How to Get an AMAZING Airbnb Review Every Stay

Airbnb Review

Traveling with Airbnb is a great option if you’re looking to have more space or a unique experience! It allows you to divert from a traditional hotel vacation and actually rent someone’s home or apartment. We stay in these style rentals all the time, and over the years have discovered what it takes to get an AMAZING Airbnb review! Below we break down our tips for getting a great guest Airbnb review and why it’s so important for future stays.

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What Exactly is Airbnb?

Most travelers know about Airbnb but not everyone has stayed in one before! If you’ve never used the service here’s a quick breakdown. You can book a room in someone’s home, an entire house or apartment, and a range of other special accommodations. You can even rent RV’s or glamping spots on the beach! Airbnb has exploded over the years and is now the go-to travel preference for many. 

If you’re new to using the platform check out our post below to find a great first stay!

ā†’ How to Find the Best Airbnb: 8 Tips We Always Use

Airbnb Review Tips

Why Airbnb Reviews Are Important

So you might be wondering why reviews are so important. Well depending on how often you plan to use Airbnb they can be essential for future bookings.

Just as you review different hotels or restaurants, Airbnb has the ability for you to do the same for your stay. However, after you submit your Airbnb review the host will review you as well!

Then for your next bookings, the new hosts are able to see your past reviews and decide if they want to accept your request. While this might feel judgmental it is actually a way to protect hosts who are opening their homes to strangers. 

Airbnb Review Guest

Benefits of Having a Good Airbnb Review

With each stay and Airbnb guest review you receive, it’s as if you are getting vetted by hosts. Yes, you are paying good money to stay at their home. Still, depending on how often you plan to rent Airbnb’s reviews are extremely important. 

We travel a lot and work remotely online. Over the years as our site has grown we have transitioned from hostels to hotels, and now stay at more long-term apartments. 

By having a great Airbnb guest review we’ve found hosts to be more flexible with us and our travel plans. We’ve had hosts on serval occasions mention our reviews before booking.

“Because of your Airbnb reviews, we’re able to make your early check-in work”

“Typically we don’t give a weekly discount, but because of your great reviews we have sent through a special offer.”

Airbnb Review Info

6 Tips for Being a Great Airbnb Guest 

It should come as no surprise that being a good guest will lead to a good review! While it’s important to use basic courtesy don’t overthink it. At the end of the day, the host wants you to have a great experience so you in turn will give them a positive review, too. 

Read All the Information: The description (as well as house rules) is packed with information that will help you see what type of stay you will have. This will also set up your expectations for the visit. 

Follow the Rules: If it says no loud music after a certain time stick to that. Also, if there are instructions about anything from the air conditioning to lights it’s best to follow them. Really the thing to remember is that it’s someone else’s home! 

Communicate Before Your Visit: A day or two before you arrive always make sure to contact the host if you are missing anything. This especially applies to check-in information. If you have a lockbox you will be able to get in at any time. However, at some Airbnb’s you have to meet the host first which means you will need to set an arrival time. 

Book The Right Type of Stay: If you are looking for a quiet weekend don’t book a shared room in someone’s house with a description that says they love to socialize with guests! 

Always Be Honest: If you’re booking a place to throw a party or have friends over be honest when booking. It’s better to find a host that is open to this than getting caught doing something that isn’t allowed. In addition, if something breaks during your stay let the host know so they can replace it before the next guest arrives. 

Leave a Clean Apartment: While no one expects you to do a full scrub down make sure to leave it tidy. At Airbnb’s it’s expected for you to wash your dishes, and generally leave the place as you found it. 

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How to Get Amazing Airbnb Reviews 

At the end of the day, it is up to the host to leave the Airbnb review of guests. If you have good communication, express how much you enjoyed your stay, and leave the place as you found it then there will be no reason not to get a positive review. 

Here are some recent reviews that we have received from hosts!

“Brigitte has been a great guest, very communicative at all times and has left the apartment very clean and tidy. Thank you for visiting”

“Great guests, very friendly, quiet and respectful of house rules. We have had very clean guests in the past but must say Brigitte and Jake left the apartment spotless. Very much appreciated. Always welcome back.”

“Brigitte and her partner are amazing guests . Iā€™d love to host them again if they ever make it back to NZ!”

“Highly recommend. Thanks so much for staying with us and thank you for leaving the house clean and tidy. Guests like you are a breeze and a real pleasure to have staying. Thanks again Trina”

“Cannot speak highly enough of this lovely couple. Brigitte and Jake were wonderful guests. Very respectful, friendly, and tidy. Would have them back anytime! Highly recommend.”

Airbnb Guest Review

What Should You Include in Your Airbnb Review? 

While we’ve talked a lot about hosts leaving you a review at the end of your visit you’ll be able to do the same. If you really look at the photos, check the description, and read the reviews from past guests there shouldn’t be too many surprises on your visit. 

Some things you could highlight in your Airbnb reviews are the location, comfort of the unit, communication with the host, and if you would recommend it to other travelers. 

We run a travel blog and love sharing information with others to make their trip amazing! If there is any fun information to add that can benefit future travelers leaving it in a review is super helpful.

Was there a great pizza place nearby that you went to all the time? What about a weekly farmers market? How about an amazing hike or coastal walk? Really you can say anything and everything about the apartment. 

Airbnb Review of Guest

Have any questions about what it takes to get a good Airbnb guest review? How about sharing your own experience and tips for how to get great Airbnb reviews? Let us know in the comments below! 

Safe Travels,
Brigitte & Jake

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Airbnb Review

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