun tips for hosting Airbnb? How about a notebook for guests to sign by the door! This is something we’ve seen at guesthouses and bed and breakfasts that should be utilized more at Airbnb’s. It’s such a nice way for people to share their experience offline and see where other travelers are coming from. 

Airbnb Host Guide

15. Spend a Night in the Unit  

Sometimes you need to see for yourself when hosting with Airbnb. If you can swing it, try and stay in the apartment for a night or two every now and then. This way you can see how the bed feels and check up on any complaints from reviews. You may even notice things that are missing which you can quickly replace before the next guests arrive.

Tips Airbnb

16. Sturdy Cooking Appliances 

This is such an important one. We can’t tell you how many times we booked a place with a kitchen that didn’t have the basic necessities. You have no idea how far a good pan and silverware goes! Wine glasses and beer mugs are also a nice touch, but at least be sure to have the basic cooking supplies available.

Top Tips Airbnb Hosts

17. Longterm Discounts 

There’s no way around it, pricing can determine a lot when hosting with Airbnb. Something that personally draws us into many properties is weekly and monthly discounts. Travelers will obviously be more enticed to book if you give them a reason to stay longer.

A great time to add a longterm discount is during the off-season when you are likely to have fewer bookings. One reason we love visiting the South of Spain in Winter is the amazing weekly Airbnb deals. 

This will not only keep your Airbnb rented, but also it’s less cleaning, flipping the house over, and overall less work for you. It’s not a strategy that everyone employs, especially depending on the time of year. Yet, if you’re having trouble filling your property it’s something to consider.

18. Write A Review on Day of Departure  

Typically when we receive a review on the same day as checkout we want to quickly submit our own review back. The faster a guest reviews you the more you will have on our property, which will lead to more renters! 

Getting a great Airbnb review is essential to having more bookings. Quite simply, the more you have the more bookings you will get. Travelers are way more likely to stay with you if you have hundreds of reviews vs. a small amount. If some days have passed by and you haven’t received one yet, there is no harm in reaching out either.

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Host Airbnb Tips

19. Airbnb Host Profile Tips

Okay… Maybe this should of been step one in our Airbnb host tips blog! It’s crucial to set up a great profile for yourself when first learning how to host for Airbnb. This includes having a picture and full description of yourself that is welcoming to potential guests.

If we EVER see a sweet place with little to no reviews, the first thing we do is check their profile. This is also where you see if the host has other properties in the area to help you make your decision. 

Airbnb Tips for Hosts

20. Be Available but Invisible

The last of our tips for hosting Airbnb is to be there, but also not be. Confused? Well, what we mean by that is to have excellent communication throughout the stay. Yet, you don’t stop by and get in the way either.

This is not the time to mow the lawn or do maintenance that can be completed after the guests leave! Furthermore, if you do offer a cleaning service for long-term renters, check to make sure what time works for them first to not interrupt their day.

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Tips for Hosting Airbnb

If you’re going to put the work and investment into hosting with Airbnb you might as well do it right! Have any questions about how to host with Airbnb or more tips for Airbnb hosts to share? Leave us a comment below!

Safe Travels,
Brigitte & Jake

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Airbnb Host Tips

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