Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Rent a Car on Crete Greece

Renting a Car on Crete

It’s no secret that Crete is one of the most popular islands to visit in Greece. However, one thing you should be prepared for is how massive it actually is! So how do you get around to all the greatest beaches, viewpoints, and delicious restaurants? If you’re up for some driving, renting a car on Crete can be the best option to explore this amazing island in Greece. Here are 6 reasons to get a rental car on your next vacation to Crete Greece!

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Top 6 Reasons For Renting a Car on Crete Greece

1. Largest Island in Greece

The number one reason for renting a car on Crete is the actual size of the island! At 3,263 square miles, Crete is the biggest island in Greece and 5th largest in the Mediterranean Sea.

This means to get to all the best places you will have to do some traveling. Having a rental car in Crete Greece is ideal for getting from town to town, and to many of the hard-to-reach attractions.

Crete Greece Rental Car

2. The Best Beaches

Speaking of attractions… The most popular thing that draws visitors to Crete every year is its beautiful beaches! Yet, there is one small issue. Some of the most stunning and secluded beaches are the most difficult to get to.

In fact, a few of the most famous beaches you can’t utilize the public bus for. There are group tours that can take you to the unique pink sands, but if you don’t mind driving a Crete rental car is the way to go!

Hunting For Pink Sand At Elafonisi Beach

Renting a Car on Crete Greece Guide

3. Freedom to Roam

The third reason to get a rental car in Crete Greece is simply freedom. You aren’t tied down to a bus or tour schedule which means you can set the vacation on your own terms.

We personally love having the option to stay longer at places we love or to take off whenever we’re not feeling it. Renting a car in Crete Greece gives you the freedom to hit the open road and fully dictate how you spend your time on the island.

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Rental Car in Crete Greece

4. No Riding the Bus!

We just mentioned the buses on Crete, and it has to be expanded on in this Crete rental car article. Even though we did do plenty of driving on Crete, we also used the bus system plenty to get around.

The bus isn’t always our favorite method of transportation, but we were pleasantly surprised by it on Crete. The system seemed quite efficient and perfect for short day trips, particularly from the main cities of Heraklion and Chania.

The main issue with the bus is that it does not go to some of the most amazing places in Crete (especially in the Southern part of the island). Still, it can be a good money saver as opposed to renting a car in Crete Greece if you’re planning a relaxing vacation.

For more information on using the bus on Crete check out our post!

Pros & Cons of Traveling Crete by Bus

Crete Rental Car

5. Rental Car in Crete Greece From the Airport

If you’re thinking of renting a car on Crete for multiple days then the best place to get it is from the airport. Not only does this make life easier as soon as you land at Heraklion International Airport, but it typically will save you some money! 

We found some awesome deals from the airports all over Greece and on that Crete we got a great weekly discount. If you only need a rental car in Crete Greece for only a day or two, you may be better off getting one through your hotel. Nonetheless, making a reservation at the airport can often be a time and cash saver! 

Book Your Crete Car Rental

We use Discover Cars while traveling abroad! Doing a quick search we found a one-week rental from Heraklion Airport in late June starts at $166 for the week. That comes out to be just $23 dollars a day! 

6. A Complete Itinerary 

Trying to put together the perfect itinerary? Well, renting a car on Crete will help you get to all the best towns, beaches, and more! We would all love to have months and months to explore this gorgeous island, but unfortunately, that is not possible for everyone.

Our last trip to Crete was 10 days and it didn’t feel like enough. Nevertheless, we were blown away by how many places we were able to experience by having a Crete rental car. If you’re the adventurous type and ready to see it all, renting a car on Crete is a no-brainer!

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More Essential Tips for Renting a Car in Crete Greece

Confidence: Be confident in your driving skills if you’re planning to get a rental car in Crete Greece. The tight winding roads are often unpaved and can be tricky to navigate if you’re not experienced.

Drive Safe: Go slow and yield to oncoming traffic. Let locals and faster cars pass you, and don’t make any wild moves. Safety first when driving on Crete!

Small Car: Due to the tight roads, we highly recommend renting a smaller car on Crete. While the island has its fair share of hills, the small cars are built for it!

Offline Map: Not everywhere will have cell phone service on Crete. Be sure to download an offline map app like before you take off on your Crete rental car adventures.

Mind the Goats: Our last tip for renting a car in Crete Greece is to watch out for the mountain goats! Often you will see them climbing high up the rocks on the side of the road. They will also cross in herds and jump out when you least expect it. 

Renting a Car in Crete

Have any questions on renting a car on Crete or want to share your own tips for Greek island driving? Leave us a comment below!

Safe Travels,
Brigitte & Jake

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      Glad we could help! Renting a car on Crete is such a great way to see the island. Have fun (-:

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